Instant Pot Ultra Review

Instant Pot Ultra Review 2

Instant Pot Ultra seems to be a revolutionary pressure cooker that saves your precious time and energy while cooking a meal. It’s suitable for the home chefs seeking a higher degree of control and customization. 

It includes customer-friendly built-in programs and applications that will guide you while cooking delicious meals. So, let’s check if this pressure cooker actually has all the benefits it promises or not.

After going through this detailed Instant Pot Ultra review, you will have a clear idea if this is the product you need. So check out the design features, the different options, and also the unboxing experience.

We wanted to give a shot to the Instant Ultra Pot for a while now and finally decided to buy it. It was delivered within a week after ordering. It came in a thick box that protects the pressure cooker from any external damage during the delivery. This is essential in order to protect it from scratches. On unwrapping it completely, we were happy to notice that it was exactly as shown in the picture.

The Instant Pot Ultra comes with a:

  • Rice Paddle
  • Steamer Rack
  • Soup Scoop
  • Condensation Collector
  • Recipe Book
  • Rice Measuring Cup
  • Quick Reference Guide
  • Newly Designed Manual

Instant Pot Ultra Review 3If we talk about the design and appearance, the Ultra model is sleek and stylish. It features a large LCD Display along with only three push-buttons:Cancel button, Start button, and a central dial. Although, if we compare it to the older models, the change can be drastic for some users as they can’t quickly switch from one feature to another.

There is an impressive addition, the cooking progress indicator, which allows you to monitor the various stages of cooking with the help of a graph.

The instant Pot ultra comes with some unique features which weren’t available in the previous models. The features that stood out the most to us are the following:

10 in 1 Multi-cooker

The instant pot ultra can be used as a slow cooker as well as pressure cooker.Moreover, you can also do the following: rice/porridge cooker, yogurt maker,sauté/searing, cake maker, steamer,egg cooker, warmer, and sterilizer. So, this cooker basically replaces your ten kitchen appliances.

Ultra Program

This feature allows users to have ultimate control over the settings for easy customization. The parameters can be set depending upon the recipe and ingredients used by the customer.

Indicator for cooking progress

This particular feature impressed me the most. It has an easy to understand graphical display that keeps you informed about the cooking state and progress: Cooking,Preheat, and Keep Warm.

Settings “Memory”

This is a convenient feature that will save us from the effort of adjusting the setting and again. With the help of this feature, the device will store all the previously saved settings. So, settings such as time, pressure, temperature, etc. will be saved.

Altitude adjustment 

The users can adjust the cooking variables depending on their altitude to ensure that the device works properly at higher high altitudes. This is very useful for customers who are situated in much higher or lower altitudes.

Instant Pot Ultra Review 4Like in any other Instant pot models, the settings and programs are pre-set.Moreover, cooking time and pressure is recommended for cooking those specific dishes. There is an option to adjust the programs manually too. So, I cooked some dishes to explore various cooking programs, and the results were quite satisfactory. The programs which we liked the best were the following:


This function allows you to steam the meals at various pressuresand all from 0 minutes to 4 hours. The no-pressure option was a conducive one as it came handy when I had to steam the vegetables. But in case if you want to pressure cook your vegetables you can change the cooking time to “0:00” with “low pressure”.This will let the cooker reach pressure, so you can decrease the heat rapidly.

Slow Cook

The Slow Cook function allowed me to cook the dishes from a mere 30 minutes to 20 hours, which I think is a good enough range. You can adjust the settings to low, medium, high, or custom according to the type of meal you’re cooking. The Instant Pot Ultra recommends slow cooking with a glass lid for better results, but they don’t provide it, so you’ll have to buy one.


The sauté’ mode can be set for timers between 1 minute up to 30 minutes. Moreover, you can use low or medium or high temperatures. Well, at times, it can be a challenge to adjust the sauté mode as central dials can be really confusing to some people, including myself.


Users can utilize sathis mode for a period of up to 4 hours. Moreover, you can make a choice between high pressure, low pressure, or no pressure. However, Instant Pot doesn’t provide any information regarding the usage in the manual.

We looked up for the instructions even on their website but couldn’t find any. So, using the Sterilize mode can be an intricate task. Hence,we would suggest you use it for sterilizing the utensils only.

Instant Pot Ultra Review 5There are multiple features of Bissell Symphony Pet Steam Mop and Steam Vacuum Cleaner that makes it unique and versatile. It makes use of the Dry Tank Technology that prevents moisture from entering the tank while cleaning, leaving it completely dry. It also has a Quick-Release Mop Pad Tray to switch the mops with ease. A Steam Boost Tray for the steam mops is designed specifically for the hard floors.

In addition to this, a Cyclonic Vacuum structure is produced that ensures efficient suction and cleaning.A 25 feet long chord also adds up to its features facilitating convenient movement throughout the house.



A Final Word

This 10-in-1 model offers a lot of versatility, and hence it would be a great catch for anyone buying electronic cookers for the first time or in general too. The safety, warranty, countless features, and new additions offered by the Instant Pot ultra are sufficient to convince anybody to invest in this multi-functional cooker.

The instant pot ultra has got great reviews and comments since this model provides exactly what it intends and can successfully perform all the ten tasks mentioned. It is undeniable that the Instant Pot Ultra is a great appliance which has made cooking easier for many of us. I enjoyed using it as it makes cooking easier and also saves a lot of time. I would highly recommend it.

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