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Heating food in the microwave is a part of our daily lives. We take our food, put it on a plate and pop it in the microwave for a few minutes to reheat it and make it fresh. However, finding the perfect dish that can be put in a microwave is a difficult task.

Over the years, many materials like metals, plastic, etc. have wreaked havoc as microwavable dishes. We now need to be extremely careful about what we use with our appliances. So, what are the best dishes for microwave?

Usually, the dishes we get for microwaves cannot be used as regular dinner table cutlery. Contrarily, the ones you use on the table are not microwavable. If you are looking for a middle ground that works in both situations, then you must go through this list. 

Curated below are some of the best dishes for microwave, which you can use at home or in your dorms.

List of Top 5 Dishes for Microwave

Best Dishes For Microwave 2

Looking for a sturdy dinner set that you can use every day at home? Well, this 18-piece microwavable dinner set is just what you need. This dinner set includes some of the best microwavable dishes along with other utensils you may need.

The white color of this set goes with any interior and will compliment your other cutlery well. The complete set is microwaveable, which means you can either cook your food in it or just reheat it too. This dinner set is made up of a 3-layer glass material. This makes it heat and chip resistant as well. Apart from a microwave, you can also use this dinner set in an oven or a dishwasher. This is what you can expect inside your box, 6× 10.25-inch dinner plates, 6× 6.75-inch bread plates, and 6× 18-ounce soup/cereal bowls. Storing all this will not be an issue, either. This dinner set is very lightweight, and you can store it in an overhead cabinet in your kitchen. If you stack all these dishes and bowls up, you will have ample space to store other items in your kitchen too. Best Dishes For Microwave 3



Best Dishes For Microwave 4

If you want a dinner set that can provide you with all the elegance you need, this might be the perfect option for you. This chic 16-piece dinner set comes in a two-tone design, which can make your dining table look more sophisticated. You can use this dinner set regularly. However, the stylish design is great for special occasions too.

Best Dishes For Microwave 5These dishes are made from durable ceramic material, which can be very tough and durable. These dishes are thick and strong and can withstand high temperatures too. This ability makes them the perfect dinner set for your family. You can put them in the microwave without any worries. This dinner set is safe for both microwaves and dishwashers. You must take note that the outer surface of these dishes may heat up if you heat them in the microwave for too long. Always use microwave-safe gloves while handling these dishes. You can expect to find four sets of 10.5-inch square dinner plates, 9-inch square dessert plates, 6.25-inch bowls, and 12-ounce mugs in your package.



Best Dishes For Microwave 6

This inclusive design is perfect for anyone. You can never go wrong with a set of white plates in your homes. This six-piece plate set is great for daily use at every household. You could be a college student who lives off microwavable food, so this plate set could be a game-changer.

These plates are brought to you by AmazonBasics, and this ensures quality in their products. This plate set is made from BPA-free porcelain, which makes them very durable and light-weight. The plate set is sturdy and can blend in with the rest of your cutlery well. You can store these plates easily in any cabinet by stacking them one on top of the other. These plates are microwave friendly and only measure 10.5 inches. This size can fit in any microwave with ease. Apart from the microwave, you can use these dishes in the oven, dishwasher, or the freezer without thinking twice. Best Dishes For Microwave 7



Best Dishes For Microwave 8

If you are into fun designs and textures, you are sure to like this dinner set. This 16-piece dinner set comes with a unique glazed finish that is bound to catch your eye. You can spice up your family dinners with the best dishes for microwave along with additional bowls. This dinnerware set could also be a great gift for your friends and family members!

This dinner set is made using traditional methods and craftsmanship. This ensures no two sets are alike, and you will have a one of a kind dinnerware set in your home. The material used to make it is stoneware. This ensures your dinner set can withstand extreme temperatures at home.

The glaze dinner set is completely microwave friendly. You can also pop it in the dishwasher after use without any worries, which makes the cleaning process very easy. The whole set includes 4× 11″ dinner plates, 4× 8.25″ dessert plates, 4× 6″ cereal bowls, and 4× 16 ounce mugs.

Best Dishes For Microwave 9



Best Dishes For Microwave 10

This plate set is the perfect choice for people who are looking for reusable daily use cutlery. This item earned its spot as one of the best dishes for microwave because it is the perfect option for anyone. From college students to suburban families, everyone can find some of these plates at home.

These sturdy plastic plates come in a set of 6. They are available in many colors, so they will go with the rest of your kitchen utensils easily. One good thing about these plastic plates is that they are very sturdy and do not break easily. If you have young children in the house, you can serve food in these plates and not worry about them breaking.

These plates are 100% BPA-free and are made from non-toxic plastic. This material is heat resistant, so you can use it in a microwave too. These dishes are also very easy to clean because they are dishwasher friendly too. Their sleek design and durability are a mark of their quality and makes them one of the best dishes for microwave.

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OK ...

Here are a few things that you must look at before buying new dishes for the kitchen.

Things to consider for top dishes for microwave

1. Material 

The thickness of the material and its quality is what matters most when you are buying dishes for the microwave. The best dishes for microwaves are made up of FDA approved material that can be put in the microwave without any consequences.

These materials include plastic, glass, ceramic, and sometimes even Styrofoam. As long as the material you use is FDA approved, you are good to go.

2. Should not be full of chemicals 

One of the biggest problems with recycled plastic is that it may leech out toxins in extreme temperatures. Before you buy yourself new dishes for the kitchen, you must check for the FDA approval on plastic. They should be non-toxic and safe to heat.

3. Lightweight

Your everyday kitchen dishes should not be too heavy to use. This is especially true if you have young children around the house. You do not want to carry hot dishes that are too heavy for you. Lightweight and easy to carry are two important qualities of the best dishes for microwave

4. Sturdy 

Often you may notice that if you put glass dishes in a microwave, they tend to break. However, this is only true with thin and low-grade glass dishes. You must opt for dishes that can withstand heat and maintain their shape without shattering in a microwave.

5. Affordable

You do not need to go overboard with your plates and dinner sets. There are many affordable options for dinner sets online, which will do the same job as their more expensive counterparts. However, sometimes the pricier options come with extended warranties.

A Final Word

This guide will help you find the ideal dish for your microwave. You can rely on any of the options mentioned. But, do keep in mind the things you should consider before buying the dish.

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