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Panasonic NN-SN686S Review 2

Panasonic has grown as an influential brand in recent years. The Japan-based corporation majorly offers electronic products, from home appliances to televisions and smartphones. While the list of products is endless, today, we are going to provide you with our own Panasonic NN-SN686S review.

A two-in-one microwave oven allows you to use it as both a microwave and an oven. You can use it to heat your food or bake the morning bread. This microwave oven that we are looking at today contains a few impressive features. It includes an in-built inverter technology, a genius sensor, auto-cook options, and more. Also, the product is receivedwell-packed in a moderate-sized cubical box. Every product comes with its pros and cons, and this review aims to help you decide where this particular product stands. So let’s begin!

Panasonic NN-SN686S Review 3The Panasonic NN-SN686S model is a microwave oven with a stainless steel countertop and a built-in inverter technology. It comes with a genius sensor that can autonomously adjust power and time. On the other hand, the compact design carries a subtle, elegant touch.

In size, the model measures 12.25 x 20.69 x 15.81 inches. The internal dimensions are: 9 15/16 inch x 15 13/16 inch x 14 3/8 inch (Height x Width x Depth). With a capacity of 1.2 cubic feet and 1200 Watt power, the model also comes with a Turbo defrosting option.

The model includes a 13.4-inch turntable, which is lighter and thinner, and a light countertop, as well. Designed in such a manner that the product takes relatively less space in your kitchen, be it on the counter or fixed in the wall. Yet, it simultaneously provides more to the interior volume.

The control buttons are sleek in design, with one-touch sensors and a high-end look that will enhance your interiors. Be it in any color: black, silver, or white, the compact size and smart appearance of this model receive a thumbs-up from us.

Panasonic NN-SN686S Review 4The Panasonic NN-SN686S model comes with several distinct features. Let’s go through them one by one.

Built-In Inverter Technology

This feature can be essential in a microwave oven. While heating food or trying out a new baking recipe, you could make use of such an autonomous setting. This feature allows for the regulation and maintenance of the temperature in the microwave oven. As a result, the food is not over-cooked or unevenly heated/ cooked.

This built-in inverter provides a regular flow of power for all temperature settings. After the heating process, the food retains the necessary nutrients and color.

The product comes with a year-long warranty. However, it does not cover the repair charges for the inverter in case of malfunctioning. Moreover, the power consumption due to the continuous flow of power can increase up to1500 Watts.

Genius Sensor

The genius sensor, based on different foods, adjusts power, and time settings. As a result, be it fish curry for dinner or soup for lunch, the dish is evenly heated or cooked. You could bake, steam, or poach and expect good results.

Keep Warm Feature

As you can already guess from the name, this feature maintains the food temperature until it’s time for serving. It can be quite valuable in some cases. Perhaps, you had guests coming over, and they got stuck in traffic. This feature will keep your vegetables, soups, sauces, and desserts warm and fresh in the oven as long as you need it.

Panasonic NN-SN686S Review 5Turbo Defrost

This feature allows the speeding of defrosting of any food item. The built-in inverter technology provides the required seamless flow of power. And as a result, the high power watts take less time to defrost a refrigerated food item or to cook.

Auto-Cook Options

Finally, the microwave oven comes with fourteen preset menu items that provide the necessary settings for various kinds of food. With the help of these options, you can cook without any complications.

The menu includes a variety of food items. The items on the list include soup, oatmeal, pizza, pasta, popcorn, frozen entrees and vegetables, and others.

Besides all these features, the Panasonic Microwave Oven NN-SN686S comes with a quick minute timer, delay start, and a child safety lock. On top of that, the product is easy to use and simple to clean too. It also makes relatively fewer noises while functioning.

Now that we have described the features of the microwave oven, it’s time to list the advantages and disadvantages.



Panasonic NN-SN686S Review: Conclusion

Earlier, we already gave a thumbs-up to the compact design of the microwave oven. The capacity of 1.2 cubic feet and 1200 Watt high power along with the stainless steel countertop and neat appearance provides the basics.

However, moving on to the salient features, including the built-in inverter technology and genius sensor, the product is an upgrade. The ‘Turbo Defrost’ and ‘Keep Warm’ features are necessary and quite useful. And the auto-cook options make cooking an effortless task.

The product is easy to use, and the increase in interior space makes it less of a fuss while cleaning. However, before buying, one should reconsider the high power consumption of the product. Nevertheless, even though the size is compact, the Panasonic Microwave Oven NN-SN686S works efficiently for all kinds of cooking. And it functions quietly as well.

Finally, our Panasonic NN-SN686S review deems the product as one that won’t disappoint if you give it a shot.

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