The Best Blenders in 2020: Which One To Buy For Smoothies, Juicing & Baby Food?

You can get a kitchen blender in many shapes and sizes.

Prices also vary considerably so you need to think about what you want and how much you have to spend before anything else at all.

With such a wealth of choice, choosing the best blender in 2018 can be a daunting task for the average consumer.

Luckily, we’re here to help.

Whether you want to make smoothies or milkshakes, hot soups or protein shakes, we’ll guide you toward the most effective blender for your requirements.

Here are our top picks for the 5 best blenders in 2018 for juicing, smoothies, making baby food or iced drinks:

We’ll now press ahead with our reviews of these excellent blenders highlighting the key benefits along with what makes them the best blenders in 2018…

NutriBullet 12-Piece High-Speed Blender/Mixer System, Gray

NutriBullet Review 2018

If there’s one name that springs instantly to mind when you think of the best blenders, it’s NutriBullet.

This heavily marketed blender is also competitively priced so there’s no need to overcommit yourself in the pursuit of the best blended ingredients.

What makes the NutriBullet a strong contender for the best blender of 2018?

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Packing a 600-watt motor harnessing proprietary extractor blades and a cyclonic action, you’ll pulverize anything you pop in the blender in the blink of an eye.

All blades, cups,and lids you need are included along with crisp, clear instructions in this award-winning 12-piece set.

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, stave off certain diseases or simply whip up some baby food without spending all day in the kitchen, there’s little that doesn’t work in this blender.

With blending taking a matter of seconds and clean-up just as swift, there’s no need to put off blitzing your food any longer.

The raw power of this blender means it will crack open seeds, snap any stems and even churn through fruit and vegetables with hardened skin. You can reduce your food prep time considerably while enjoying top-notch blended produce whenever you want it.

For a combination of convenience, performance and overall value, there’s little we could say to knock the NutriBullet so road test one today!

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Hamilton Beach Power Elite Multi-Function Blender with Glass Jar

Hamilton Beach Power Elite Blender Review 2018

Next in our all-star lineup of the best blenders in 2018 is a fantastic budget blender from the highly reputable and ever-popular Hamilton Beach.

This manufacturer consistently produces exceptional kitchenware and household products at unbelievably competitive prices.

Read on to see where this blender comes into its own…

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With 700 watts of power up its sleeve, this blender has more than enough grunt to blitz up even tougher ingredients without breaking its stride.

Whether you prefer smoothies or juices, milkshakes or iced confections, you’ve got a world of choice at your fingertips here. Whatever the consistency you desire, one of the 12 blending settings is sure to hit the spot.

The spot is designed to simplify pouring meaning your drink ends up in your glass not all over the counter.

If the thought of cleaning a blender sends shivers down your spine, embrace the dishwasher safe unit and sup down a yoghurt drink instead of slaving over the washing up bowl.

There’s a 3-year limited warranty in place so you know Hamilton Beach has your back in the unlikely event of anything malfunctioning.

This model falls somewhere in the middle of the comprehensive range of blenders on offer from Hamilton Beach so if this doesn’t take your fancy, consider upgrading to one of the models with a chopper jar and travel jar included.

Overall, though, this 54148A is our pick for value married to performance and user-friendliness so road test one at your earliest convenience.

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Ninja Professional Blender with Nutri Ninja Cups (BL660)

Ninja Professional Blender 2018 review

As we hit the midpoint of our best blender reviews, we’ve got an affordable and capable pro-grade model from Ninja Professional with an exceptional 1100 watts of power on tap.

The jumbo crusher pitcher is almost double the size of much of the competition at 72oz.

How else, then, does the Ninja outflank its competitors?

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As well as the extremely substantial pitcher, you’ll also get a pair of Ninja cups both fit to accommodate 16oz of juice or smoothie. This makes the blender perfect for larger families and anyone who wants to hit and run rather than slaving over a bowl mixing up and pulverizing fruit.

Ice is fair game thanks to the level of power on tap with this blender. Total Crushing Technology allows you to enjoy perfectly iced beverages so you can really get the most from your ingredients with minimum fanfare.

Although this blender operates rapidly, it won’t strip the goodness out of your produce in the quest for speed. It will also churn through even demanding ingredients and makes light work of stems and seeds for the perfect blended concoction.

For unparalleled results at a price you’ll be amazed at, the Ninja Professional makes a sterling addition to any kitchen so buy one secure in the knowledge it’s easy to use, simple to clean and will deliver first-class blending results time after time.

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Nutri Ninja Auto-iQ Blender (BL482)

The Best Blenders in 2020: Which One To Buy For Smoothies, Juicing & Baby Food? 1

Another Nutri Ninja blender up next as we inch toward the end of these kitchen blender reviews.

A powerful beast again, the 1000 watts of power ensure that any fruit and vegetables you feed into this blender are smashed to a pulp in record time.

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Thanks to the patented Auto-iQ, all pre-programmed settings will optimize blending and pulsing alongside the necessary pauses resulting in the best blended recipes without you scratching your head and endlessly fine-tuning.

With BPA-plastic ideal to pop in the dishwasher, cleaning this blender is as easy as using it.

There are 3 Ninja cups included (18oz, 24oz and 32oz) meaning you can serve up blended drinks for all the family whether it’s a small juice for the kids or a man-sized smoothie for yourself.

Have you thought about getting a blender but found yourself scrabbling around for ideas of what to do with it? Take advantage of the 30 recipes provided and you’ll have a full month’s supply of tasty blended produce at your fingertips.

Using the Ninja is a matter of pressing a button and letting the intelligent blender do the work. What’s not to like?

The Best Blenders in 2020: Which One To Buy For Smoothies, Juicing & Baby Food? 2

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Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender, Black

Vitamix e310 indepth review 2018

We like to finish strong with our reviews and the final blender up for discussion is the Explorian. This is a fantastic but ruthlessly expensive model from the industry giant Vitamix.

Make no mistake about it, you could get a cheaper blender. Thing is, everyone has different needs and budgets. If you’re lucky enough to be able to stretch to this wonderful blender, read on to see where it stands above the opposition…

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You’re spoiled for choice when it comes to settings on the Vitamix. You need an entirely different consistency for a smoothie than you do for a chunkier sauce. There are 10 speeds operated using a simple and effective dial. This gives you all the scope you need to get the texture spot-on.

Pulsing is an important part of successfully blending ingredients. Here again, you can tweak the pace so you can layer things up a treat.

Blades are made from hardened aircraft-grade stainless steel. It’s not surprising that even the toughest fruit and vegetables are no match for these.

The generous 48oz container means you can rustle up enough blended produce for the whole family without needing to continually decant your food or drink into smaller vessels.

From soup to sorbet, from batters to doughs, there’s little you won’t be able to blend in this American-made blender.

As you’d fully expect from a brand like Vitamix, the warranty is almost unbeatable. You’ll be covered for a full decade. This shows just how this company stands behind their products.

“With Vitamix, you always get what you pay for.”

Do yourself a favor and think long and hard about investing in this blender.

vitamix for juicing smoothies and baby food processing

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A Final Word

Adding a blender to your kitchen appliances is a great way to get healthier without needing to slave prepping produce endlessly.

Whether it’s a juice or smoothie, soup or puree, imagination is your only limitation.

Treat yourself to the best blender of 2018 and start enjoying even tastier food alongside absolute convenience.



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