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Splashing around the pool is one of the most fun and rejuvenating things to do, isn’t it? How about maintaining the pool? This task can be a hassle and takes a significant amount of your time. Luckily, there are some of the best pool skimmers to do most of the work for you. Pool skimmers can remove debris, leaves, and other contamination from your swimming pool.

There are a number of pool skimmers available in the market with many features. Which one is best for your swimming pool? Hunting the perfect pool skimmer for your pool can be a lot of work. We bring you a list of the best pool skimmers. Read on to know more and pick the right one for your pool.

Best Pool Skimmers in the Market

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Stargoods pool skimmer is the best tool to scoop up dirt from your swimming pool with very little effort on your part. It comes with a strong ABS plastic frame. Its curvy borders ensure that there is no damage done to your swimming pool liners. This pool skimmer comes with a good quality mesh bag that does not let small debris escape.

Stargoods Pool skimmer comes with a universal holder that easily fits all telescopic poles. It also has one of the largest surfaces. This makes it quicker to clean your pool. Stargoods skimmer is known for its long-lasting efficiency. It works well for both inground and above pools.



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The best feature of the Poolwhale leaf rake is its large 18-inch frame made of aluminum alloy. It makes the product durable as it does not easily deform. Moreover, its nylon pool bag is abrasion resistant with a sturdy two-layered net.

It comes with a firm, stable grip that makes it easy to turn it upside down while in use. Its heavy-duty plastic rim is of high quality and does not leave any scratches on the pool walls. This is the best pool skimmer, especially to remove leaves. It effortlessly traps small debris as well, making it a reliable pool skimmer.



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This Swimline skimmer keeps your swimming pool clean with its high-quality mesh. This lightweight pool skimmer makes it easy to collect debris and leaves from your pool. Although it weighs less, this product comes with a sturdy, heavy-duty, and structural molded plastic frame.

Its tapered front side makes it easy to scoop dirt. It easily connects with most pool poles. Swimline pool skimmer is also one of the best affordable skimmers available in the market. It is easy to use and effectively collects both small and big debris from your pool.



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Poolelite Professional Pool Net Leaf Skimmer is known to be highly durable. It comes with a strong mesh basket bag. The best feature of this product is its nylon net. This net is resistant to the sun’s UV rays as well as to chemicals. This pool skimmer is very easy to use.

It effectively scoops up bugs, leaves, and other unwanted particles. Its plastic frame has a slight bevel in the front to protect the pool surface from abrasion.  It also comes with an aluminum frame, which won’t break or bend easily. Another good factor of this product is that it comes with a guarantee. In case of any damage, you will receive a replacement skimmer under warranty.



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This product is among the best automatic pool skimmers for above ground pools. It efficiently removes debris before it gets to the bottom of your pool. It works along with the filter pump of your pool to remove large debris. The product needs an Intex filter pump of 800 gph minimum flow rate.

It is very easy to install the Intex Deluxe pool skimmer. This product is renowned for its high quality. The large basket makes sure to collect more dirt. It does not allow any clogging.



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SkimmerMotion Automatic Pool Skimmer is the best automatic floating pool skimmer. It moves along with a vacuum cleaner covering every corner of your pool. It works with a connection to the suction port of the pool. This product floats around your pool and removes dirt with its powerful whirlpool suctions

The unique aspect of this product is that it ensures all debris and particles smaller than an inch are eliminated. It requires no additional chemicals. It wipes away all dirt from your pool before it reaches the bottom of the pool. This sleek pool skimmer is highly effective.



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Things to Consider While Buying A Pool Skimmer

Now that you know all the best pool skimmers available in the market, it is time to choose one for your pool. It can still be confusing to pick one. We make it easier yet again. Follow the below list of factors to keep in mind before buying a pool skimmer.

Choose the Right Type

It is essential to choose the type of pool skimmer according to your pool type. Otherwise, they would not function efficiently. It could also lead to damage to your pump system.

The following are the types of pool simmers:

Manual Skimmers

These simmer a netted mesh to collect all the debris. They do not require any power to run them. They are simple and quick to use. Manual skimmers must be chosen to remove only large particles such as stones, big leaves, and large debris. Make sure to avoid using them to remove smaller debris.

Automatic Skimmers

Automatic skimmers work by connecting them to the filter pump of your pool. They propel around your pool’s surface either by paddles or propellers. Automatic skimmers are clean as they go in a particular direction or random movements. Their movement is usually powered with water as it passes along the hose.

Self – Contained Skimmers

Such skimmers float automatically around your pool and collect debris from every corner.  They can filter both large and small debris. They usually need to be powered by solar energy. Self-contained skimmers are, however, expensive. Additionally, it only works when it is sunny. It is, however, a good, energy-saving option.


The performance quality of a pool skimmer is highly important. Before buying a pool skimmer, make sure to know to exact function you need it to perform. If you are looking to eliminate large debris, ensure that your pool skimmer’s filter can effectively catch such large particles. They should be high performing and efficient in terms of both quality and functions.

Some pool skimmers work very well to eliminate large objects like leaves or rocks. At the same time, other pool skimmers can efficiently eliminate smaller particles that are below an inch in size. Do not forget to consider the suction power of your automatic pool skimmer.

Additionally, make sure the pool skimmer you choose is compatible with your pool and the water flow. Some pool skimmers need a pump to float.


Pool skimmers come at varying costs. The price usually depends on the type of pool skimmers. Manual pool skimmers cost the least. At the same time, the automatic pool skimmers are a little pricier. This is because they come with several additional features and more equipment. They are, however, better in terms of efficiency.

The self – contained pool skimmers are the most expensive. That being said, they are a one-time investment. These pool skimmers run on solar power. They do not need any additional power costs later on. So, prepare your budget while considering the different features that various pool skimmers offer. Some of them come with a great price value while giving a great performance.


Durability is another essential factor to consider when you look for the best pool skimmer. The materials of the skimmer contribute to its durability. Make sure you go for stronger and reliable options. The plastic material of your pool skimmer needs to be sturdy and heavy-duty.

The mesh used to collect the debris is another prime factor to consider. It should be of good quality. The size of the mesh must be right to collect the debris you wish to eliminate. Customer reviews are a great source to know a product’s durability.

Make sure to check them out before purchasing one. Make sure to buy one with materials that do not degrade quickly. Look for skimmers with easily replaceable parts.

Easy to Install

Installation of appliances can get tricky at times. Automatic pool skimmers are usually not very complicated. These pool skimmers work by connecting them to the pump and filter of your pool. It could, however, depend on the time and effort you are willing to invest in this process.

It is always better to go through the whole installation process in detail before buying your pool skimmer. Most companies give clear instructions on how to set one up. Moreover, there are plenty of demonstration videos on YouTube. If you do not wish to invest in complex installation procedures, you could always opt for the many available simpler options.

Cleaning Procedure

The best pool skimmers are very efficient and quick to filter all the debris from your pool. This would require you to keep removing the collected debris often. For pools with plenty of debris, it may be necessary to do this many times during the day. Make sure to buy a pool skimmer that makes this part of the process easier for you.

It is also essential for you to make sure that your pool skimmer has easy access parts. This would help you to clean the device easily and properly. It, in turn, gives your pool skimmer a longer life. Make sure to keep this factor in mind to make maintenance hassle-free for you.


The weight of the pool skimmer is another factor to keep in mind before you buy one. If you wish to choose a manual pool skimmer, make sure it weighs lighter. This makes it easy for you to maneuver it. You can easily go around and collect the debris and leaves from your pool without much effort. If your manual pool skimmer is heavy, it could sink to the bottom of your pool.

Automatic and Self-contained skimmers need to be light in weight as well. This makes it easy for you to take the basket out while emptying it. It also makes the pool skimmer float across your pool smoothly. So, make sure to choose a pool skimmer according to your convenience.

Final Thoughts

Pool skimmers make it easy to keep your pool free from all the debris and dirt particles. There are plenty of options available in the market. However, It may be tricky to pick the best pool skimmer that aligns with your preference and convenience. 

 Our comprehensive list of best pool skimmers makes it easy for you to choose the right one for your pool. It is essential to buy a pool skimmer that is compatible with your pool type as well as your budget. You can now easily compare the various features and opt for your best pool skimmer. Go ahead and make your pool pristine effortlessly with your new pool skimmer. 

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