Best Snow Shovel Reviews and Buying Guide

You might be asking yourself what on earth there is to think about when you’re buying a snow shovel…

Any old shovel will do, right?

Not really.

We’ll highlight 5 of the very best options first with our snow shovel reviews then we’ll delve into what you need to think about to get the most effective weapon against those drifts of snow blocking your driveway.

5 Best Snow Shovel Reviews

We’ll get directly down to business with our reviews. After presenting 5 of the best shovels for snow on the market, we’ll walk you through how to focus on getting the most appropriate tool for your needs.

Best Snow Shovel Reviews and Buying Guide 1

If you want a great, no-nonsense snow shovel from an industry legend, the Snow Joe SHOVELUTION is unbeatable.

Best Snow Shovel Reviews and Buying Guide 2

The generous 18-inch blade is lightweight enough to power through lots of snow quickly but durable enough to stay the distance.

With 2 handles, the mechanics of shoveling are improved so you can put in far less effort while reaping more reward.

The spring-loaded grip gives you a further edge as it traps energy and helps take some of the grunt work out of shoveling.

For a pocket-friendly take on the classic snow shovel, why not treat yourself to a SHOVELUTION this winter? You can thank us later.



Best Snow Shovel Reviews and Buying Guide 3

Not everyone wants the same kind of snow shovel and next up in our snow shovel reviews we’ve got a smaller, collapsible model absolutely ideal for storing in the car so you won’t get caught out this winter.

Whether you want a multi-purpose shovel for your next camping trip or a weapon to fight back against the next rogue snow drift that catches you out when you’re in the car, this incredibly lightweight shovel folds down so you can pop it in the trunk without eating up too much space.

Since the angle at which you like to shovel is personal and depends largely on your size, you’ll appreciate the fully adjustable nature of the Lifeline.

Best Snow Shovel Reviews and Buying Guide 4



Best Snow Shovel Reviews and Buying Guide 5

As we reach the midway point in our snow shovel reviews, we’ve got an enduring favorite from Suncast that consistently garners great feedback.

As long as you don’t need to dig out large expanses of compacted snow, this lightweight little 18-incher is a versatile and user-friendly tool.

With the S-handle giving you a superior shoveling posture, you’ll improve efficiency while being much kinder on your back.

You’ll get the best of both worlds with the blade angled so you can both shovel and push, effectively getting double the value. As if that wasn’t enough, the price is very much in budget territory so this shovel makes perfect sense for the average homeowner needing to clear the occasional flurry of snow.

As long as you’re clear about your intended usage and expectations, the Suncast makes a powerful ally against those tiresome drifts.



Best Snow Shovel Reviews and Buying Guide 6

Edging to the end of our snow shovel reviews, why not inject a little fun into the tired routine of shoveling snow and get your kids out to play alongside you with their own toy snow shovel?

Best Snow Shovel Reviews and Buying Guide 7

Coming in orange or pink and available in 2 sizes (toddler shovel and toy shovel for older kids), you can show your children the fun side of getting rid of that snow eating up your driveway.

Weighing just 1 pound and boasting a ribbed handle designed to make light work of smaller amounts of snow, your child won’t get fatigued after 2 minutes.

The only real downside to this toy shovel for kids aged 2 to 10 is the price. If you’ve got a few bucks spare, though, it’s well worth the investment and the extra time you’ll get with your kids is priceless.



Best Snow Shovel Reviews and Buying Guide 8

To polish off our snow shovel reviews, we’ve got something a little different in the form of this extremely efficient electric model from the legendary Snow Joe.

Packing a potent 10-amp motor, you’ll be able to surge your way through a whopping 400 pounds of snow every minute. The double-bladed paddle auger carves out 13 inches of snow down to a depth of 6 inches so you won’t be shivering outside in the cold for very long.

You’ll be able to fling snow as you clear fully 20 feet away so you can make your way to the car and get rid of those drifts penning you in.

If you don’t mind spending a little more to simplify your life this winter, the fully adjustable nature of this powerful, rugged electric snow shovel makes it a great choice of Christmas gift for the man who already has everything else.

Best Snow Shovel Reviews and Buying Guide 9



OK ...

With our snow shovel reviews wrapped, you should have something suitable in mind whether you need to clear occasional flurries of snow, daily drifts, or you just want to get your children started early while having some fun.

While on the surface a snow shovel is a very basic piece of kit, there are a few factors it pays to think about as with any buying decision for your home and garden.

How Does a Snow Shovel Differ From a Regular Shovel?

Since their core purpose is to shift large volumes of snow, snow shovels are designed slightly differently to achieve this.

Blades are often made from aluminum to shave off a few precious pounds without compromising durability. Blades are also made from steel which is a strong performer.

You’ll notice some extra ribbing and reinforcement on some snow shovels, all part of the armory against the challenging work you’ll be putting it through.

Since snow is seldom as heavily compacted as soil, the overall design focuses on the narrow job at hand so a dedicated snow shovel will be well worth the nominal investment.

Don’t be fooled into thinking you could get the job done just as well with a standard shovel.

What To Look For In The Best Snow Shovel

Type of Snow Shovel

A straight-up snow shovel is by no means your only option.

The market is flooded with a broad spread of products catering to all needs. Here are some of the most common variants you’ll encounter…

  • Snow Shovels with Ergonomic Shafts: Looking rather like the shaft has been bent and damaged, these ergonomic snow shovels take a lot of the strain off your back. The S-shaped shaft enables you to keep your back straighter as you work, and there’s often a second handle mid-way down to increase efficiency further. The space-saving design makes this type of shovel ideal for popping in the trunk of your car
  • Push-Along Manual Snow Plow: These blades have a set of wheels behind them to make your life even easier. Think about the type of snow you get, though. The wheels work just fine on fresh and lightweight snow but if it’s packed down more, you might run into trouble
  • Electric Snow Shovel: Give yourself an extra edge with a power-assisted take on a regular snow shovel
  • Snow Shovels with Telescopic Handles: We’re all different shapes and sizes, and it can be tough to find a regular shovel that feels just right. Those packing telescopic handles allow you to find the perfect set-up so you can get more done in less time
  • Manual Push Shovel: These variants have wide flat heads and they are designed to push snow out in front of you as you go. If you suffer from frequent, heavier snowfall, manual push shovels can act as an effective first line of defense
  • Ice Scraper: If you need to scrape away heavy and packed-down snow, the small and thin head of an ice scraper is a powerful tool. You’ll be able to peck away at any compacted snow and ice but be careful you don’t damage the cement as you work

Get the type right and you should have no problem at all finding the most effective weapon to help you combat those tiresome drifts of snow.

Given that everything else in your buying decision is specific to the type of tool you opt for, we’ll round out with some simple tips on clearing snow the easy way.

Some Pointers on Moving Snow

If you just steam in and start shoveling indiscriminately, you’ll get the job done but there’s a more efficient approach…

Clear along one side of the area to create a strip. Work down to make another strip either tossing or pushing snow accordingly. The idea is to move as little as possible while clearing as much snow as you can.

If you need to call in the heavy artillery instead, check out our recent articles on snow blowers and snow plows.

A Final Word

With a cross-section of the best snow shovels and some handy hints in mind, go ahead and treat yourself and stop dreading those early morning shoveling sessions.

Let us know if there’s anything in particular you’d like us to cover here at Homendgarden. We’re here to give you exactly what you want so don’t be shy and come back soon!

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