The 5 Best Wall Mirrors In All Shapes And Sizes: 2021 Buying Guide

For a lot of people, choosing a wall mirror is a simple task. However, when room decor is involved in the big picture, even the smallest detail can make the biggest difference to how a room looks, feels or the entire ambiance in general.

Fortunately, mirrors come in all shapes and sizes. From vanity mirrors to massive wall mirrors and even sensor mirrors, there are a lot of options to choose. Today, we will stick to wall mirrors for living rooms, halls and whatever purposes.

Before we begin listing the models, it is important to let you know how to choose a wall mirror for your space.

Here is a list of the top 5 Wall Mirrors in 2020 with the best ratings and most sales:

Now, let’s go in detail about how to determine what is a good wall mirror for your home.

How To Choose A Wall Mirror For Your Living Room, Hallway, Bathroom Or Other Wall in Your House

Mirror, mirror, on the wall….How to choose the best one of all?

This is a tough question for many. However, it is important to know which type of wall mirror to choose and add a touch of visual excitement while livening up your space. The styles, shapes and colors make the decision hard.

Basically, the best way to add more light in a room is to get a full-length and frameless mirror up against the wall. If you want to save space, look for smaller and more decorative mirrors as an alternative. If you want to add some flair to a bare wall, you can get something decorative or a mirror with a frame.

And if you want to hang up a mirror is to cover up an unadorned wall. If that is the case, you have plenty of options to choose from and can add or try even more unique styles. Practically, any mirror that is designed with a stylish frame or unique shape will work.

Below, we are listing our top picks considering price and reviews on the market as the best indicators.

best rated wall mirror 2018

First on the list is an elegant wall mirror that comes from Ms. Box.

The good thing about this wall mirror is the fact that it comes in a variety of colors, including black, grey and brown variations. It is the thin frame made of handmake leather that differentiates the color options.

This round mirror features a sleek frame with an adjustable hanging strap. Fine quality faux leather and beautiful silver hardware is the recipe that makes it perfect for minimalist living rooms, bathrooms or other areas in the home.

The 5 Best Wall Mirrors In All Shapes And Sizes: 2021 Buying Guide 1

best rated wall mirror 2018

This wall mirror model comes in two different sizes; as a 24-inch and a 37-inch wall mirror that is made of plastic and is decorated with a rubber bumper for better functionality and a sleeker effect.

Basically, this mirror serves a great purpose when put as a large format statement piece in a living room or in a hallway.

Another benefit is that it boosts the lighting and visually expands in a space. With a weight of less than 8 kilos (17 pounds), it is easy to clean and doesn’t get dusty as easily as other wall mirror models.

The 5 Best Wall Mirrors In All Shapes And Sizes: 2021 Buying Guide 2

best rated wall mirror 2018

If chrome or white is the finish you want when searching for hallway or living room mirrors, this is definitely one of the options to consider. The rich white and chrome finish makes this mirror perfect for decorations that include grey, black or white.

The frame is textured and the mirror measures 27.5 inches by 33.5 inches in size.

But perhaps the best thing about this wall mirror is the fact that it can be hung vertically or horizontally – which makes it practical and gives you a great value for money considering different wall sizes and spaces.

Elegant, practical and stylish – this is a great choice that comes at an affordable price. People are choosing it for a number of reasons.

best rated circular mirror 2018

Looking for a circular wall mirror?

If yes, you should see this model from Umbra. Basically, it is a wall mirror that is supported by a wood frame in the bottom half.

Designed by Lauren Reed, it is made of ash wood and will perfectly fit rooms of all sizes and different spaces. The price is good too, considering the great material and the extended functionality of this mirror.

This mirror can be right if you want to open space and make your living room appear more round. It can also save you space considering its size and can be ideal to place in the hallway too – you know – just for a quick look at yourself before you leave the home.

top rated circular mirror

stratton franceska mirror review

Last on our list is a wall mirror model by Stratton which features a silver color and is made of metal, glass and MDF. The hanging type is standard which means an attached keyhole that should stick to a wall.

A great thing about this wall mirror is the fact that you can use it in any room and that it gives you a decorative freedom while opening up more space in your home. The flower symbolic is also great and has a solid meaning.

The 5 Best Wall Mirrors In All Shapes And Sizes: 2021 Buying Guide 3

A Final Word

In the end, what’s true is that any room can benefit from a beautiful wall mirror. The only thing you need to choose is a mirror that will function best in a particular space and enjoy having some wall decor that is stylish and beautiful.

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