How often do you need to shock your pool

What is “pool shocking”?

Simply put, shocking is adding chlorine or non-chlorine chemicals to your pool to raise the free chlorine levels to kill bacteria and other harmful substances.  Using a shocking substance ensures that your water is not only clear is also sanitized and safe to swim in.

You can purchase shock in liquid form or as granular oxidizer.

How do I shock my pool?

Make sure that your pool filter is running. Then either pour or sprinkle the shock into your pool. To do that you will need a stirring stick and self-protection such as gloves, eye protection, and probably old clothes, as all shocking substances consist of bleach. Before you start you need to be aware of your pool volume so to buy the proper amount of shock. The Ph level of the water should be between 7.2 to 7.6, if you do not get these numbers when measuring then you should adjust your pool water accordingly. After you finish shocking, it is recommended that you avoid swimming in it for up to 48 hours to allow the substance to dissolve and not cause you any physical harm.

When should I shock my pool?

Shock your pool in the beginning of summer before starting to use it, as you need to ensure balanced water chemistry. This will refresh it and make it safe to swim in.

The same thing applies when you decide that is time to stop using your pool for a few months. You are still required to disinfect and clean the water.

Another time that you should shock is after heavy rainfall as it brings dust, air pollution particles, and even pollen that infect the water and make it hazardous for us to use. Rain may also cause algae to grow, change the water’s chemistry and even discolor it.

Should I shock my pool after a pool party?

Simple answer is yes. Because having a lot of people swimming in the same waterbody can contaminate it and make it unsafe for you to swim in as there will be body oils, urine, and sunscreen left, we recommend you shock your pool to be on the safe side. Even though you might not be able to spot the dirt, there will be substances that you need to remove if you want to avoid getting potential skin or eye problems later on.

When is the best time to shock my pool?

Do it either early in the morning or late in the evening. That is when your filter should be up and running so to help chlorine be at the best level and make it dissolve properly in the water so to give you have the best possible results.

How often should I shock my pool water?

It is recommended that pools should be shocked once a week during the summer months or every two to three weeks during the rest of the year. Having your pool closed and does not guarantee that it will stay clean, and having clear water does not equate that is also sanitized. You should always have in mind that every pool has its own needs. Location, climate circumstances, pool usage are some of the reasons why you might be required to shock your pool more often.

What happens if I over-shock my pool?

Over-shocking your pool is less of a problem than under-shocking it. When you have too much substance, you should avoid swimming in the pool for a couple of days as this is how long it takes for the shock to disseminate. On the other hand, if you did not use the proper amount of shock in the first place, then you should wait for two or three days and repeat the process all the while avoiding using the pool.

Where should I store the pool shock?

You will need a cool and dry place as it is a chemical substance that needs to be carefully deposited. If you choose to store it in a humid and hot place this probably taints the substance and makes it unusable.

Can saltwater pools be shocked?

It is of lesser need to maintain the hygiene of a saltwater pool, as salt is a natural disinfectant and does not boost the growth of bacteria and other particles that can infect the water and make it unsafe. In the typical chlorine pools, we should be aware of a lot of things that can affect the quality of the water. Saltwater pools may never need a shock as long as you can keep away algae and other substances that can affect the quality of your water.


Even though people think that cleaning a pool needs only a few tools and the right amount of bleach, this is not exactly the case. Shocking a pool is very important for you to ensure the quality and the right sanitation of your water. Without this process, you will not be able to use your pool as there will be health risks. Keep in mind that you do not need to hire a professional as it is something you can do by yourself.

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