Best Backpack Sprayer Reviews

When you need to do some spraying out in the garden, the best backpack sprayer lets you operate hands-free so you can work for longer without straining yourself.

You’ve probably seen these backpack units out on the golf course or wielded by pest control operatives. With prices more affordable than they’ve ever been, there’s no reason not to add one to your tool shed for less than you might imagine.

We’ll kick off with our backpack sprayer reviews so you can assess the options at your disposal then we’ll give you a few handy hints to simplify your buying decision.

5 Best Backpack Sprayer Reviews

We’ll get directly down to business with our reviews. After presenting 5 of the best choices on the market for your home and garden, we’ll walk you through how to focus on getting the most appropriate tool for your needs.

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First up in our backpack sprayer reviews is a go-to choice for gardeners the world over, the classic Chapin International 63985.

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While this might not be the cheapest backpack sprayer, you’ll get an electric model with enough battery life to dispense a full 50 gallons in a chassis that’s rugged yet still relatively lightweight.

Pressure is 35 to 40 PSI and you’ll be able to send out spray up to 35 feet so you can get plenty done in very little time.

The 6-inch mouth simplifies filling up and keeps any chance of spillage to a minimum.

The all-important backpack element gives you plenty of support without compromising comfort.

For a dependable and extremely capable backpack sprayer currently available at a slight discount, act now and add the Chapin International 63985 to your tool shed. Save yourself a few bucks as well as a great deal of time when you’re next spraying your plants.


  • Get almost 2 hours of spraying from a single charge of lithium-ion battery before you need to recharge
  • Generous mouth allows you to add chemicals quickly and easily without much chance of spillage
  • Whisper-quiet operation so don’t disturb the neighbors
  • Padded back straps along with chest and lumbar support so work in comfort with total support
  • Rock solid build quality from a brand you can rely on


  • Reasonably expensive
  • Spray wand might feel a little short for taller users


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Next up in our backpack sprayer reviews is another enduringly popular model, this time the 425 from Solo.

Best Backpack Sprayer Reviews 4With a poky piston pump generating up to 90 PSI of pressure, you’ll get a sprayer far more adaptable than much of the competition.

This flexibility also extends to the selection of nozzles provided. While eminently suitable for beginners, if you’re an experienced hand with a backpack sprayer, you’ll be able to calibrate things to your exact liking according to the application.

With interchangeable levers on the pump, it’s just as easy for southpaws as right-handers to get the garden sprayed in a hurry.

The only significant downside to this backpack sprayer is the fact it doesn’t sit on the back as comfortably as it could do. If you plan to work for long, unbroken spells, you might want to consider one of the other backpack sprayers we review. If you’re still hell-bent on the Solo, consider purchasing the optional harness to counter the comfort issue.


  • Piston pump for superb pressure up to a full 90 PSI
  • Work confidently and safely with all kind of fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides
  • Swap handle of pump to use with either right or left hand
  • 4 nozzles to cater for a broad spread of applications
  • Shut-off mechanism with lock-on and lock-off


  • Back straps not particularly comfortable
  • No pressure gauge

Best Backpack Sprayer Reviews 5

Midway through our backpack sprayer reviews, it’s time to unleash the big guns with this expensive but hard-hitting unit from the unusually named My 4 Sons.

Best Backpack Sprayer Reviews 6

While all the other models we review slip neatly on the back, this model comes with a cart provided so offers an alternative solution for anyone not cut out for wearing a large tank on their back as they spray.

The fully adjustable wand is made from steel rather than plastic increasing the lifespan of this already rugged piece of kit.

You’ll get an adjustable brass nozzle along with a flat T, a fine mist nozzle, and a double nozzle to complete the set. As with all the very best sprayers, you’ll get complete flexibility whatever type of spraying you need to get done outside.

If you’re hunting for a powerful and efficient sprayer that you can use all day without running out of oomph, the My 4 Sons M4 is an absolute must.


  • Automatic pump generates up to 60 PSI while allowing you to spray at distances up to 30 feet
  • Get a full day of use on a single charge
  • Effective screen filter keeps any dirt and debris out of the tank
  • Trigger locks for your convenience
  • Cart and tool bag included


  • Much more expensive than much of the competition so not one for the bargain hunters


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As we near the end of our backpack sprayer reviews, in steps the heavyweight Hudson with this fantastic battery-operated 4-gallon sprayer ideal for most gardening duties.

Best Backpack Sprayer Reviews 8Where some lithium-ion batteries don’t seem to give you enough legs for the job at hand, you’ll get a full 8 hours of use with the Hudson which is more than adequate for the average garden spraying session even if you’ve got larger areas to cover.

As with all the best backpack sprayers, you’ll get a selection of nozzles enabling you to customize the spray to the application.

With a lengthy hose and wand, you should have more than sufficient reach to get into any tight or awkward spots and you won’t get any annoying kinks either due to the intelligent design and rigorous build quality.

The only real gripe with this Hudson concerns less than robust straps so watch out for this potential weak spot.


  • Get an incredible 600 minutes of runtime on a single charge
  • Multiple nozzles allow you to customize the spray to the application
  • 20-inch wand for extended reach with a neatly curved tip for increased precision
  • Hose is a full 72 inches long and resistant to tangling and kinking
  • Unbeatable price considering brand image and performance


  • A few complaints about the straps being fragile


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Last up in our backpack sprayer reviews is a budget-friendly offering from Field King which is a strong performer on the pressure front.

As with any cheaper product, you should peg your expectations rather than expecting a commercial-grade sprayer built to last for decades. The only really negative feedback concerns fragile nozzles and pumps running out of steam quicker than you’d hope for.

Overall, though, you’ll get a lightweight and reliable backpack sprayer that feels great and not too cumbersome even if you’re using it for extended periods.

You can also pick up this sprayer in multi-packs if you fancy capitalizing on a discount and need multiple sprayers.

For a winning mixture of efficiency and affordability, why not give this awesome backpack sprayer a chance?


  • Piston pump capable of generating 150 PSI of pressure
  • Swap the seals out in minutes flat completely tool-free
  • 4 nozzles included and works with Tee Jet nozzles for a fully flexible spraying solution
  • Internal paddles ensure your chosen liquid is fully mixed
  • Comfy, padded shoulder straps for a user-centered experience


  • A few complaints about the straps being fragile


OK ...


With our backpack sprayer reviews wrapped, what should you take into account when you’re looking for the most effective sprayer?

What Are The Benefits of Backpack Sprayers?

Pests and weeds can easily decimate your precious plants and leave your garden in tatters.

If you want to avoid the expense of hiring in the pros and you don’t want to spend all day at the weekends laboriously spraying your plants by hand, investing in the best backpack sprayer can save you a great deal of time and effort.

Enjoy the therapeutic pleasure of tending your garden without it feeling like a terrible chore. With a backpack sprayer, this tedious job almost feels like fun!

What To Look For In The Best Backpack Sprayer

With a great number of variables, looking for the best backpack sprayer can seem overwhelming.

Take the time to look through these simple factors to streamline your buying decision and maximize your chances of getting a model that meshes well with your needs.

Main Components

Pay close attention to all the following areas when you’re looking for the best backpack sprayer:

  • Tank: Since you need a backpack sprayer to be relatively lightweight, tanks are generally small and compact. The polyethylene plastic usually used can handle plenty of contact with chemicals and should also be UV-protected. Capacity normally ranges from 2 to 4 gallons. Unless you plan to use your sprayer exclusively with pesticides or fertilizer, it’s well worth investing in a spare tank to avoid cross-contamination
  • Pump: The core purpose of the pump is to draw the liquid up from the tank toward the pressurized chamber. The success or failure of your sprayer hinges to a large extent on the effectiveness of the pump
  • Nozzle: Since the nozzle controls the spray pattern and flow, the nozzle is arguably the key component. Look for a pattern that suits and keep your eyes out for adjustable nozzles to make your life even easier. Plastic nozzles keep costs down at the expense of lifespan. Shoot for a backpack sprayer with a brass or bronze nozzle if you don’t mind paying a little more for something built to last
  • Wand: Make sure the wand is long enough to give you sufficient reach for all your normal spraying projects
  • Harness / Straps: You’ll get either straps or a harness allowing you to wear your sprayer just like a regular backpack. Make sure the harness or straps give you the support you need with enough padding for you to work away in comfort

Different Nozzles

Since an effective nozzle is crucial, we’ll take a glimpse now at the assorted styles featured on various backpack sprayers.

  • Flat Fan: For completely uniform spray distribution, a V-shaped flat fan nozzle hits the spot. The high-impact spray          comes out in a flattened sheet with large drops at medium velocity
  • Cone Spray: Full cone spray nozzles deliver a circular pattern with coarse droplets in heavy concentration
    Streaming Nozzle:
    These nozzles work brilliantly if you’re applying liquid fertilizer. The solid pattern helps to bring down the risk of leaf burn since most of the spray falls to the soil where the liquid is quickly, easily absorbed

Manual or Electric / Petrol

With manual backpack sprayers, you need to use a hand pump to force the liquid up into the wand for distribution. This type of sprayer is cheap but can be tiring to use.

If you need to deal with larger areas, it makes sense to give some thought to an electric or petrol-powered backpack sprayer. If you opt for battery-power, make sure runtime will be enough for your needs. If you’re thinking of a petrol unit, bear in mind they’ll be noisier and kick out some fumes, and you’ll also need to think about ongoing running costs.

A Final Word

You should now have the best backpack sprayer firmly in your sights and there’s no reason the buying decision should be complicated if you follow the simple guidance above.

Get in touch any time at all if you’ve got any questions or feedback. We love to hear from our readers and we’ll help in any way we can so don’t be shy, drop us a line!

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