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Are you wondering how to decorate your Home & Garden, and what are the best tools and gadgets on the market? We got you covered!

Why Hire a Professional For All Your Plumbing Work

Whether you are a shop-keeper, a homeowner or living in a rented house, you must have experienced the tension caused due to a blocked drain, leaky pipe or an overflowing toilet. It makes the whole place stinky and one ever wants to bear such horrible situations under any circumstances. This is the right time to

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Plumb a Kitchen Sink With Disposal and Dishwasher

If you’ve recently purchased the Best Dishwasher, then you might be wondering how you can plumb it to your garbage disposal. The first thing that may have come into your mind is to well, call a plumber. However, that would cost some additional money. Usually, such things can be turned into a DIY project. Not

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Farberware Pressure Cooker

There are a variety of kitchen appliances out there nowadays that are designed to add ease to our daily lives. One such appliances that has rose in popularity is the Faberware Pressure Cooker. The Faberware brand isn’t new to the world of cookware. Over the years, they have introduced a wide range of cooking appliances

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How to Test Ice Maker Water Valve? An Easy Step by Step Guide

The Ice Maker is perhaps one of the best inventions that exist in our lives. You might not particularly find yourself appreciating it too often but when the need arises, it serves its purpose quite diligently. One would say that they’re a must-have during the summers, which is true to a large extend. However, its

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How often do you need to shock your pool

What is “pool shocking”? Simply put, shocking is adding chlorine or non-chlorine chemicals to your pool to raise the free chlorine levels to kill bacteria and other harmful substances.  Using a shocking substance ensures that your water is not only clear is also sanitized and safe to swim in. You can purchase shock in liquid

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How To Drain An Above-Ground Pool

Well, the summer is saying Bye-Bye, and you want to store the pool and pack in the winter and to keep it set and clean for the summer days. The pool needs to drain now or after. Nobody wants the cloudy and impurity in the pool water. This article will cover ways to drain an above-ground pool

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How to vacuum above-ground pool

Pool is a great source of recreational activity at your home. It does not only provide you with the facility of swimming in a safe clean environment, but also enhances the decoration of your home. Your pool is the attraction of your yard, so you will want to keep it dazzling clean all season long.

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How to Prime a Pool Pump

What is priming a pool pump? Priming is the process of supplying the pump with enough water to start circulating the water or, in other words, to begin drawing water from the tank. Your pool filtration system is powered by a pool pump, which is the core piece of equipment. It keeps the water flowing,

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How to keep bees away from the pool

In summer the pools are used widely. These days are the best time to do pool parties. But there are times that an uninvited visitor may come in and disturb your party, and these are buzzing bees. Hopping in the pool on a hot summer day is such great fun. But if there are bees

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How to clean a green pool with bleach

If you own a pool, it might be costly to maintain the water crystal-clear and balanced. If your pool turns green overnight, don’t get panicked. It normally occurs if you don’t use your pool for two or three days. But sometimes it might change overnight. Mostly, pools turn green due to excessive algal growth. Don’t

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