The Best Bathroom Medicine Cabinets In 2021: Where Style Meets Functionality

We all know that the bathroom is a room where space is limited. On top of that, it seems like there is no end when it comes to putting accessories in the bathroom.

Luckily, medicine cabinets were invented for that and have been the much-needed bathroom storage addition for many. These hidden cabinets are able to store a lot of things and are insanely practical and functioning as part of your decor.

If you pick the right look of your bathroom medicine cabinet, you can create the perfect harmony in your bathroom. As you get ready to make the purchase, you should also consider the details and things that make your medicine cabinet functional for your needs.

This includes details such as the surface mount which dictates the style, whether you are going to pick a recessed, cornered or tri-view bathroom cabinet. In other words, there are tons of styles to choose from.

Today, we are listing the best bathroom medicine cabinets in 2018 based on the review and satisfaction score by users.

Are you ready to meet the best cabinets for your bathroom with all their features?

Bathroom Medicine Cabinets

This 36-inch bathroom medicine cabinet features 3 different sections for different accessories.

The sections are separated with mirrored doors which results in an elegant medicine cabinet that is easy to open and most of all, functional towards everyone’s needs.

Since the design is comprised of three mirrors, this is one of the bestselling bathroom cabinets in 2018 because it matches any bathroom color and needs. It also opens the space and makes room for a lot of accessories including soaps, perfumes, deodorants and bottles of all kinds.

Its weight is about 54 lbs. And there is a wall mount that saves you space.

The Best Bathroom Medicine Cabinets In 2021: Where Style Meets Functionality 1


Bathroom Medicine Cabinets

There is no doubt that this product is on the side of the more aesthetic bathroom cabinets and that it suits only a specific type of bathrooms in terms of design.

However, it is important to note that the Kohler bathroom cabinet is made of top-quality aluminum and comes with two adjustable tempered glass shelves.

This practically means that there are mirrors on the front and the back of the door making the design even more edgy and a left or right-hand hinge option for doors which also works for different needs, spaces and requirements.

The surface and recessed installation are easy – but what makes this bathroom cabinet great is once again its marvellous design.

The Best Bathroom Medicine Cabinets In 2021: Where Style Meets Functionality 2

Bathroom Medicine Cabinets

If you are looking for the best bathroom cabinet that saves you space, gives you a lot of space and is designed in a modern way, you should definitely consider this model.

Basically, the HOMFA Bathroom Wall Cabinet is so functional that it has everything you need for a perfectly organized bathroom.

You can even choose from the different sizes and pick Double Doors, No Door or 4 Drawers and 1 Door as the main styles of this bathroom cabinet.

Made of high grade solid MDF material, this cabinet makes using the bathroom a breeze and comes with a unique white finish that will easily fit in your bathroom decor.

What’s interesting is that this cabinet can also be used in the bedroom, kitchen or in other occasions which makes it multifunctional and a great bang for the buck.

The Best Bathroom Medicine Cabinets In 2021: Where Style Meets Functionality 3

Bathroom Medicine Cabinets

Glass bathroom cabinets in 2018 are a huge trend – and this model clearly shows why that’s the case.

With a wall opening and a choice of surface or recess mount, it is spacious and gives you enough room for all your bathroom accessories and utensils.

There is the option of left or right hand opening with a 170 degree euro style hinge, which gives extra function to this cabinet.

According to many bathroom cabinet reviews in 2018, Jensen is one of the high-end brands and a great manufacturer of mirrors. This mirror cabinet proves why that is the case. However, it is important to know that the surface mounting kit for this model must be purchased separately for surface mount applications.

The good thing is that there are 3 adjustable glass shelves and a welded stainless steel body that creates pure bathroom perfection.

Bathroom Medicine Cabinets

Unlike the previous model, this white wall mount bathroom cabinet is an affordable way to keep things tidy in the bathroom.

As a storage organized made of wood, it is also lighter and simpler than many of the models.

You can choose from two colors including White and Espresso and get an affordable bathroom cabinet that will serve all of the purposes you wanted it to.

The model also comes with two adjustable shelves for ample space to store the items in varied sizes and is probably one of the most affordable bathroom cabinets out there.

The Best Bathroom Medicine Cabinets In 2021: Where Style Meets Functionality 4

A Final Word

The idea of a bathroom cabinet is nowadays present in every home. Whether you have one and want to replace it or just want to buy the perfect bathroom cabinet for your needs, this list has all the options you need.

So, are you planning on choosing one of these procuts?

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