Best Home Security Camera Reviews

A home security camera is one of the most reassuring investments you can make.

What could be more comforting than knowing you can monitor comings and goings at your house even when you’re out.

With the added advantage of recording video footage, you’ll never feel more protected against rogue intruders.

5 Best Home Security Camera Reviews

We’ll dive straight in with 5 of the very best home security camera reviews before highlighting what you should look for in an effective surveillance camera.

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First up in our home security camera reviews is a consistent top-seller from Ring.

Available in black or white, this totally wireless camera will record video in 1080HD and the rechargeable battery-powered unit gives you motion detection along with wide-reaching compatibility with a range of smart home devices.

This outstanding and extremely affordable home security camera lets you see and speak with any visitors from your mobile device or PC. You can also receive alerts when any motion is detected.

LED lights are triggered and you can even activate a piercing siren from your smart phone in the event of spotting any unwanted visitors on camera.

Video is recorded in high definition but you will need a subscription if you want to play back recorded footage. Ring Protect Plus comes in at a modest monthly fee allowing you to record and save footage. The videos are easily shareable.

The battery unit is rechargeable and you can add another battery pack or supplement the existing one with a solar panel to ensure constant coverage.

For a hard-hitting home security camera from a household name, the Ring Spotlight lets you sleep easy at a pocket-friendly price point.

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Next up in our home security camera reviews is the Cloud Cam from the global giant Amazon.

This compact surveillance camera records in full HD at 1080p. In this current iteration, you’ll be able to watch that footage live from the comfort of your PC or you can sign up for Cloud Cam Plans and enjoy up to a month of video history along with advanced functionality not available with the stock camera.

The 2-way audio is a nice touch so you’ll be able to communicate not just eavesdrop.

If you make use of the digital assistant Alexa, you’ll be able to bark voice commands and watch footage on your Fire TV, tablet or Echo device.

The Cloud Cam app is available for both Apple and Android users. Watch video footage in-app and simply activate the mic to speak with your kids or get your dog away from the fish bowl.

8 searching LEDs give you great night vision and these automatically kick in when it starts getting dark. The LEDs illuminate the whole field of vision rather than acting as simple spotlights.

If you opt for the monthly subscription to Cloud Cam Plans, you’ll be able to set up zones for the camera to ignore and get intelligent alerts along with access to 30 days of recorded video. You’ll get a month of free access thrown in so you can try before you buy.

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Best Home Security Camera Reviews 5

As we reach the midway point in our snow shovel reviews, we’ve got an enduring favorite from Suncast that consistently garners great feedback.

As long as you don’t need to dig out large expanses of compacted snow, this lightweight little 18-incher is a versatile and user-friendly tool.

With the S-handle giving you a superior shoveling posture, you’ll improve efficiency while being much kinder on your back.

You’ll get the best of both worlds with the blade angled so you can both shovel and push, effectively getting double the value. As if that wasn’t enough, the price is very much in budget territory so this shovel makes perfect sense for the average homeowner needing to clear the occasional flurry of snow.

As long as you’re clear about your intended usage and expectations, the Suncast makes a powerful ally against those tiresome drifts.



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Nest is a name you can rely on when it comes to home security cameras and this tiny, minimalist unit is small enough to slot in anywhere without compromising performance.

We’ll say right off the bat that this camera works most effectively if you subscribe to Nest Aware. Without this, you’ll tend to get far too many alerts with the motion detector being over-sensitive unless you’re using the paid subscription model.

You can get 1 to 3 cameras and there are also outdoor versions available so you can choose the set-up that makes most sense for your home.

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With an integrated speaker and mic, you’ll be able to listen and speak whether it’s to your children or pets.

The Nest app sends alerts and notifications to your smart phone and the camera comes Alexa-enabled.

Installation couldn’t be much easier. Use the magnet provided or attach to the wall. You can also fix this camera to a regular tripod mount.

For a cost-effective and reliable way to protect your home even when you’re not around, this Nest security camera is hard to beat.



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As we reach the end of our home security camera reviews, we’ve got a consistently popular EZcam system from Zmodo.

You’ll only get 720p video footage with the EZcam but it’s high definition and should show you what you need even if it’s not as crisp as some of the competition.

Opt for either a single camera or a pair to suit your property. We went for the weatherproofed 2-pack and there’s also a mini version available so there’s something to suit just about all home security requirements.

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You get a month’s access to the paid cloud service as is standard with the freemium model these camera operate. Paying a nominal monthly fee yields you a recording plan while also minimizing false alerts. Our advice regarding these subscriptions is to factor them into your budget in advance, as buying one without simply doesn’t bring out the best in the product.

If you’re looking for an affordable, dependable entry into the world of home security cameras, check out the Zmodo EZcam and you won’t be disappointed. As many satisfied users believe, why pay more?



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What To Look For In The Best Home Security Camera

If you’re browsing through home security cameras, it can seem pretty overwhelming so here are a few factors to consider when you’re looking for the best camera.

Mains or Battery Power?

The vast bulk of wireless home security cameras will be plugged into mains power.

Some models offer back-up batteries to cater for any interruptions to the power supply.

Battery-powered models might be easier to install since you won’t be pegged to a power outlet but you’ll need to pay out for replacement batteries on an ongoing basis so decide what counts for you and buy accordingly.


The majority of home security cameras make use of WiFi but not all of them will run on this constantly.

Some cameras harness Bluetooth so you can control things locally and also set things up through your smart phone.

Other cameras conform to protocols like Z-Wave or Zigbee.

Most home security cameras will allow you to control them using your smart phone and some cameras are extremely app-dependent. Web portals add a further layer of convenience letting you monitor access issues from afar.

Newer cameras are incorporating support for your favorite digital butlers Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant.

IFTTT support will allow you to get your camera working together with other devices in your smart home so you can make sure the lights are activated if the sensor detects any movement.

There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to connectivity, simply a question of what works best for you.

App Compatibility

Pretty much all home security cameras with apps cater for both iOS and Android operating systems. It’s nevertheless crucial to check so you don’t end up with a useless hunk of plastic.

Beyond compatibility, it’s also worth looking into whether all in-app features like scheduling come as standard or whether you’ll need to pay extra.

As with connectivity, you need to be clear on your needs so you get the most suitable camera for you rather than expecting one particular camera to be superior to all others.


1080 is currently still the benchmark for home security cameras although you can pick up the occasional model with superior resolution.

Not many home security cameras will have an optical zoom lens but most will zoom digitally, and allow you to crop and manipulate footage. The greater the camera’s megapixel rating, the more success you’ll have zooming without losing clarity.

While resolution is key, you should also pay close attention to the field of vision you’ll enjoy with the camera you’re considering…

Wide-angled lenses will give you a field of view anywhere from 100 degrees to 180 degrees so they are not all equal. If you have a sprawling property, shoot for the upper end of this range and also look for models that allow to mechanically pan and tilt to further widen what you can monitor.

Cloud or Local Storage?

Almost every home security camera has started offering cloud storage to save you needing to rely on SC cards.

The main thing you need to look out for is whether your chosen camera has a tiered cloud storage deal culminating in a paid subscription. Generally, the longer you want to keep footage for – a month, say, instead of a week – the more this will cost you.

It’s worth looking for a camera that only starts recording footage when any movement is detected. The last thing you want is hours of useless video.

Although some people have security concerns about data stored on the cloud, but imagine this…

If someone breaks into your house and steals the device, if the footage is not stored on the cloud you’ll lose the evidence along with anything else the burglar liberates from your home.    

Other Features

  • Night Vision: Any decent camera should be able to switch from day to night vision with no real issue. LED lights and/or infrared allow you pick out detail even when it’s dark 
  • Facial Recognition: Many security cameras simply send you an alert if any kind of motion is detected. Others, the Nest Cam IQ for example, pack face recognition so you’ll only receive an alert if an unfamiliar face crops up
  • Audio Recording: One-way audio recording is ideal if you just want to hear what’s up, two-way recording works well for communicating with your kids. Think about your needs and choose in line with this. It’s senseless prioritizing two-way audio if you won’t make use of it


Price inevitably rears its head in any buying decision but you should not decide based purely on the bottom line.

Most home security cameras – and certainly those we looked at – come in at a pretty reasonable price point.

Look instead at overall value and lifespan to get a better idea of the most suitable camera for your needs and budget.

A Final Word

Well, by now you should have a firm idea of what home security camera makes the best fit for your requirements.

We hope, too, that the buying guide helps you to make the right decision without spending all year over it.

Drop us a line if you have any questions or feedback and we’ll get back to you promptly.

Come back soon!

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