Presto 06857 16-inch Electric Foldaway Skillet Review



Presto 06857 16-inch Electric Foldaway Skillet Review 2

National Presto Industries, the manufacturer of Presto 06857 16-inch Electric Foldaway Skillet, was founded in 1905 and has stood the test of time since then. It is known for creating innovative products adapting to consumer needs with time. They have successfully come up with new products that have helped in venturing and expanding into new fields. They have continually aimed at catering to the changing lifestyle needs of today by offering a wide variety of appliances. Striving to deliver quality service, the Presto name has evolved over the decades and become many customers’ preferences.

In this article, we will be discussing the product Presto 06857 16-inch Electric Foldaway Skillet. Presto 06857 is one of the best electric skillets in today’s market. It is easy to determine this electric skillet is worth every penny from the positive customer reviews from thousands of buyers.

Presto 06857 16-inch Electric Foldaway Skillet Review 3The Presto 06857 electric skillet has a base measuring about 16 inches in diameter and sidewalls that are pretty high. The item weighs 8.55 pounds. Telling with experience, it cooks meals easily as good as a stovetop frying pan! This frying pan heats up pretty good and is very large, giving the advantage of comfortably serving a large family.

This skillet makes the preparation of meals like roasts, fries, stews, baked pastries, and one-dish meals more convenient than ever. It features a tempered glass cover that helps me keep a check on it to figure out if the food is cooked. The heatresistant handle makes carrying the skillet without an oven-mitt safe. The skillet also doubles as a buffet server because of the holdable handle.

As mentioned earlier, this electric skillet is quite big, with its overall dimensions being 20 x 12.5 x 8 inches. These measurements are pretty large.Thus, proving to be ideal for cooking large meals. The Presto 06857 electric skillet is more energy-efficient as compared to a range burner or an oven. Both on the inside and out, it has deluxe non-stick surfaces. Its base is coated with heavy cast non-stick aluminum. This allows better cleaning by easy removal of food without having to struggle. The non-stick surface also doesn’t scrape, wash, or peel off easily.Therefore, it lasts longer, even after frequent use. The skillet comes with a built-in pouring spout, also serving as a spoon rest alternatively. 

Presto 06857 16-inch Electric Foldaway Skillet Review 4The Presto 06857 electric skillet is also very suitable for people who do not prefer to wash their dishes by hand, as both the pan and cover are safe for dishwasher usage. To make it more convenient, the base of the skillet and the handles can be detached so that they can be nested in the pan for easier storage. The detachable handles and base also ensure better cleaning.

It includes a master heat control system that helps in maintaining the desired temperature while baking or cooking. Its temperature settings range from 200 to 400F, and thus, it proves to be very versatile. You could opt for the lower temperature setting to just warm your food or switch to the higher ones to sear or braise a steak. Users have claimed that the skillet can cook a roast, bake cakes, or even make a casserole. Electric power requirements for making the skillet work are 120volts, 60Hz.

Presto 06857 16-inch Electric Foldaway Skillet Review 5Here are a few things that I really love about this product:

  • Has a tempered glass lid.
  • Has detachable handles and base.
  • Is dishwasher safe.
  • Has a heat-resistant handle.
  • Follows a universal electric power supply requirement 120volts, 60Hz.
  • Has a pouring spout that doubles as a spatula and/or spoon holder.
  • The base is made of non-stick heavy cast aluminum.

Here are a few things that, in my opinion, would suffice as fantastic advantages:



A Final Word

The Presto 06857 electric foldaway skillet is one of the best cooking appliances every household needs. The product is a unique one with a multi-special function and numerous abilities. It is large enough for preparing food for the entire family but not too large to carry along to a trip or social gathering. The skillet has temperature settings that make it user-friendly.

Due to its well-structured technology, the electric skillet allows easy cooking with proper cleaning aids. It has almost everything a homemaker would require. It can be used to cook all kinds of food in almost all methods of preparation. In a scenario of unavailability of an oven, the skillet won’t even fail you to bake a cake. It is quite versatile and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Priced very reasonably, it is a great help to reduce cooking time and energy and is ideal for large families.

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