The 5 Best Floor Mirrors To Choose In 2018: Where Decor Meets Function

Mirrors come in all shapes and sizes.

Floor mirrors in 2018 are a fashionable and functional addition to any room.

The best floor mirror can complement your decor whether it’s minimalist, vintage or rustic. Unlike the traditional attached mirrors, floor models also let you see yourself in the best light possible, and from head to toe.

The number of options can be confusing, though…

From framed leaner mirrors to frameless versions, armoires to the classic cheval mirror, which one should you choose?

It really is pretty simple. Focus on the design of your room and tie in the color and overall look to match.

Here are the 5 best floor and leaner mirrors in 2018. You should then easily be able to choose the perfect product for your needs.

Crown Mark Cheval Mirror

First up in our floor mirror reviews is an affordable but striking cheval style from Crown Mark.

This mirror has attracted legions of loyal fans and it’s easy to see why. Crown Mark shows that it’s not necessary to lash out a fortune to get a real statement piece for your living room.

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You can choose between 2 styles, oval or rectangular. This is purely subjective so roll with what works best for you. Color-wise, there’s black, brown, cherry or espresso. With multiple options, you should easily get something that meshes with the décor of your living space.

Don’t panic about the mirror arriving broken and inflicting 7 years of bad luck on you! Packaging is first-rate and instructions for assembly are clear and straightforward. All you need to do is screw the mirror to the frame and you’re good to go.

Overall height including the frame is 16 ¾ x 46 ½ inches. That’s large enough to make a nice focal point in the room without dominating things too much.

This mirror also serves double duty… By detaching it from the frame, you can hang it on the wall getting maximum bang for your buck. For a great deal without compromising quality, check out this cheval mirror at your earliest convenience.

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Sandberg Furniture Frost white Full-Length Leaner Mirror

This full-length leaner mirror takes away the need for any assembly or installation. All you need to do, as the name suggests, is lean it against the wall for a full body reflection.

If this sizing is too much for your room, you can also opt for a smaller 36 x 30 inch wall version.

What does this mirror do so well, then?

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In terms of configuration, you can also mount this mirror to the wall if the leaner style is not to your liking or you fancy a change. Brackets come attached along with everything else you need so you won’t need to dash to the hardware store.

With an impressive 11 color schemes options, you really are spoiled for choice with the Sandberg.

This leaner mirror measures up at 65 x 31 x 2 inches. The beveled frame takes up 4 inches leaving a mirrored surface of 58 x 24 inches. This translates to more than adequate reflection to see yourself from head to toe.

Sandberg is a family-owned firm celebrating 100 years in business so if you want an aesthetically pleasing mirror from a brand you can trust, check out this cheval leaner today. It’s American furniture at its very best.

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Adesso WK2444-22 Alice Floor Mirror

For a full-length leaner mirror, you can’t ask for much more than this model from Adesso. If you’re hunting for a bargain, check out one of the cheaper options we reviews. If, on the other hand, you appreciate minimalism and pure quality, read on to see what makes this mirror worth the stiffer price tag…

The steel build is rugged and built to stay the distance. It’s powder coated to soften the look and minimize the chance of scratching or corrosion. Despite this durability, the mirror is surprisingly light if you need to shift it around. It weighs just 16 pounds.

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If you have a smaller living room, a full-length mirror can give a wonderful illusion of space. At 59 inches high, it’s long enough for purpose without taking over the living space.

Cleaning is straightforward. Using a microfiber cloth is the best way to keep things free of dust and smears without scratching up the surface.

Sometimes, you might rearrange things at home and fancy a change of décor. If you need to store the mirror away, it folds down into a very compact package making this a breeze.

You need to contact the manufacturer directly regarding the warranty. You’ll be covered for up to a year so you can buy the Adesso in complete confidence.

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Roundhill Furniture Traditional Queen Anna Style Wood Floor Cheval Mirror

While the last mirror is more of an industrial design, this oval cheval from Roundhill furniture is much more traditional. There’s little to rival the tried-and-true cheval design for a combination of elegance and practicality.

With 7 colorways at your disposal, you can decide between the understated cherry or pep things up with a bright pink or gold version. Coordinating this mirror with your décor is a cakewalk.

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The mirror itself hangs between a pair of posts as a freestanding unit. You can tilt the mirror so you can get a perfectly angled reflection no matter how tall you are. Be aware that you will need to assemble this mirror so don’t expect to throw it up in one piece. All instructions and the necessary are provided, though.

At 59 inches high, this mirror works well even if you’re a little bit taller. The angling feature gives you even more scope.

There’s a board running between the legs to strengthen things and the curved feet add further stability.

And perhaps the best thing about this cheval mirror? It comes in at an incredibly attractive price point so there’s no excuse not to treat yourself.

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Black Mirrored Jewelry Cabinet Armoire W Stand Mirror Rings, Necklaces, Bracelets

Rounding out our best floor mirror reviews, we’ve got a mid-priced model packing a great deal of functionality.

Not just a mirror, this armoire style opens out to serve as the perfect place to stash all your jewelry right where you need it.

Read on to see if this is the ideal mirror and storage solution for your needs…

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Made from a combination of wood and hardwood, MDF and glass, you’ll get a rock solid unit highly resistant to bumps and scratches.

It comes in at 60 x 16 ½ x 19 inches which is more than adequate to ensure a full-length reflection.

Inside the armoire, it measures 48 x 15 inches. You can use this either as part of the main mirror or separated from the stand. You’ll have more than enough space to accommodate your jewelry collection or anything else you fancy stashing inside. With shelves, drawers, hooks and slots, there’s an abundance of space for organization.

You’ll need to get in touch with the manufacturer about the terms of the warranty. Everything comes neatly and securely packaged so you won’t end up with shattered glass upon arrival.

For a multi-purpose full-length mirror at a price you’ll love, check out this armoire right now!

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A Final Word


Have you chosen the best floor mirror for your needs yet or are you still thinking about it?

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