Best Portable AIR Conditioner Reviews and Buying Guide for 2018


All around the world, weather conditions often mean that it’s uncomfortably hot even when you’re inside. Whether you live somewhere with scorching summers or somewhere with a more humid and tropical climate, being uncomfortable in your sanctuary is a no-no. Your home workshop is a classic example of a space where you might not want … Read more

Top 5 White Noise Machine Options in 2018 – Reviews and Buying Guide

White Noise Machine

With the hectic lives we lead today, getting a restful sleep each night is more important than ever. Failure to get enough sleep can lead to a weakened immune system, improperly regulated metabolism and a drop in mood. That’s not to mention the significant reduction in overall performance you’ll experience leading to struggling through the … Read more

Best Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat Reviews for 2018

best Wi-Fi thermostat

With technology surging ahead on all fronts and smart homes becoming increasingly popular, there’s little now that can’t be automated. The more we have done for us, the more we want done for us. Whether it’s programming the espresso machine to prepare the morning caffeine fix, or barking orders at Alexa to dim the lights … Read more