French Skillet vs Fry Pan

A pan is undoubtedly one of the most important kitchen equipment you’re going to come across. From searing meats to caramelizing onions, they have a plethora of uses in the kitchen due to which they’ve rightfully earned their place. We highly doubt that nowadays people would even be able to go by without a pan and successfully cook their meals.

Although there’s nothing too tricky about using a cooking pan, what can truly be confusing is choosing the right one. The world of cookware is filled with numerous options that are designed to make your daily work easier. Therefore, you need to make the right choice.

A common question that people often have in mind is what is better; French Skillet or a Fry Pan? If you’re wondering the same thing, then do not worry because we’re here to settle the debate once

French Skillet vs Fry Pan 2

Cooking Applications

A Frying Pan is one of the oldest pieces of cookware out there. You’re going to find it being used in the majority of the households. The main reason for their popularity is their versatility. They can easily get done a number of tasks that wouldn’t be possible by using other equipment.

For example, if you’re planning on “frying eggs”, then the chances are that the frying pan is the first thing you reach out to. After all, the name frying pan itself suggests its purpose. Frying foods requires a high level of heat, and not only does the frying pan gets heated easily, but it can also withstand high temperatures. Which otherwise, may not be the best for other kitchenware.

When you use a frying pan, the food gets a deeper taste and texture as if it has been deep-fried. However, it isn’t as oily as one would expect so that’s a win.

Frying Pan can also be used for a number of other things as well that includes searing and sautéing food. So, it is safe to say that the versatility of the frying pan is what truly makes it stand out.


French Skillet vs Fry Pan 3

If you’re just diving into the world of kitchenware, then you might get confused on how a Frying Pan looks like. Thus, always keep in mind that the majority of the Frying Pans have a flat bottom.

Even distribution of heat is essential in a Frying Pan, and having a flat bottom enables it to do just that. In fact, this is also one of the reasons that you’d often see higher quality Frying Pans having a heavier bottom as it can aid with heat distribution. Ideally, an aluminium or copper core would be preferable in terms of material for higher durability and heat resistance.

In case you’re wondering, if the heat distribution of your Frying Pan isn’t equal, then your breakfast may not turn out to be the way you’d expect. Thus, rather than eating some parts of the eggs undercooked, it is best to know why Frying Pans are designed the way they are.

Frying Pans also come with a handle because you wouldn’t want to touch its base while it’s piping hot.


Frying Pans come in a variety of different sizes. However, you’re usually going to find it in 7 to 13 inches in diameter. Ideally, the lower sides of the frying pan should flare outwards. This is an important design feature which is unfortunately often overlooked.

With the help of the flared sides, it becomes much easier to slide eggs and pancakes on to a plate. Apart from that, flared sides also help in preventing steam retention to avoid sogginess in food.

French Skillet vs Fry Pan 4

Cooking Applications

As confusing as it may be for some people, there isn’t that big of a difference between a French Skillet and a Frying Pan. In fact, only the most professional of chefs or those who have enough knowledge would be able to distinguish among the two.

When it comes to cooking applications, you can pretty much do everything in a French Skillet that you can do in a regular Frying Pan.

The main purpose of a French Skillet is to cook different vegetables and meat with the primary focus being browning and sautéing.


French Skillet vs Fry Pan 5The French Skillet also has a flat and wide bottom and a long handle. And while not always, you might also see it with a lid. Which in comparison, you’re never going to see with a regular Frying Pan.

The majority of the times you’re going to see a French Skillet being made with stainless steel. As for the core, that will be aluminium or copper, similar to Frying Pan.

Similarly, you can say that the flared edges of a French Skillet resemble a Frying Pan. While the depth resembles a Saute Pan as the sides are steeper.

The steeper sides enable you to cook more food without potentially burning it. Which in result, can surely be time-saving in some cases. 


There is a range of sizes that the French Skillet can be found in. Mostly, expect it to almost always be bigger than a frying Pan as its starting size is 9 inches which go up to 12 inches.

Final Verdict – What Should You Go For?

Well, each kitchenware has its own purpose and is designed while keeping different applications in mind. To say that a Frying Pan is better than a French Skillet or vice-versa, wouldn’t be reasonable. Ultimately, it all depends on your requirements and what you are about to cook.

If you want a steeper surface and want to cook more food at once, then a French Skillet wins. Alternatively, if you want to get that nice deep-fried texture, without actually deep frying, then Frying Pan is better. We hope after reading this guide, all your confusions are clear about this two popular kitchenware.  

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