How to keep bees away from the pool

In summer the pools are used widely. These days are the best time to do pool parties. But there are times that an uninvited visitor may come in and disturb your party, and these are buzzing bees.

Hopping in the pool on a hot summer day is such great fun. But if there are bees and wasps, it can quickly turn a calm swim into a stressful one. So if you are going to open your pool for the season, the bees will there too to accompany you.  So here are the questions how to keep bees away from the pool to enjoy peaceful swimming.

Why bees come to pools?

Bees mostly come to the pools to quench their thirst, whereas wasps are attracted to the smell. So the first thing is to make your pool less attractive to them.

To keep the environment safe, try to use natural repellents, deterrents, and traps for relocation.

Besides quenching their thirst, bees use pools to air condition their hive so that they can keep the waxy combs from melting in the scorching heat. They bring water back to their hive which evaporates and keeps the place cool, so it saves their colony. Bees also need water to dilute honey to feed their young ones. This task is crucial for the survival of the colony.

Bees and wasps are often attracted to swimming pool water due to the strong smell. The chemicals you use to keep your pool clean and remove it from other nasty pests, also encourage more stinging insects to come. This is true both for chlorinated and saltwater pools. Soda bottles and grilling out can also invite bees to join you.

How can you stop bees from coming to your pool?

There are plenty of ways to do that. Just try a few of the ones listed below.

Build another water source for them

Bees come to cool down and quench their thirst. You can avoid bees by installing a fountain or birdbath in your yard so they can use it instead of your pool.

Keep the area clean

As bees are attracted to sugary syrups and juices, you should wash out your soda cans and juice drink boxes before you dispose of them. Also, wash away any spills especially if any has spilled on the handles or the top of the pool. Make sure your trash and recycling containers are sealed to avoid them getting into your trash container.

Use pool jets

Pool jets are an excellent way to keep bees out of your pool. It also adds a splash of color to your pool area. When you turn on your pool jets, they can create ripples on the surface of the water, which will prevent them from landing.

Use mothballs

Mothballs have a strong odor and can be used to keep bees away from your tub. Mothballs can be hung by your pool in a decorative fabric bag.

Use low-impact repellants

You can use a variety of items in your yard that have varying levels of toxicity for bee species. Bacillus thuringiensis (BT) neem oil, garlic extract, and kaolin clay is all low-toxicity choices to consider for your landscape. If you have a serious aversion to bees, do not plant bee-friendly plants in your lawn.

Clean up stationary water

Standing water attracts bees. so make sure there are no areas of standing water, particularly during the summer. A birdbath is good to have in your home. In the summer, it will attract bees in addition to the birds.

Use nature as a repellant

Hang a few fake wasps’ nests around the pool to avoid bees. Wasps are territorial insects by nature. As a result, when one group of wasps notices the presence of another, they normally avoid them. Another nest is the most visible indicator of another wasp community.

Use diesel fuel

Wasps are oddly attracted to the smell of diesel fuel. So much that they’ll fly directly into a bottle of it just to get a taste. If you have diesel fuel to spare, try filling a small bottle with fuel and leave it near the wasp’s nest.

Wasps love the taste of raw meat.  You can use it as a trap. If you have a lot of wasps, combine this approach with the upcoming bottle trap method, which uses meat as bait. You can also create a simple trap for the wasps by putting a small bucket of water under the raw meat.

Make a bee/wasp bottle trap

This method is safe for bees as they are not killed. But it requires a little creativity. And if you’re only dealing with bees, this is the best method.

Use lemongrass and mint to avoid bees

Although bees are pollinators and usually love being near plants, they do not like all plants. Some plants are natural repellants. For example, they don’t like the smell of lemongrass or mint. So, place some of these plants around the pool area in pots. With plenty of plants, this will do a great job of keeping the bees away from the pool.

Use solar covers

Using a solar cover provides you with a barrier between your water and the atmosphere. It also makes your water less accessible to the wasps and bees so it serves as a great natural deterrent.

To sum it up…

By applying a combination of these methods, you can alleviate your wasp/bee problem without professional help. As bees are nature friendly, there are ways you can use to keep them away from your poolside without using chemicals or killing them. Just choose the methods that best suit you. It will not only make your summers cooler but will also not force you to harm the nature.

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