Best Air Circulator and Fan Reviews: Taking care of the air flow

If your room is too hot to handle and you don’t want the crippling expense of around-the-clock AC, you should think about getting yourself a fan or an air circulator.

We’ll clear up the difference between these cooling devices today and help simplify your buying decision.

5 Best Air Circulator and Fan Reviews

If you’re impatient for the main event, we’ll cut straight to the chase and hit you up with our air circulator fan reviews so you can pick from the cream of the crop.

Best Air Circulator and Fan Reviews: Taking care of the air flow 1

First out the blocks in our air circulator reviews is the classic 630 from the stellar Vornado, a brand with a hard-won stranglehold on this market.

Part of a broad range, the 630 is ideally tailored to cooling mid-sized rooms using the proprietary Vortex Technology which circulates air around the whole room rather than focusing a blast of cool on specific spots.

The blades are designed to deliver maximum efficiency and they can push air as far as 70 feet. You’ll get 3 speed settings and multi-directional airflow.

We must take issue with the manufacturer for their claims that the 630 is whisper-quiet. On the slowest of the 3 speed settings it’s not too intrusive but at higher speed it generates an annoying noise.

The grille slots off to simplify cleaning.

You can place this air circulator on the floor or desk. It’s a nice stable unit with a commanding aesethetic.

If you’re looking for an energy-efficient air circulator from an industry legend at a very reasonable price point, check out the Vornado 630 and you won’t regret your decision.

Best Air Circulator and Fan Reviews: Taking care of the air flow 2



Best Air Circulator and Fan Reviews: Taking care of the air flow 3

No air circulator reviews would be complete without an entry from Honeywell, a name synonymous with fans and air conditioners the world over.

The HT-900 is incredibly compact measuring up at just 11 x 6 x 11 inches yet capable of pushing air up to 27 feet. The 3 settings should give you more than enough oomph even if you live in a hotter climate.

The lower speed settings see the fan running pretty quietly but you’ll find the noise somewhat intrusive at full-clip. In return, though, you’ll enjoy a blast of cool air that will surprise you.

If you’re buying a fan to cut down on the exorbitant cost of running an air conditioner 24/7, the last thing you want is a unit that draws down too much power. In energy-saving mode, you can stay cool without a stiff utility bill.

As you’d expect from the size, this fan works well in smaller rooms. If you want to step things up in size slightly, there’s a 13-inch fan with oscillation but this will run you quite a bit more.

They say good things come in small packages and the Honeywell HT-900 is a perfect example. The only thing that will have you scratching your head is how a fan this good can cost so little. Road test one today!



Best Air Circulator and Fan Reviews: Taking care of the air flow 4

Halfway through our air circulator fan reviews, here’s a dependable and highly capable multi-directional unit from GreenTech.

This fan is able to move all around oscillating vertically and horizontally at the same time with 11 different height settings allowing you to tweak things a treat.

If you tire of hopping out of bed to manipulate your fan, the remote supplied is a superb addition sorely lacking in most fans and air circulators.

The blade has a unique design and, although this might not be the largest fan in physical terms, it will push air up to 40 feet so you’ll be able to cool even mid-sized rooms thanks to the efficiency and power of the GreenTech.

If you want a tech-driven air circulating fan that runs quietly even at higher speed and whisper-quietly in Quiet Mode that’s built to stay the distance, we can’t recommend the GreenTech highly enough.

Best Air Circulator and Fan Reviews: Taking care of the air flow 5



Best Air Circulator and Fan Reviews: Taking care of the air flow 6

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OK ...

Fan vs Air Circulator: What’s The Difference?

A regular fan moves air that comes into direct contact with it. Air is pulled forward from behind the fan. This means that to derive any benefit at all from the fan, you’ll need to be in front of it.

Air circulators, on the other hand, disturb the air so all the air in the room gets moving. In this way, air circulators allow you to feel the full benefit wherever you’re positioned in the room.

Air circulators work best in cooler environments where all you need is a slight breeze rather than the aggressive side drafts you can experience from a straight-up fan.

So what should you take into account when you’re hunting down the best air circulator?

Things To Consider When Looking For The Best Air Circulator or Fan

You might look at a fan and think nothing could be simpler to buy without any kind of forethought.

Make this mistake and you might end up with a wholly unsuitable appliance for your needs.

It’s well worth taking a little time in advance so you can end up with an effective method of cooling your room just the way you want it.

Why Do You Need a Fan?

By doubling down on this question off the bat, you’ll increase the chances of regulating your room temperature just the way you like it.

If you need your fan to operate in any kind of commercial setting, you’ll need to shoot for something suitably heavy-duty and cut out for prolonged periods of heavy punishment.

Consider how much you want or need the temperature cooling down. If you live somewhere with a tropical climate, your requirements will differ wildly from someone looking for an occasional blast of cool air on a warm summer’s day.

Once you’ve thought about what you want from your fan, you should consider what type would work best.

Type of Fan

The first decision is whether to go for a traditional fan or an air circulator.

You then need to consider design…

Do you want a tower fan or a freestanding model?

How about a desktop or a portable fan?

You can also get high velocity blowers but for the purposes of today’s reviews, we’re sticking to air circulators and fans.


Your choice of fan will be at least partially guided by where you plan to position it.

If you need a more mobile industrial fan, some come with handy wheels to ease moving it around.

At the other end of the scale, you can get very compact mini-fans suitable for shifting from room to room with ease.

If you need your fan tucked away, it’s well worth hunting down one with a generous power cord allowing you more latitude with placement.

Functionality and Speed Settings

Make sure you get a fan or circulator with speed settings in line with your needs.

If you only require the fan for light duty, a standard 3 or 4-speed model is more than fit for purpose. If, however, you hate that seesaw between sweating and a savage burst of air, opt for a model allowing you more scope for fine-tuning.

You can look for oscillating fans, adjustable airflow and programmable timers.

You should think about features you’ll actually use rather than aiming simply to get the fan with most bells and whistles. After all, why pay for what you don’t need?


The power of a fan is expressed in CFM (cubic feet per minute) and this translates to the volume of air passing by a specific point every 60 seconds. In plain English, you’re dealing with how much air your fan can push.

It’s also worth considering how much power your fan is likely to consume and if you’re on a budget, there are plenty of energy-efficient models out there that will cool you down without pickpocketing you.


The best air circulator or fan should be practically silent on the lower speed settings.

More valuable is to take the time to check the model you’re looking at doesn’t turn into a noise machine on the higher speed settings. This is doubly important if you plan to set up your fan in the bedroom.

Ease of Cleaning

There’s no way around it, cleaning fans can be dirty and tedious work. Any device that puts you off cleaning it is likely to remain neglected and in turn damaged.

Tower fans are notoriously awkward to clean requiring disassembly so give these models a swerve if you want something low-maintenance.

A Final Word

We trust you’re now perfectly placed to get the best air circulator or fan so you can keep your cool when the mercury rises.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or feedback at all. We love to hear from our readers and we’re always more than happy to help.

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