Best Above Ground Pool Pump

A sparkling, clear pool is at the top of every pool owner’s list. For a goal like that, you need the best above ground pool pump. 

Naturally, there are several reasons you need to ensure a clean and hygienic swimming environment. In addition to swimmers’ health, a tip-top pool is a basic necessity that most association codes demand. 

There is a wide variety of above ground pool pumps out there, with different features and designs. It can be slightly challenging to find the perfect fit for your requirements- while meeting quality standards and saving energy. 

Here, you will find a curated list of superior above ground pool pumps. Read on to make a wise decision! 

The Best Above Ground Pool Pumps

Best Above Ground Pool Pump 2

The Hayward W3SP2620X15 is a robust, competent above ground pool pump. It is a severe hub of power that will keep your water crystal clear. With a horsepower of 1.5 HP, it is available in two models- dual and single-speed.

It has a reasonable flow rate for above ground pools that are small to medium in size. Also, the product features an integrated filter basket that helps prevent your pump and filter system’s contamination or blockage. It keeps large debris as well as small particles out of your pool. 

The cover of the filter basket is transparent, allowing you to check the equipment quickly and effortlessly. The top comprises extra-large maintenance bolts, so you do will not require any tools for removal. In addition to this, there is concrete protection against improper seals and leaks while the pump is operating. 

The best part about this pump is that it is hassle-free to install and connect to power. It is tough, easy to maintain, and performs well. 



Best Above Ground Pool Pump 3

Intex is a household name many pool owners trust when it comes to pumps. The brand’s pumps are superior and reliable, often lasting longer than the users anticipate. Intex pumps also use all-natural sand filters to keep your water free from debris and contaminants. 

The Intex Krystal Clear 1500 GPH Sand Filter Pump & Saltwater System with E.C.O. is a 16-inch model, sporting a flow rate of 3000 GPH. It is ideal for above ground pools that are four feet deep and about thirty feet in diameter, with a capacity of up to 19600 gallons. 

A convenient aspect of this model is its built-in 24-hour integrated timer that gives you control over the time your pump runs. It is one of the best above ground pool pumps if you want to save energy and money. 

It is incredibly easy to use the pump’s primary functions, owed to the 6-way valve at the top of the equipment. You can maintain this pump with minimal effort while remaining confident of consistent performance. 



Best Above Ground Pool Pump 4

The EDOU 850 GPH Swimming Pool Cover Pump Above Ground flaunts a convenient and affordable design that guarantees to be an effective drainage solution. It is simple to install, as well. Ideal for both in-ground and above ground pools, it has a flow rate of 850 GPH. This makes it suitable for small to medium-sized pools. 

The EDOU 850 GPH Swimming Pool Cover Pump Above Ground drains water almost 1.5 times faster than the average pool pump, making it an energy-efficient model. It comes with a customized, robust A.B.S. case that guarantees longevity with its weather-resistant advantage. With this pump, you never have to worry about dry-burning when there is a lack of water because the core is temperature-controlled. 

The pool pump has a manual on-and-off mechanism, which can be a drawback for many people. However, to compensate for that, it comes with a 16-feet kink-proof drain hose complete with a water nozzle. It is capable of draining pools of any depth. 



Best Above Ground Pool Pump 5

It is always an advantage to have an array of features for a low cost. This above ground pool pump brings this prospect to the table with its 13-inch, 43-lb sand filter and transparent basket. It is a compact yet heavy-duty pool pump that is durable as well. 

It features an excellent integrated and unique pressure gauge. The filter basket is hassle-free to change with a transparent cover, making it very easy to monitor the performance and condition of the pump. It has a sand-based filtration system that keeps fine particles and larger debris away from your water. 

The 4-way valve at the top of the appliance adds to the overall ease of use that comes with this pool pump. The Pro 2400 GPH is a superior option for you if your above ground pool has a capacity lower than 10000 gallons. 



Best Above Ground Pool Pump 6

Waterway Plastics may not be the first name that comes to mind when you consider the best above ground pool pump options. However, the Waterway Plastics Ph1150-6 1.5 Horsepower Hi-Flo Above Ground Pool Pump is an appropriate option. 

It is a high-performing pump with a large, 6-inch strainer trap. The lid of the basket is clear, similar to the other options on this list, giving way to convenient maintenance. What’s more is that this pool pulp features 1.5-inch connections that come with self-aligning union discharge. 

It is relatively easy to install this pump as well- all you have to do is rotate the wet end. The Waterway Plastics Ph1150-6 1.5 Horsepower Hi-Flo Above Ground Pool Pump is compatible with 115-volt power cords measuring up to 3 feet. You can mount the pump with its outlet either horizontally or vertically after some simple configuration.  

Many users have expressed their pleasure with the performance of this pool pump, especially as a cheaper alternative to the more expensive brands.



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How to Find the Best Above Group Pool Pump: the Ultimate Buying Guide

It is essential to settle only for the best and nothing less. You must review and evaluate the features and specifications of every prospective pool pump. There are several basic requirements that every pool pump must meet before you consider buying it. 

These factors contribute to the overall performance and reliability of the pump. They include energy consumption, constituent materials, features for safety, and more. The above ground pool pumps in this list qualify to gain such a status based on these criteria. 

Broad Performance 

When you are evaluating the features of a potential above ground pool pump, remember to pay close attention to the flow rate. Verify the flow rate in G.P.H. or G.P.M. and make sure that it matches the capacity of your pool. After this, you should make sure the motor of the pump has sufficient power to keep your water crystal clear. 

To judge the performance, you must look at the H.P. of the motor. Generally, a motor with a 1.5 HP will be excellent for small to medium pools, while a more extensive pool may require a 2 H.P. motor. 

Consumption of Energy

It is crucial for your pool pump to be energy efficient. Pool pumps, even with smaller or less powerful motors, can consume energy relentlessly and send your bills through the roof. You must go through the manual of the pool pump and understand the energy ratings. 

Generally, single-speed pump models consume more energy than dual-speed models. However, the latter is naturally far more expensive than the former. 


The construction materials of the pool pump are also an aspect you cannot overlook. Sometimes, even popular brands may avoid using high-grade materials to cut back on costs if they aim to provide low-cost alternatives. 

You must pay attention to the specifications of a prospective pool pump and assure yourself of the constituent materials. The plastic used must be resistant to heat and weather. Hunt for models that utilize UV-resistant thermoplastics.

Features for Safety 

Any electrical applicant you purchase should have enough safety features in position. These should be able to prevent damage or overload in case there is a failure in the system. The design of a potential pool pump must include backup systems or safety precautions. 

Surge protection and circuit breakers are the bare necessities each model should have. It would be best if you never used a pump that lacks an official U.L. listing. 

Ease and Convenience of Installation

It is not very challenging to install an above ground pool pump. Typically, you will need to make sure your pump has a traditional 3-pronged electrical cord. It must also use common 1.5-inch drain ports and intake.  

There are several pumps that may need you to wire them directly into the electrical systems of your home. Some may even use atypical ports. You would fare better if you avoid buying such models since it is not easy to find replacement parts or certified maintenance specialists for them. 

The easier it is to install and maintain a pump, the better it is. 

Type of Filtration 

There are different types of filtration systems that are an element of pool pumps. 

Cartridge filtration systems for pools are undeniably efficient and virtually flawless at their job. They can keep your water clean and free from contaminants with minimal effort. 

However, they are more expensive to purchase, maintain, and replace. A drawback is that you will have to replace the cartridge filters frequently if you want to keep an ideal flow rate. 

Natural sand-based filters are the second option you have when it comes to the type of filtration in a pool pump. These filters are more affordable and provide full value for their functioning. They do not demand intensive maintenance efforts, unlike the cartridge filters. At most, you will have to switch the sand every season in order to maintain crystal-clear pool water. 

To Sum up

If you are on the hunt for the best above ground pool pump, you stumbled across the perfect place. With this list of superior options, you can put your worries to rest and purchase a high-quality model for your pool. 

The Hayward W3SP2620X15 Super Pump Pool Pump, 1.5 HP, is perhaps the best above ground pool pump. It sets the industry standard for reliability and efficiency with its heavy-duty motor and quiet operation. 

The health of your family and other swimmers depends upon the quality of the water in your pool. It is your responsibility to ensure a high standard of hygiene and clarity with the best above ground pool pump! 

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