Tramontina Electric Pressure Cooker Review

Tramontina Electric Pressure Cooker Review 2

Tramontina started as a small company based in Brazil. The brand continues to be a manufacturer of cutlery, cookware, housewares, and kitchen accessories. All the products of the brand are popular for their durability and great utility. So, we decided to look better into the Tramontina Electric Pressure Cooker to help our readers in making a better purchase. The product that we are reviewing today is Tramontina 80130/505DS Multi-Use Electric Programmable Nonstick Inner Pot Pressure Cooker.

The product includes the traditional slow cooking mode, a delayed start option, and quick-cook modes too. Later in the review, we’ll go through each one of them and help you judge their value. For now, let’s begin with the design for this Tramontina Electric Pressure Cooker Review.

Tramontina Electric Pressure Cooker Review 3The first thing anyone would observe about this product as a consumer is the compact size. This multi-functioning houseware takes less room in your kitchen than you expect. While at the same time, it performs the most basic yet significant functions that you could use.

In size, the electric pressure cooker measures 12.63 x 12.63 x 14.68 inches. The internal dimensions count up to 11.87 inches x 12 inches x 12.5 inches. The product weighs 14 pounds and has a capacity of 6.3 Quart or 6 liters.

The basic design of the Tramontina 80130/505DS Pressure Cooker includes a pot made of stainless steel. On the outer wall, there is the digital display control panel, which contains seven pre-programmed cooking modes. Other than that, the electric pressure cooker contains a removable non-stick inner pot, which is easy to clean.

The locking cover contains a tight seal, which ensures even cooking of different kinds of food. The list of food items includes rice, fish, vegetables, and more. This product comes with a rice measuring cup and serving utensils. The color combination is limited to silver and black, which agrees with all kitchen interiors.

Tramontina Electric Pressure Cooker Review 4The Tramontina Electric Pressure Cooker contains several significant and attractive features that will make cooking a relatively more manageable task. Let’s go through them one step at a time.

Slow Cook Mode

This feature allows an individual to use the electric pressure cooker to function at a slow-cooking mode. Through this mode, you can cook brown rice, chicken, and more. The traditional method of slow-cooking helps in enhancing the flavor of the food.

Moreover, the slow-cooking method is one of the healthier ways to cook meat, as compared to grilling and others. This feature allows you to slowly and evenly cook your food while keeping the flavor intense and worth the wait.

Automatic Warm Function

This feature is valuable in all kinds of kitchen products. The Tramontina Electric Pressure Cooker cooks your food and keeps it warm and healthy for over twenty-four hours.

The product is designed so that the food stays hot and safe. And it doesn’t develop any harmful properties from staying inside the pot. This function allows you to prepare your food in the morning while keeping it fresh and consumable.

So, you can come back home from work exhausted and in no mood for cooking. This electric pressure cooker could keep your soup and casseroles ready.

Delayed Start Function

Although the delayed start function might not seem to have much importance, it does have some significant uses.

If you are away and forget to cook something, you can use this option to cook all kinds of food. There are also items that require the delayed start function to delay the cooking process, like chickpeas and beans. These food items have to soak in water for a long duration, including overnight before you can cook them.

This feature can take something off your plate while you’re multitasking around the house or your office.

Pre-Programmed Quick Cook Modes

Tramontina Electric Pressure Cooker Review 5

This option is another beneficial feature. These pre-programmed cooking modes decrease your cooking time to a quarter of the original. Moreover, the food is as well-cooked as you’d expect.

The Tramontina 80130/505DS Pressure Cooker includes seven pre-programmed modes. They are soup/ stew, fish/vegetables, meat, beans, brown rice, chicken, and chili.

In other words, if you’re having guests over, half of the work around the kitchen will be done for you. You can use this electric pressure cooker for every meal without disappointments.

Besides the above-noted features, the pressure cooker comes with a digital display control panel, which is easy to use. The product is also known for making fewer noises in comparison to others. There are in-built safety features, and the removable inner pot makes the product easy to clean as well.

Now that we’ve described every feature, we can move on counting the pros and cons of Tramontina 80130/505DS Pressure Cooker. The following list will help you judge whether this product is worth-the-time or not.



Tramontina Electric Pressure Cooker Review: Conclusion

We did appreciate the compact yet classy design of the electric pressure cooker earlier. The capacity of 6.3 Qt or 6 L combined with the lightweight body and practical features are satisfactory for the buyer.

Moving on, judging the slow cooking mode and several pre-programmed cooking modes, the product becomes more valuable. It cooks perfectly and evenly, keeping the steam and heat locked with the seal. The inner pot is easy to clean, and the digital control panel is easy to use.

Even though it is preferable to not use the product for frying and excessive oil, the Tramontina 80130/505DS Pressure Cooker does make cooking easier. Use it to keep your food warm and to prepare your favorite soup – the Tramontina Electric Pressure Cooker will be your helping hand.

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