Best Ceramic Heater Reviews

Not everyone wants expanses of under-floor heating or open fireplaces.

How about if you live in a smaller apartment and you need an energy-efficient and space-saving heating solution, ideally portable?

With today’s best ceramic heater reviews, you’ll be able to scope out a selection of affordable and effective little heaters that can help bring down your electricity consumption.

We’ll get straight down to our reviews then we’ll give you some handy hints to simplifying your buying decision.

5 Best Ceramic Heater Reviews

We’ll get directly down to business with our reviews. After presenting 5 of the best choices on the market for your home and garden, we’ll walk you through how to focus on getting the most appropriate tool for your needs.

Best Ceramic Heater Reviews 1

First up in our ceramic heater reviews is the classic Lasko 754200, a powerful 1500-watt heater measuring just 5 ¾ x 7 x 9 inches.

This heater only weights 4 pounds, too, so use the carrying handle provided to guarantee you’re toasty wherever you are in the house.

You’ll get 1500 watts of heat on high and you can drop to a 900-watt output on warmer days. This unit also works as a fan so it’s truly multipurpose.

With a self-regulating ceramic element, you’ll get zero-maintenance and energy-efficient heater that can even be pressed into action as a fan.

Best Ceramic Heater Reviews 2


  • 3 heat settings for high, low, and fan with overload protection for heavy use
  • 1500 watts of heat so a powerful punch in a compact package
  • Inbuilt handle allows for complete portability
  • Ergonomic controls great for anyone who hates tech
  • Great value for money and capable of reducing your electricity bills over time


  • No safety which is a disappointment although the unit is protected to some extent against overheating

Best Ceramic Heater Reviews 3

Next up in our ceramic heater reviews is a compact and portable space-saver from AmazonBasics proving you don’t need to spend a fortune to get an effective and energy-efficient heater.

As with most of these ceramic heaters, this serves double duty as a fan so you’ll get even greater value for money.

Since this type of heater is prone to toppling over and presenting a fire hazard, auto shut-off lets you breathe easily.

If the all-black design is not to your taste, this fine ceramic heater is also available in a softer silver colorway so there’s something for everyone.

The 1-year limited warranty is more than you can expect at this price-point and we’ve got no meaningful complaints against this superb, budget ceramic heater.

Best Ceramic Heater Reviews 4


  • Exceptional value for money so perfect for students or anyone on a tighter budget
  • Sleek and understated blacked-out aesthetic with a silver model also available
  • Standard 3 settings maxing out at 1500 watts
  • Tip-over switch with auto shut-off is a valuable safety feature
  • Fan-only mode to push fresh air with no heat


  • Doesn’t work well in any high humidity areas like bathrooms

Best Ceramic Heater Reviews 5

As we hit the midpoint of our ceramic heater reviews, we can’t resist another Lasko, this time a personal heater ideal for taking upstairs to the bedroom or moving around the house.

Not everyone wants a large fixed heater and if you’re looking for a mobile unit, this dinky heater with its inbuilt ceramic element delivers an energy-efficient approach to staying warm.

While you might question the power, you’ll find yourself more than warm enough with this ultra-compact unit close to hand wherever you are in the house.

There’s very little to differentiate ceramic heaters in this class. With all the safety features you need and more than enough output for most purposes, you can’t go wrong with the Lasko.



  • Fun colorways to coordinate with any decor
  • Protected against overheating so relax and snooze without worrying about your heater toppling over
  • 200-watts of energy consumption should mean a reduction in your electricity bill
  • Class-leading 3-year limited warranty
  • Outstanding value for money from a brand you can rely on


  • By no means cheap although still great overall value

Best Ceramic Heater Reviews 6

Honeywell is a major player when it comes to heating, cooling, and humidifying your house. This ceramic compact tower heater offers a formidable approach to keeping warm while paying less for energy at the same time

You can opt for a heater meant for a small, medium or large room so you can make sure you’ve got enough grunt for your needs.

All the expected safety touches are attended to so you can warm up without a headache.

The already impressive range is further enhanced with the oscillating motion that ensures everyone without reach stays toastie.

The permanent dust filter is a nice extra and unexpected at this price point. For a dependable and economical ceramic heater from an industry titan, you won’t be disappointed with this Honeywell.

Best Ceramic Heater Reviews 7



  • Available in 3 sizes to suit all living areas so buy accordingly
  • Timer settings between 1 – 8 hours for complete flexibility and further energy savings
  • Integrated safety switch and overload protection for your peace of mind
  • Impeccable brand image and rock-solid customer service
  • Oscillates to give improved coverage area


  • Not the most portable unit but you’ll be compensated by the performance


Best Ceramic Heater Reviews 8

Rounding out our ceramic heater reviews is another very affordable option, this time from Benuo. While we mainly stick to reputable and well-known brands, we’re also more than happy to cover less obvious alternatives when they deliver the goods.

This diminutive space-saving ceramic heater is quiet, powerful and adaptable so you’ve got all main boxes ticked.

Safety features are class-leading so you’ll have none of the normal issues of heaters falling over and causing a fire risk.

With oscillation through 90 degrees and a choice of high or low heat, the only real complaint we’ve got with this unit is that it could run hotter. That aside, you’ll get a superb ceramic heater at a price you’ll love.

Best Ceramic Heater Reviews 9


  • Oscillation to promote a more even blast of heat throughout the room
  • Series of safety measures to safeguard against overheating or toppling over
  • Super-swift heat-up in just 2 seconds so no more shivering while waiting for the fire to warm up
  • Very quiet in operation unlike some cheap ceramic heaters
  • Fan only when the weather changes and you need a burst of fresh air


  • Not the most portable unit but you’ll be compensated by the performance


OK ...

With that covered, we’ll round out with some simple pointers on this type of energy-efficient heating.

Why Use a Ceramic Heater?

Effectively used, a ceramic heater can keep you warm in a very energy-efficient manner.

While these appliances are pretty straightforward, we’ll walk you through a few salient factors when you’re looking for the best ceramic heater 2018.

What To Look For In The Best Ceramic Heater

The first thing to consider is which type of ceramic heater makes most sense in your home.

You’ve got 3 main options…

Types of Ceramic Heater

  • Compact Ceramic Heaters: If you’ve got a smaller home or apartment and you need to move your heater from room to room, a compact ceramic heater gives you all the power you need in a highly maneuverable package. Small and lightweight, you need to be reasonable about your expectations when it comes to heating. These portable units will warm you as you sit working at your desk but they’ll struggle to keep a whole room warmed up
  • Ceramic Tower Heaters: These tall, thin heaters are ideal for storing anywhere where there’s limited space like hallways and walkways. Since a number of these tower heaters also feature oscillation, you’ll get a powerful reach without using up too much electricity
  • Ceramic Wall Heaters: Wall-mounted ceramic heaters offer a much more permanent solution. Where most regular ceramic heaters don’t respond well to bathrooms or other humid areas, you can buy wall-mounted units to suit so you can roll out the warmth in every room of the house

Once you’re clear on the type of ceramic heater that would work best, think carefully about these vital elements…

Think About The Costs

  • Up Front Costs: The good news straight off the bat is that initial costs for ceramic heaters are low. Even the very best models are reasonably priced so you shouldn’t struggle even if you’re on a tighter budget
  • Installation: Most portable ceramic heaters, and all of the models we review, need nothing by the way of professional installation so get going straight out the box with no further investment. If you’re opting for more permanent wall-mounted ceramic heating, you’ll need to budget for installation
  • Efficiency: You can use your ceramic heater to supplement your whole-house heating and take the strain off. You’ll also be able to take advantage of timers on some models so you’ll save money on electricity when nobody is in the room
  • Maintenance: One of the key selling points of ceramic elements is their durability and lifespan. You won’t need any tiresome maintenance and there’s no need for physical effort like stoking a fire so ceramic heaters offer the ultimate in rapid-start convenience

A Final Word

Hopefully you’ve now chosen the best ceramic heater and you’re ready to stay warmer while also saving money on your electricity bills.

Come back soon for more guidance on the best products for all areas of your home and garden.


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