The Best Blenders in 2021: Which One To Buy For Smoothies, Juicing & Baby Food?

Nowadays, there are blenders of all kinds and for different needs. You can spend as little as $20 on a blender – or well over $200. The point is to get what you pay for and get the best results and more versatility.

In a large variety of blenders, choosing the best can be a daunting task for the average consumer. The oal here is to find the best combination of features that works for your needs – whether you will be using it to make smoothies, milkshakes, hot soups or protein shakes.

Generally speaking, the best blender is one that has the most user-friendly features (such as flat controls), one that is easy to clean and one that has a relatively long warranty.

Below, we are listing our top picks for the best blenders for juicing, smoothies, baby food or iced drinks:

In the section below, you can find a detailed review on the main features of these products – and what makes each of them among the best blenders.

NutriBullet Review 2018

If you want to get fresh produce in your mouth, the NutriBullet is a great choice for your needs. It is also one of the most popular blenders out there and one that is light, compact, easy to clean and perfect for college students, moms and everyone who wants a quick and easy blending.

In times when eating healthy on a daily basis is a challenge the NutriBullet can easily become the best blender for juicing, smoothies or fresh produce. You can even put milk and coffee in it along with some ice and get your perfect ‘freddo cappuccino’.

The rule of using the NutriBullet is simple – always add some liquid before blending in it, don’t overfill the cup (higher than the max line) and never add more than 25% of optional ice to the total blast of ingredients!

Hamilton Beach Power Elite Blender Review 2018

Hamilton’s best blender in 2018 is the Power Elite mode that comes in two options – as blender only or as blender with chopper. The latter is a bit more expensive but the price for both is one that gives you great value for money.

Feature wise, 700 Watts of peak blending power, 12 blending functions and a 40oz. dishwasher-safe glass jar is what you should be expecting from this product. As the company says, the things you can do with this blender are endless – whether it’s blending your favorite smoothie or pureeing a savory harvest soup.

There is a 3-year warranty on this blender, shake after shake, which is a great way to reassure yourself if you find it to be the best blender for your needs.

Ninja Professional Blender 2018 review

If your idea of the best blender in 2018 is one that is professional and blasting ice in seconds, the Nutri Ninja is surely a great choice. Basically, this product boasts with 1100 Watts packed in the motor base, an XL 72 oz. pitcher, a pitcher lid, 2 cups, 2 lids, blade assembly manual, the Ninja ‘Total Crushing’ Blade and a lot more.

There is even a recipe inspiration guide and quick start guide in case you cannot figure out how to use it (or need more ideas).

Delicious and nutrient-rich smoothies have never been easier to make – with this best blender for juicing and smoothies. However, the Ninja Professional Blender can also be used for creating your perfect soup, cocktail or punch, in the way you like it the most.

The Best Blenders in 2021: Which One To Buy For Smoothies, Juicing & Baby Food? 1

The Nutri Ninja blender is the perfect combination of a powerful blender that is still quiet and smooth. The AutoIQ programs have a lot to do with that, providing one-touch intelligence and making your smoothie creation as easy as a breeze.

All you need to do is twist on a lid and touch the Ninja to start crushing ice, seeds or frozen ingredients and create your perfect smoothie. The Nutri Ninja can also be used for cocktails, soups, punches and everything that you like. The 1000-Watt motor blends with perfection by using the two manual speeds.

The result is simple – nutrient-rich juices to take on the go and delicious soups that will boost your appetite and give you a healthy vitamin intake.

The Best Blenders in 2021: Which One To Buy For Smoothies, Juicing & Baby Food? 2

Vitamix e310 indepth review 2018

The best blender in 2018 can be a product that you get for as little as $20 – but also one that comes at the more expensive side. Speaking of which, Vitamix is known for the high cost products.

However, the Vitamix blenders are perfect in their own way and give you all the “bells and whistles” when it comes to blending your fresh produce.

Basically, the Vitamix E310 does everything expected from a Vitamix blender. It is used in many coffee shops, smoothie bars and everywhere across the state as a proof of long-lasting quality. Powered by a motor that drives aircraft-grade and hardened stainless steel, the blades of the Vitamix are of top-quality and will last for years, cutting ingredients like hard vegetables, nuts or dry grains. In fact, their friction can make a hot and steaming soup without even touching your stove – in less than 10 minutes.

‘With Vitamix, you always get what you pay for’ – is something that every customer will tell you.

vitamix for juicing smoothies and baby food processing

A Final Word

Snow cones, hot soup, ice cream, purees, fresh juice, shakes, refreshers, dips, fondues, nut butter, sauces, salsas, syrup, batters, dressings, dough and more….

The list of ideas to make with the best blenders in 2018 is endless. We hope that this blender review helped you find the perfect product for your needs!

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