Best Cordless Lawn Mower Reviews and Buying Guide

The lawn is the cornerstone of any garden but without proper maintenance, things can soon get out of control.

One of the snags with buying a lawn mower to tame your grass is that the market is so glutted, even getting started can seem totally overwhelming.

Luckily, we’re here to help out.

In today’s best cordless lawn mower reviews, we’ve got a selection of 5 awesome mowers from reputable brands so you can enjoy a plush, green lawn and keep it looking its best year-round.

Once we’ve highlighted the pros and cons of these hard-hitting cordless mowers for you, we’ll show you exactly what to look out for when you’re on the buying trail so you can get the perfect mower without any fanfare.

We’ll get right down to it now with a look at these 5 electric cordless mowers:

Best Cordless Lawnmower Reviews

Now, let’s go in detail about each of the listed cordless mowers and show you why for many, each of them is the best lawn mower without cord in 2018.

GreenWorks 40V Cordless Brushless Lawn Mower

First up in our cordless mower reviews is a 21-incher from the industry heavyweight Greenworks.

They offer a broad range of cordless mowers in a variety of sizes to cater for all types of garden. Since we try here to conjure up a spread of the best products to suit all tastes and budgets, we opted for the 21-inch deck, a more expensive mower nestling at the upper end of the Greenworks cordless range.

There’s not too much information readily available about this particular model, the MO40L2512, but if you dig deep and pay close attention to the positive user feedback and reviews, it becomes clear that this heavyweight 21-inch cordless mower is held in pretty high regard. The lack of substantive information means you’ll come up short with figures on height adjustment and mulching capability.

The 21-inch steel deck gives you a very generous cutting radius and lets you surge through your yard work double-quick. The quality of the fabrication means this mower should last for years if you look after it well. The 4-year limited warranty should demonstrate clear proof of how the manufacturer stands behind this mower. After all, companies don’t offer up warranties expecting it to cost them money!

If you’re not sure whether you prefer to mulch, bag or allow the grass clippings to land where they may, the 3-in-1 discharge functionality on the Greenworks means you can mix it up according to your preferences. One thing we would draw your attention to is the propensity of the side discharge chute to work its way loose if you are rattling over more rugged ground.

A key drawback with cordless mowers is limited run time and the need to stop and recharge the battery which could potentially take hours depending on the model. There’s no such chicanery with the Greenworks. You’ll get a pair of 2.5 AH 40-volt lithium-ion batteries. Thanks to the innovative dual battery port, you can keep the spare onboard and sidestep the need to go and grab it if you run out of juice mid-flow. With over an hour of run time up your sleeve, you’ll be all set for even larger mowing jobs without an enforced break in proceedings while you recharge.

Many gardens have a range of different grasses and Greenworks have introduced SmartCut technology so this mower senses when it needs to amp up the power and give you a helping hand with more challenging cutting. This takes the guesswork out of switching speed and is a wonderful touch.     

If storage is an issue, the Greenworks might not be the best fit for you. It’s a pretty large unit measuring up at 42 x 21 x 62 inches and tipping the scales at 62 pounds. You’re not going to slip this mower up on a shelf so think about how much room you have in your garage or toolshed rather than buying something you’ll find awkward to accommodate.

Check out the principal advantages and the couple of minor snags with this 21-inch cordless mower so you can see if it gels with your needs…




Greenworks always deliver solid and dependable garden equipment and this 21-inch mower is no exception.

Buying any cordless mower by definition involves making some trade-offs and sacrifices. It’s essential to keep your expectations pegged to a reasonable level and take into account the inbuilt limitations of an electric cordless appliance of any nature.

The convenience of the pair of batteries along with the genuinely extensive run time means the Greenworks will serve a turn even in larger gardens. Sure, it won’t much use for a sprawling country estate but that’s what gas mowers are made for.

If you’re prepared to spend a little in return for a seamless and almost effortless  mowing experience married to exceptional overall build quality, we’d strongly recommend you pop the Greenworks 21-inch cordless lawn mower on your shortlist. It might not be perfect, but it’s a superb performer from a brand you can rely on.

 Sun Joe MJ401C 14 in. 28-Volt Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

Next up in our cordless mower reviews is a more compact 14-incher from the highly reputable Sun Joe.

Along with their sister brand, Snow Joe, this company has a well-earned reputation for peddling a vast array of tools for the home and garden at very keen prices.

We’ll say straight off the bat that if you’re on the hunt for a rugged looking lawn mower, the largely plastic Sun Joe has the air of a plastic toy car rather than a serious piece of kit but looks can be deceiving…

The MJ401C is essentially a cordless version of the enduringly popular corded MJ401E without much difference except the absence of a power cable. Sun Joe has adhered to the maxim of not changing a winning team and this cord-free mower is already gaining plenty of committed fans.

Powered by an able 28-volt lithium-ion battery, you’ll be able to mow for around 20 to 25 minutes before you need to give the powerplant a boost. Charging takes 4 hours which is relatively sluggish.

This run-time translates to 10,000 square feet of lawn or roughly ¼ acre according to the manufacturer’s claims. As with many estimates of power, we would advise you take them with a large pinch of salt. Most user tests have the Sun Joe coming up short. We hesitate to flag this as a negative specific to this mower since it appears to be a case of exaggeration across the board.

Aside from a couple of screw for which you’ll need a Philips screwdriver, assembly is a cakewalk with no further tools required. Since the handle folds down, storing this already compact mower presents no problem even if you have limited space in the shed. You should keep it somewhere cool and dry.

With just 3 height settings, you can opt for anywhere between 1 1/6 inches and 2 ½ inches. Make the adjustment by upending the mower and moving the wheel axels into the appropriate slot. Springs underneath the wheels prevent slippage. This is an area where the Sun Joe falls down as you don’t have a great deal of choice. It should be adequate for most small lawns, though.

Although the clippings bag is a nice touch, you might find you need to empty it after making the first pass or you’ll find yourself struggling. This is fairly inconvenient but a trade-off you make with many scaled-down mowers. One way to combat this is to buy the optional side chute. This is extremely cheap and, in our opinion, well worth the investment.

Maneuverability is excellent as long as the grass is not too challenging. The Sun Joe is an agile mower that’s lightweight and very easy to handle.

There’s a 2-speed controller which kicks in automatically saving you any headache about the need to make these adjustments.  If the grass becomes taller or thicker, the Sun Joe will switch things up a gear and simplify your cutting.

Take a glance now at the highlights and downsides of this inexpensive cordless mower before we deliver our verdict…



Best Cordless Lawn Mower Reviews and Buying Guide 1


The Sun Joe MJ401C is not without its drawbacks and, as with all products we review, we’d far sooner present them in an honest light so you can buy fully informed. The last thing anyone needs is a set of consistently glowing reviews that fail to highlight evident shortcomings.

That said, in spite of having just 3 height settings, a fixed battery and plenty of plastic, the Sun Joe is a fantastic and zippy little 14-inch mower that meshes perfectly with small gardens and untaxing mowing duties.

If you want a real beast of a mower, consider one of the larger models we review or stepping things up to a gas-powered mower. If, on the other hand, you want to keep on top of a small lawn and you’re operating on a budget, but don’t want a cheap piece of tat, pop the Sun Joe on your short list and see if it makes sense for you.

 WORX 14-Inch 24-Volt Cordless Lawn Mower with Easy-Start Feature,

As we reach the midpoint of our cordless lawn mower reviews, we’ll explore a dinky 14-inch model from WORX.

As we outline in our buying guide, bigger does not necessarily always mean better with lawn mowers so read below for more information explaining why 14-inch models should not be sneezed at. Often, indeed, they make the best fit for smaller lawns.

Your cutting radius will naturally be limited due to the 14-inch deck but the upside is that you’ll benefit from a mower which is a pleasure to push around even though it’s not self-propelled. It weighs just a fraction over 30 pounds and packs a very small footprint so it’s tailor-made for any elderly gardeners or anyone who doesn’t fancy lugging a behemoth around the yard.

Run time, as always with cordless vacuums, is variable according to usage and the accuracy of the manufacturer’s claims. You should expect roughly a half-hour of mowing before you need to visit the charger. Since the battery detaches, you can power this up anywhere rather than it being permanently tethered to the mower. As a benchmark, you should be able to see off something like 5000 to 6000 square feet of mowing duties in one go which is more than sufficient for smaller city gardens. An LED indicator keeps you abreast of battery health.

Start-up is a breeze at the simple flick of a switch. There’s nothing more to it and you’ll be away mowing without standing on ceremony or fighting with a rip-cord.

In terms of waste, you can opt for bagging, mulching or side discharge so there’s no need to commit yourself and you can ring the changes or simply stick with what works best for you.

While the cutting swath might be rather restrictive for some, the upswing is a truly nimble mower capable of getting into awkward corners with ease. Not only is the WORX small anyway, the collapsible handle simplifies storage further which means it’s ideal if you only have a teeny garage or small cupboard in which to stash your mower.

Aside from a possible battery issue which we’ll outline below, the only other real bugbear with this compact unit is the wheels which are a little too small for comfort. This only really presents itself as a problem if you’re cutting much longer and tougher grass when you might start to feel bogged down.

See for yourself where the WORX stands and falls then make up your own mind whether this 14-inch mower should join your garden artillery…




There’s a certain amount of negative feedback over how long the battery lasts with the WORX but this is extremely difficult to get an accurate fix on because everyone uses their mower in different ways. What we would say is that the fact you can remove and replace this battery is a plus and if you are only planning to use it occasionally rather than expecting a commercial lawn mower at this price point, you shouldn’t have any issues. Nevertheless, we always like to draw your attention to any possible flashpoints so you go in forewarned.

Overall, if you’re looking for a cheap but highly effective 14-inch cordless mower that’s more than fit for purpose in smaller yards and extremely nimble into the bargain, the WORX is a strong choice.

You can enjoy all the convenience and quiet of a cordless without needing to spend a fortune and we’d urge you to road test this mower and see if you think it cuts the mustard for your particular cutting needs.

 BLACK+DECKER 40V MAX Lithium Ion Lawn Mower and Bare Sweeper + String Trimmer

No lawn mower reviews would be complete without an offering from the stellar BLACK+DECKER.

The CM2040 is an offsize 20-inch cordless serving up truly heavyweight performance along with impeccable brand heritage.

One thing to note front and center is that run time is slightly limited with this mower. It seems to swing from one extreme to the other with battery life… Manufacturers either grossly exaggerate the actual run time or don’t provide any information at all. While a number of variables affect battery life, a cross-section of user reviews report back anywhere from sub-10 minutes to 20 minutes or so. You should be aware that any cordless mower will be limited in this respect so think carefully about the size of your lawn and intended usage and don’t expect a mower that will cut several acres in one sitting.

That said, you’ll get 2 batteries included so you should be able to deal with the average lawn without needing to sit out and wait for recharging. The other bonus of these lithium-ion batteries is that you can use them across your BLACK+DECKER equipment. This can lead to ongoing savings since you’ll be able to buy bare tools and save on repeatedly paying for batteries you don’t need.

Assembly couldn’t be more straightforward and you’ll be up and running in 5 minutes or so. All you need to do is pull out the handle, pop in the brace of bolts provided and you’ll be ready to roll.

You’re spoiled for choice when it comes to the height settings. With just one lever, you’ll be able to tweak the height from 1 ½ inches through to 4 inches which is as good as it gets and adequate for pretty much all mowing needs. Thanks to proprietary AutoSense technology, if you start entering tougher terrain, the power will be boosted and then reduced when you return to lighter, less challenging conditions. This is a great way to conserve power while also prolonging the lifespan of your mower.

As well as getting the main cutting done briskly thanks to the 20-inch swath, you’ll be able to dance between flowerbeds and cut flush to the edges of your garden due to EdgeMax technology so you minimize the need for a string trimmer if you are operating on a budget with garden tools.

Collecting your clippings is child’s play with a class-leading 15-gallon bag provided. Removing and attaching the bag is a piece of cake. If you prefer to mulch your waste grass, this is easily achievable. You can also discharge them straight out the side so you’ve got all main bases covered.

If you have a bigger garden with taller grass you let run rampant, the BLACK+DECKER is not the best bet. The mower is prone to stalling and overheating if you work it too hard so think carefully about how you mow and what type of grass you have rather than ending up with an expensive mistake.

We’ll break down the leading plus-points and honestly flag the downsides of this 20-inch mower now so you can determine whether it’s worth adding to your wish list…




Put simply, you know where you stand with BLACK+DECKER. From power tools through to garden equipment, their familiar black and orange gear is a global favorite with just cause. Not the cheapest but not eye-wateringly expensive either, you get dependability and value married to exceptional cutting performance with the CM2040.

A 20-inch mower is not for everyone but if you have a slightly larger garden and you’re pressed for time, the extra cutting radius is worth its weight in gold. Run time could be improved but the second battery goes some way toward mitigating this.

For a winning combination of cutting height flexibility, overall staying power and an ergonomic, user-friendly mowing experience, the BLACK+DECKER almost makes cutting the grass fun!

Check one out today if you’re looking for a great cordless lawn mower that doesn’t cost the earth or let you down after a season or two.

Best Cordless Lawn Mower Reviews and Buying Guide 2

As we draw to the end of our cordless lawn mower reviews, we’ll run down a more expensive 21-incher from Snapper currently available at a steep discount.

If you are on the hunt for a cordless electric power that comes somewhere close to matching the power generated by a gas model, the Snapper is worthy of further investigation. 

While an electric mower is never going to trump the raw capability of a gas-guzzler, the Snapper comes pretty close. In return for going electric, you’ll enjoy amazingly quiet mowing experience so your neighbors will thank you along with environmentalists.

While run time is marketed as 45 minutes, this pre-supposes that both batteries are fully charged and you use them back-to-back. These extremely able 82-volt lithium ions from the legendary Briggs & Stratton are built to withstand a lot of action. You’ll get a rapid charger thrown in complete with indicator to let you know when you’re ready to rock again. You should have no problem in mowing around ½ acre of grass under optimum conditions which is more than sufficient for most normal needs.

Height adjustment is second to none with the Snapper. By manipulating a single lever, you can alter the cutting height through 7 nicely dispersed options making this the ideal piece of kit if you have a range of grasses in your garden and you vary the frequency with which you cut.

As with the majority of lawn mowers, you can flit between bagging your waste in the 15-gallon container thrown in, mulching it nicely or letting it fly out the side.

While the Snapper is undeniably bulky, you’ll be able to store it vertically which will save you some space if you are limited in that regard. It’s still going to eat up a fair amount of room but if things are that tight on the storage front, a 21-inch mower is not the best route to take.

With this size comes a highly impressive cutting radius and you’ll be able to churn through your yard work in no time thanks to the 21-inch swath it cuts. In common with most cordless mowers, you’ll reap the rewards of load-sensing technology. Depending on what type of grass you’re cutting, the blades will always spin at an appropriate speed meaning you won’t need to overwork your mower nor will you burn excess power unnecessarily.

We’ll give you a snapshot of the main advantages and disadvantages of the Snapper and you can decide whether you think it’s worth the considerable investment…

We do!

snapper review mower




Not everyone is looking for the cheapest cordless mower and the Snapper is certainly not the solution if you are. If, though, you want a dependable and environmentally-friendly mower that will keep going for almost an hour without needing any more juice, this 21-inch cordless deserves a place on any shortlist.

There’s simply no substitute for a gas-powered mower if you have a huge country garden that needs regular, heavy-duty mowing. If, however, you have a fairly substantial garden but you’re not prepared to undergo the noise, hassle and maintenance that comes with a gas-fueled mower, the Snapper is our go-to suggestion. You’ll get all the potency without the drawbacks with this convenient cordless.

The 2 batteries combine to give you ample run time even if you have a bigger yard and the build quality means you can safely pick up this mower without needing to think about a replacement for years to come.

Aside from the price tag and bulk, there’s very little we can come up with to knock the Snapper so check one out today and you will absolutely not be disappointed.

SO ...

Now you’ve got a sound overview of 5 of the very best cordless lawn mowers on the block, it’s time to learn a little more about mowers in general.

Take the time to glance through our detailed buying guide and you’ll maximize your chances of getting the right mower for the job…

Lawn Mowers: A Buying Guide

Now you’ve had time to explore our best cordless lawn mower reviews and investigate 5 of the strongest options at your disposal, it’s time for a short, sharp buying guide…

We’ll walk you through some of the principal elements you should consider when looking for the best cordless mower so you can make certain you keep your garden looking immaculate year in, year out.

Electric vs Gas Mowers

Although the focus of this article is cordless electric mowers, it pays to look first at the key differences between electric-powered mowers and their beefier gas counterparts.

Since by definition the advantages of one type of mower are the disadvantages of the other powerplant, we’ll look at electric vs gas mowers by category instead to avoid repetition.

  • Power Output: Gas mowers win hands down when it comes to consistency of power output. Cordless mowers are very much a work-in-progress and right now, power delivery is highly dependent on the state of the battery. Beyond this, electric cordless mowers are only of much use for a pretty narrow spectrum of mowing applications. With a gas mower, there’s not much you can’t do whether it’s bagging or mulching, dealing with weeds or tall grass, sucking up leaves or working in wet conditions
  • Energy and Eco-Impact: Gas-guzzling mowers sap energy and as such are leave a much heavier eco-footprint. If you go with a battery-powered cordless, you can do your bit for the environment by starting at home in the garden
  • Noise: It goes unsaid that gas-fueled mowers generate an unseemly amount of noise. This is one of their key disadvantages so if you want to think about your neighbors and want them to enjoy their BBQ in peace, think seriously about a whisper-quiet cordless mower
  • Exhaust: There’s obviously no exhaust with a cordless mower whereas their gas brothers belch out fumes that can be fairly unpleasant, especially in a smaller garden. Once again, electric cordless mowers come up trumps here
  • Up-Front Cost and Ongoing Costs: It’s hard to make a sweeping judgment about the initial cost of any mower since it varies wildly from brand to brand and according to functionality. There’s a clear-cut answer when it comes to ongoing running costs, though… Electric cordless models win by a country mile. Aside from the possibility of a replacement battery at some stage down the line, there’s nothing else to factor in like gas or oil
  • Propulsion: If you’re looking for a self-propelled mower, more gas mowers are likely to fit the bill. With electric cordless models, only the more expensive ones tend to offer this type of propulsion
  • Cutting Radius: If you have a particularly substantial garden, gas mowers generally offer a much wider cutting swath and get the job done in less time. This makes electric cordless mowers much more suitable for anyone with a smaller yard where all of the advantages like their quiet operation and lack of fumes come together and the smaller cutting radius is not really relevant. It’s all about horses for courses like with any product
  • Convenience: It’s a pretty even match on the convenience front. While stopping to top up the gas tank can be a chore, this is no different to the tedium of needing to charge up the battery on your cordless electric mower. Maintaining a gas-powered mower can be tiresome with refueling, changing the oil and tuning up so cordless mowers just about edge ahead on the convenience front
  • Miscellaneous: You’ll get less blade resistance with a more powerful gas mower and that power offers you more scope into the bargain. On the downside, that added blade energy makes flying debris far more likely if you go the gas route. Gas mowers also enable a swifter drive system to be harnesses

Although we would never presume to tell you what type of mower to buy, you can see from the above head-to-head that electric cordless mowers come out on top over a broad spread of categories.

As when buying any product for the home and garden, though, there’s no definitive right or wrong answer. Focus on your specific needs and make sure you get the right appliance for you rather than seeking something that’s great in some areas but entirely unsuited to your needs.

If you have a smaller garden and you’re looking for a quiet, environmentally-friendly mower which demands very little maintenance and is super-convenient, getting a cordless electric is a smart choice.

Why Choose a Cordless Electric Lawn Mower Over a Corded Mower?

Assuming that you’ve decided that an electric mower would make a sensible addition to your tool shed, what’s the benefit of a cordless model?

  • Cordless Electric Mowers: A cordless electric mower is much more convenient and offers you almost unlimited freedom of movement. You’ll have no safety issues since there’s no cord and you’ll be able to cut a larger area of grass without worrying about extension cords. If you shoot for a higher voltage battery, you’ll get a power with outstanding torque for a smoother, cleaner cut
  • Corded Electric Mowers: Very much like using a corded vacuum, opting for a corded mowers presents some obvious limitations. You’ll need to be tethered to a power outlet at all times and might very well need to press an extension cord into action. There’s the added security risk of running over and cutting the cord mid-flow. If you have a larger lawn to deal with, you might very well end up running out of cord so that extension cable will be crucial. On the plus side, you can generally get a far cheaper corded mower and you’ll get a bit more power into the bargain

As you can see, opting for cordless is the most sensible option for a seamless, hassle-free mowing experience.

When Should You NOT Choose an Electric Mower?

It’s all about the size of your lawn…

If you have a garden larger than 1/3 acre, it’s simply not a good call to get an electric mower at all. For these kind of areas, gas mowers are far more effective.

Since most gardens in city lots come in between 1/10 and ¼ acre, electric mowers make sense for the majority of urbanites. You’ll also get a quieter mowing experience that the neighbors will be thankful for and your lawn should be small enough to finish mowing on a single charge.

Apart from size, if you tend to leave your grass to run rampant and only cut it when it’s starting to get out of control, you’ll find yourself bogged down or even unable to operate with an electric mower.

What To Look Out For When Buying The Best Cordless Lawn Mower

Here are the main factors you should laser in on to ensure you get the best cordless lawn mower…

  • How Easy Is Start-Up?
  • Type of Battery
  • Deck Size and Cutting Radius
  • Clippings: Type of Discharge
  • Height Adjustment
  • Battery Indicator
  • Storage Issues
  • Safety Features
  • Push or Self-Propelled?

How Easy Is Start-Up?

With gas-powered lawn mowers, you’ll need to prime the engine then deal with pulling a heavy starter cord. There’s no such nonsense with a cordless mower but you should still pay attention to the type of starting mechanism in place.

In the vast bulk of cases, you kick off by slipping in the key.

From here, there’s a button that kickstarts the blades spinning while you pull down on either the handles or bail.

Some models have an extra bail in place to get the wheels going.

If you let go of the handles or bail, the motor stops. This is a great inbuilt safety feature.

Rinse and repeat to get up and running again.

Read plenty of user reviews to see whether the start-up is easy enough for your tastes on the models you have in mind and buy accordingly. Start-up is only a small part of the overall mowing experience but it’s an important one nevertheless.

Type of Battery

Here there is a straight-up choice between the older lead acid batteries and the newer lithium-ion variants.

One chief selling point of lithium-ion batteries is their ability to pack a greater punch in a smaller, lighter unit. This actually doesn’t make much difference with lawn mowers since by definition you’ll be wheeling them around rather than physically humping the extra weight of a lead acid battery.

A key area where the lithium-ion excels highly relevant to mowers is speed of charging. Where you might need a full 12 hours to boost up a lead acid battery, you can juice up a lithium-ion in around an hour. This difference is crucial if you have a larger lawn which might be too much for a single charge of the battery. The last thing you want is to stagger your mowing over to the next day because you’re waiting for the battery to power up.

Another definite plus point with lithium-ion batteries is the fact you can use them for plenty of other garden equipment. This way, you can often save by purchasing bare tools and using the same battery for all of them.

Either type of battery works fine but think about the dimensions of your lawn and whether or not you need the immediacy of charging afforded by lithium-ion batteries and if you plan to commission the battery in other tools.

Deck Size and Cutting Radius

The deck size of a mower refers to the width of its cutting swath.

The wider the deck size, the fewer passes you’ll need to cut your lawn.

While you might certainly save time with a more substantial deck, it also pays to take the corresponding weight into account. Bigger mowers are obviously less maneuverable and also tend to become harder to push if you are cutting more grass in a single pass.

Since mowers with larger decks are obviously more expensive, think about the size of your lawn and whether or not you really need a hulking beast of a mower that will end up draining the battery more rapidly.

As a rule of thumb, less than 14 inches and the deck is too small. Any more than 20 inches or so and you might struggle, especially if you have thicker grasses in your garden or you’re fairly slim and not too keen pushing bulky equipment.

Clippings: Type of Discharge

You’ll need to decide how to deal with the grass clippings generated when you mow your lawn.

Mulching lawn mowers will cut the grass very finely then redistribute this across the lawn. Not only will you have no need to mess around dealing with any clippings, this mulch works brilliantly as a fertilizer. On the downside, your lawn won’t look quite so neat and you’ll also need to press the mower into commission a bit more frequently.

Bagging your clippings is another option. Most mowers will contain some form of grass catcher so that the debris can be collected and disposed of however you see fit. Rather than taking the waste to a landfill site, it makes sense to start a compost pile if you choose to collect the grass clippings rather than mulch them.

Discharging clippings from the side is a bit more hassle since you don’t get the advantage of mulched grass but you don’t get the convenience of the waste being collected either.

Many lawn mowers now offer the ability to switch between mulching, bagging or side discharge modes to give you maximum flexibility.

Height Adjustment

You are well advised never to cut your grass to less than 1/3 of the overall height. By cutting it lower than this, you’ll weaken the grass and leave it more prone to disease as well as being less capable of coping in an unexpected parched spell.

Since the height of the grass will be variable, it’s paramount that the mower you choose has straightforward height adjustment.

Different mowers have different lever systems in place to fine-tune the height. Some have separate levers for each wheel while others have just a single lever to cater for all wheels.

Pay attention to the type of height adjustment offered, read plenty of user reviews and feedback then roll with what seems handiest for you.

As well as the method of height adjustment, think about the number of height options delivered. Shoot for a mower with 4 or more settings and look for a cutting range from 1-½ inches up to 4 inches for complete versatility.

Battery Indicator

The lion’s share of cordless mowers pack an LED gauge to indicate battery health.

This might seem a minor pointer but it’s well worth having this in place to avoid unexpectedly running out of juice in the middle of your mowing.

Storage Issues

If you are working with limited storage space, it’s worthwhile focusing on smaller mowers or ones that fold up so you can pop them on a shelf or under a work surface.

If you have a hulking great storage facility, this is obviously a non-issue.

Safety Features

From child-proof keys through to shield or guards around the deck to stop flying debris, mowers come with a variety of safety features.

Think about the type of garden you’ll be mowing and your own specific circumstances as only you know which safety extras will be most beneficial for you. It’s not worth seeking out unnecessary frippery but it’s also essential to make sure the safety features you most need are in place.

Push or Self-Propelled?

Last but by no means least, take the time to ponder propulsion…

A self-propelled mower costs more but is far easier to operate when you’re cutting thicker grass types. You’ll find mowing a far less taxing experience overall with a self-propelled model.

Standard push mowers are perfectly fit for purpose and if you have a smaller lawn, there’s no snag using one. With less parts to break down and demanding less maintenance, push mowers are certainly not without their merits.

A Final Word

We trust you’ve found a wealth of useful nuggets in this comprehensive run-down of the best cordless mowers on the market.

If you think closely about the size of your garden and just what you expect and demand from your mower, getting the most effective model needn’t end up giving you a headache.

Any of the 5 cordless mowers above come with our strongest recommendation so double down on the one that best fits your gardening needs and pocket and buy with complete confidence.

Pop back soon as we are working to produce a very wide range of product reviews and buying guides covering all aspects of the home and garden.

Make 2018 the year you get your house and yard looking tip-top!

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