Best Bug Control Gun Reviews

It doesn’t matter where in the world you live, it’s only the nature and volume of bugs that changes. You won’t get a free pass.

Unless, of course, you take action and invest in the best bug control gun. Not only can you ensure your BBQ guests are unmolested by flying nuisances, you can have some fun into the bargain.

We’ll jump straight in with 5 of the best bug control gun reviews so you can see what to add to your arsenal.

5 Best Bug Control Gun Reviews

We’ll get directly down to business with our reviews. After presenting 5 of the best choices on the market for your home and garden, we’ll walk you through how to focus on getting the most appropriate tool for your needs.

Best Bug Control Gun Reviews 1

Nobody likes bugs and pests when they are invading your home or garden. Whatever the nature of the bug, from cockroaches to mosquitoes and anything in between, there’s no need to let them run riot. Tool up with this outstanding and entertaining Bug-a-Salt gun and seize control with nothing more than regular table salt.

We should state front and center that while fun, this is not a toy for children. In this second iteration, you’ll get even more firepower than before without losing any control. The pop-up sight means you can pick off any intruding flies, wasps, hornets or mozzies without interrupting your BBQ.

Invented by a regular guy sick and tired of having no natural, non-chemical means of fighting back against bugs, the Bug-a-Salt has attracted imitators but none has the all-round performance of this modern classic.

Just load up your Bug-a-Salt with the salt you already have in the kitchen and get blasting! You won’t regret this purchase and you’ll save money on sprays and lotions while keeping your home and garden free of noxious chemicals.

Best Bug Control Gun Reviews 2


  • Inject some fun into killing the pests that menace you in your home and garden
  • No moving parts so little chance of anything going wrong
  • You won’t need any batteries so almost zero maintenance or hassle
  • Pop-up sight enhances accuracy
  • Rebooted model has more power and precision while also using less salt


  • A number of complaints about build quality and durability so be realistic about price set against expected lifespan

Best Bug Control Gun Reviews 3

For anyone who dislikes killing pests at any costs, My Critter is next up in our best bug control guns reviews and it’s a humane method of trapping and removing them so you can keep your home and garden spotless without feeling guilty about playing executioner.

All you need to do is pull on the handle and bristles extend in a wide pattern. When you place these bristles over the insect or bug, they’ll be aggressively trapped when you release the handle and the bristles contract. Pull the handle and release your captive to fly merrily off far from your pool party or BBQ.

While we can’t say this manual approach to pest control is quite as entertaining as firing off a Bug-a-Salt gun, there’s a certain satisfaction to tracking down your prey and a definite positive to not killing them stone dead and needing to dispose of the remains.

If you’re looking for a clean, kind yet highly effective method of keeping your garden bug-free, road test this nifty little device and stop any irritation and suffering in its tracks.

Best Bug Control Gun Reviews 4


  • Safely dispatch a full range of garden pests from  spiders and roaches through bees and stink bugs
  • Totally green approach to pest control with no chemicals involved
  • See off all manner of bugs with a clear conscience since you won’t kill them
  • Extremely user-friendly and suitable for use by children
  • Outstanding value for money


  • Some chance of injuring bugs but that’s hardly a complete deal-breaker

Best Bug Control Gun Reviews 5

At the midpoint of our best bug control reviews, we’ve got another humane solution that gets the job done without extreme measures.

Aside from the need to use batteries, this is as no-nonsense and hassle-free as you can get. Pushing the button fires up a gentle motor then let the Bugbuster suck up your nemesis for release at arm’s length with no chance of being stung.

Since you won’t get any chemicals and there’s not the same kind of stopping power you’ll get with the Bug-a-Salt gun, you can use this with impunity around small children without a hitch. It’s also a great way to teach your youngsters a lesson about respect for life even if it’s in tiny insect form.

Best Bug Control Gun Reviews 6


  • Non-toxic approach to bug control so ideal if you have pets and children
  • Get rid of pests without needing to kill them
  • Simple suction method so you can teach your kids how to see off pests the kind way
  • Incredible price to performance ratio
  • Ideal for all insects from flies through to stinging nuisances


  • Battery-operated so you’ll need to keep on top of this to avoid firing blanks when it counts
  • Limited to Duracell or Energizer batteries for maximum suction


Best Bug Control Gun Reviews 7

As we near the end of our best bug control gun reviews, we’ve got another entry from Bug-a-Salt in the form of this neatly camoflauged insect eradicator which is not the cheapest option but not a bank-breaker either.

Highly effective,  you can seize back control and enjoy picking off any niggling garden bugs of all descriptions without recourse to harmful chemicals.

The only serious drawback is the 90-day warranty. In our sustained experience, when any product comes with such a short guarantee, you need to question expected lifespan. If you peg your expectations, though, you’re in for a real treat. Just keep the Bug-a-Salt away from your kids and you’re all set for a pest-free garden this summer.

Best Bug Control Gun Reviews 8


  • Eye-catching design but not a case of form over function
  • Use the additional sight (available separately) to ramp up accuracy and fun factor
  • Fire a full 80 shots of salt before you need to reload
  • Swifter, improved action with safety mechanism in this second iteration
  • No call for batteries so a seamless method of natural pest control


  • Pricey but what cost can you put on results married to a healthy injection of entertainment?
  • Weak 90-day warranty is disappointing

Best Bug Control Gun Reviews 9

To round out our best bug control gun reviews, we’ve got a device that’s not actually a gun at all. We couldn’t curate any selection of pest control solutions without an honorable mention of the classic badminton racket-style zapper.

If you’ve ever used one of these zappers and found you’re out of charge at bedtime when you want to sweep the room for mosquitoes, just slip in a pair of batteries and you’re ready for action.

Unlike the dollar alternatives, the Elucto is oversized, kills bugs with a single swipe and it’s a breeze to clean into the bargain.

Environmentally-friendly in all respects and backed with a solid 1-year warranty, what’s not to love?

Best Bug Control Gun Reviews 10


  • Tried-and-true design that’s a timeless classic
  • Enjoy a light workout while seeing off all malevolent bugs and garden pests
  • No need for multiple swings like with some of the weaker, layered competition
  • Use batteries as a tideover measure if your zapper runs of out charge
  • Super-simple to clean and no chemicals involved for a slick, streamlined approach to pest control


  • Pricey but what cost can you put on results married to a healthy injection of entertainment?
  • Weak 90-day warranty is disappointing

OK ...


With the best bug control gun reviews out the way, a few closing pointers on simplifying your buying decision…

What To Consider When Looking For The Best Bug Control Gun

How Do You Want To Fight Back?

Far be it from us to start sermonizing, but as we mentioned repeatedly, it’s preferable to trap and get rid of bugs than kill them stone dead. If you disagree with that, no problem at all, roll with one of the devices like the Bug-a-Salt gun or zapper that will put an end to them permanently.

If you want a more humane solution, there are plenty of other options like the ones we outlined so make your choice and start your buying hunt by clearing up the type of device that sits best with your belief system.

Chemicals or The Natural Approach?

There’s no question that using chemicals to kill some bugs can be effective but it’s certainly not a catch-all approach.

Beyond that, if anyone in your household has allergies or you have kids and pets, using chemicals is probably unsound.

If you want to take this approach, that’s obviously fine. All the solutions we provide, though, involve nothing toxic. That said, the Bug-a-Salt devices should certainly not be used by kids.

There’s no right or wrong answer here but taking time to consider this issue will whittle down your options without you needing to lift a finger and you’ll end up with a pest control solution that gels with your needs.


Although most bug control guns are very reasonably priced, if you want to invest in something like the Bug-a-Salt range of insect eradicators, you’ll have to dig a little deeper.

By deciding on your budget and sticking to it, you can again reduce the number of choices and make your life easier while ensuring you don’t get carried away and overspend.

A Final Word

With any luck, you’re now tooled up and primed to kill or trap flies, wasps, bees, cockroaches and any other garden invader the easy way.

Come back soon as we’ve got plenty more outstanding products up our sleeve and our testing department is getting very little rest right now!


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