Best Above Ground Pool Covers – The Ultimate Buying Guide

Are you weary of continually cleaning your swimming pool? Despite the most efficient filters and chlorine tablets, your swimming pool can become a breeding ground for dirt particles and critters. Therefore, getting the best above ground pool covers is always the wisest idea.

Be it winters or any other weather, you need to protect your pool from leaves, dust, etc. Doing this will not only save you from regular cleaning but also help conserve water by preventing draining.

A quality pool cover will not only keep the water cleaner and healthier but also warmer during the winter. In this article, you will get a list of the top 7 pool covers and a detailed buying guide.

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7 Best Above Ground Pool Covers – Product Reviews

There is no dearth of covers to keep your pools protect in every season and weather. Here are some of the top picks rated against various parameters to help you make an informed decision!

Best Above Ground Pool Covers – The Ultimate Buying Guide 2

The Pool Mate Sandstone Winter Pool Cover is indeed one of the best above ground pool covers. It features a heavy-duty polyethylene material that is sure to last through the years. You just need to mount it well to prevent any debris or rainwater from dirtying your pool. Moreover, it works best as an off-season cover for the winter.

The Pool Mate cover is always 4 feet larger than the actual pool size. It allows you to get an overlap from all the sides and mount the cover in place. Furthermore, you will also get a winch and cable in the pack to secure it in place.

What’s more? The Pool Mate Sandstone pool cover is highly durable and comes with a long-lasting lifespan. It also has a 15-year worry-free warranty for your convenience. One of the best things is that the color of this cover matches that of your deck, topping it all.

Note: Do not mount the cover too tightly at the edges. Doing this may cause wear and tear, reducing the longevity of the cover.



Best Above Ground Pool Covers – The Ultimate Buying Guide 3

If you are looking for high-quality above ground pool covers, go no further. The Intex Deluxe 18-foot round pool cover is all you need for giving all-round protection to your pool. It not only keeps the dirt at bay but also prevents water accumulation.

The Intex cover has several drain holes that keep water from collecting on top. Furthermore, it is quite thick and robust for your above ground pool. The Intex Deluxe is an excellent option for Intex pools of varying sizes.

What’s more? The cover comes with multiple rope ties to keep it in place, proving to be wind resistant. It will fit nicely to your pool and is also UV-resistant. Therefore, if you have a round Intex metal-framed pool, this is the best option for you!

Note: Make sure not to pull it tight from the corners as that may tear the cover soon.



Best Above Ground Pool Covers – The Ultimate Buying Guide 4

Are you looking for a way to keep your pool water warm during the freezing winter? How about doing so without wasting electricity? The Sun2Solar Rectangle Solar Cover is the perfect 2-in-1 pool cover. It will not only maintain the warmth of the water but also keep dirt and debris at bay.

The cover contains thousands of tiny bubbles that capture the heat from the sun and warm-up the pool water. Furthermore, it also decreases the rate of water precipitation. Thus, your pool will remain warm through the night, and you will get the perfect swimming temperature the next day.

That is not all. Apart from keeping the water perfectly-warm without the added cost, the cover will also save it from dirt. The best thing is yet to come. You can trim the see-through exterior precisely according to the size of your pool. Now you need not worry about replacements.



Best Above Ground Pool Covers – The Ultimate Buying Guide 5

If you are looking for a highly-durable pool cover at a budget-friendly price, the Blue Wave BWC801 is for you. Despite being available at a low cost, this cover is perfect for every season, keeping snow, debris, and wind away.

The UV-stabilized cover also protects your pool water from the harmful rays of the sun. Additionally, the Blue Wave BWC801 comes with a unique black layer on the inner side. It helps in preventing algae-formation, keeping your pool fresh and clean for a prolonged period.

That is not all. It has almost 4 feet of overlap from all the edges, making it easier to mount the cover. The extra fabric also allows you to loosen up the fir, thus preventing tears. Furthermore, you will also get a vinyl-coated cable to tie and anchor the cover in place.

Note: You must purchase a cover that is 4 feet larger than the pool.



Best Above Ground Pool Covers – The Ultimate Buying Guide 6

Pool Mate is known for its quality products, and this pool cover is no less. The Pool Mate 4128-2 is a mesh pool cover for the winter. It will prevent maximum debris and leaves from penetrating into the water. Furthermore, it also allows the rainwater to seep in, preventing sagging.

Though this pool cover is relatively pricey, it comes with a 15-year warranty. The cover also includes a quality winch and cable to help you mount it in your pool with ease. Even with a tight mounting, you need to ensure that the cover leaves a considerable debt.

The Pool Mate 4128-2 is one of the best above ground pool covers as it includes a 4-feet overlap. Rest assured that your swimming pool cover will not tear off due to overstretching. Still, make sure you do not pull the fabric too much at its edges.



Best Above Ground Pool Covers – The Ultimate Buying Guide 7

If you wish to buy the best above ground pool covers without breaking the bank, the Robelle is for you. With a quality polyethylene material, this cover is quite strong and is sure to last long.

Unlike other covers, this solid cover will keep all types of dirt and debris at bay. Furthermore, the double-layered sheet comes with a UV-protection layer at the top to prevent damage from harmful rays of the sun. At the same time, the underside is black to prevent algae growth.

You will get an all-weather cable and a winch with this cover to mount it in place. Furthermore, it also comes with a 4-foot overlap to minimize wear and tear. Despite all the benefits, this cover is primely for oval-shaped pools.

Note: To prevent any stress on the edges, get a giant size cover for large side rails. Make sure that the fabric is loose enough instead of tightening.



Best Above Ground Pool Covers – The Ultimate Buying Guide 8

Do you want a closing air pillow along with a pool cover? Why buy it separately when Swimline offers it in a pair. The Swimline Above ground Pool Cover is the perfect choice if you want to cover up your pool for the winter.

It is a solid sheet of fabric that prevents all types of dirt, debris, and water from penetrating. The Swimline pool cover features laminated polyethylene construction for prolonged use. Additionally, it is treated to prevent any damage caused by UV-rays, thus, elongating the freshness of water.

You will get a vinyl-coated cable and ratchet for easy installation of the cover. However, you must ensure that you do not pull hard or tighten it much. Doing this can tear the pool cover. The Swimline pool cover has an overlap of 3-4 feet, allowing you to let the fabric loosen up and float.

The best part is yet to come. The Swimline pool cover comes with a complimentary air pillow. Now you can rest assured that your pool cover will never accumulate water. Furthermore, the pad also prevents the cover from freezing due to the low temperature in winters.



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Best Above Ground Pool Covers – The Complete Buyer’s Guide

A quality above ground pool cover can help keep your pool clean when not in use. It saves you from all the work of removing the debris or draining the water and refilling. If you want to completely close-down the pool during the winter, an above-ground pool cover is necessary. You will get a completely fresh pool, ready for a swim whenever you take-off the cover.

That said, buying an above ground pool cover is not as easy as you think. You need to consider the types as well as several other factors while picking the optimum option. Here is the ultimate guide to purchasing the best above ground pool covers.

Types of Above Ground Pool Covers

  • Solid Above Ground Pool Cover: If you want to cover your above ground pool for a prolonged period, a solid cover is the best option. It prevents all types of dirt and debris such as leaves, bugs, birds’ poop, etc., from dirtying the water. Furthermore, it also keeps the snow at bay.
  • Solar Above Ground Pool Cover: Solar covers are mainly used as temporary coverings. These are sheets of bubbles that capture heat from the sun and transform it into water. Thus, you get warm water to swim in despite the cold nights. Additionally, it keeps all types of dirt at bay.
  • Mesh Above Ground Pool Cover: These covers are mainly for use in the winter or rainy season. While they cannot prevent tiny dirt particles, they do keep leaves and other large debris pieces out. The best thing about mesh covers is they do not allow water to accumulate on top, which usually tears the fabric.

Factors to Look for In an Above Ground Pool Cover

  • Size: The first thing to look for in an above ground pool cover is whether it is the right size and shape. Most of the best above ground pool covers come with an overlap for 3-4 feet to prevent stretching and tearing. You must read the specifications clearly and ensure it’s the right size for your pool.
  • Installation: One of the best things about pool covers is that they fit well and are easy to install, unlike tarps. You need to ensure that the pool cover comes with an effective mounting system. Most of the covers will come with a winch and cable or tie-ropes to stay intact.
  • Durability and Quality: The pool cover will be exposed to extreme weather conditions such as rain, snow, etc. Therefore, they must be of acceptable quality and have a prolonged life. You must look for tear-resistant covers. Some covers also include anti-UV and anti-algae formation layers.
  • Your Purpose: One of the essential things to consider is the purpose you are buying the cover for. If you want it for daily use, you can consider a solar pool cover to keep the pool water warm. Whereas, to cover your pool for long, a solid pool cover is the best option. Mesh cover can also be considered for coverage in the winter season.
  • Price and Warranty: You need to compare several options and then buy the best one according to your requirement. Make sure that the cost of the cover is according to the number of features offered. Needless to say, getting a pool cover with a warranty is the wisest choice.

Final Words

Your swimming pool may be your favorite place to chill and relax. However, it takes certain measures to ensure the cleanliness and longevity of the pool water. The best above ground pool covers are here to protect your swimming pool and save yourself from the tiresome cleaning sessions.

These sheets of fabric will not only protect the water from adverse weather conditions but also the various pollutants. Consider all the necessary factors and choose the best cover for your above ground pool to relax without hassle!

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