Drawer Microwave Review

Drawer Microwave Review 2The Sharp drawer microwave is a perfect fit for all homes. If you wish to modernize your home’s designs and styles, this is the best option for you. This drawer microwave comes in a stainless steel finish, which is perfect for any kitchen style. The numerous features of this drawer microwave make it a must-have for every household.

Apart from the design and its style, the microwave comes packed with features and amenities. The incredible size is perfect for large families who require room to cook their daily meals. You can accommodate this drawer microwave in your kitchen units easily. It is large enough to fulfill the requirements of an average-sized family. However, it is not too big that it occupies unnecessary space.

This microwave is also very powerful; you can use it for cooking all kinds of foods without any inhibitions. Unlike most countertop microwaves, you will not need to worry about their cooking capacity and power. Sharp drawer microwaves are easy to use and provide you with the best quality kitchen experience.

This drawer microwave was designed to ensure the convenience of the user. The easy to use technology and amenities make this drawer microwave an essential for every home. Continue reading to find out more about this drawer microwave.

This drawer microwave is packed with features you cannot resist. The Sharp drawer microwave is built-in ready for your kitchen. All you need to do is install it in the given place. It is not too heavy, so you will not require additional help to install it. However, you must let the professionals handle the installation in your home to avoid any mishap.

This drawer microwave is technologically enhanced. This means you will find the best in class facilities and technology in this microwave. It features a one-touch open door that allows hands-free handling. 

One of the best features of this microwave is the large interior. You can fit large vessels for cooking in this microwave. It is the perfect size for families. However, the large inner space does not mean this microwave will take up too much room in your kitchen cabinets. You can accommodate it efficiently in your kitchen without compromising for space.

Drawer Microwave Review 3The Sharp Drawer microwave is a best in class drawer microwave. It is a product by Sharp, so it guarantees quality to all its customers. This brand has been a trusted name in households across the country. This makes it a top contender in kitchen appliances for your house.

This drawer microwave weighs a total of 74 pounds. This is comparatively higher than most countertop microwaves. However, you do not need to lift this microwave and reposition it like countertop alternatives. Once you install this microwave in your kitchen unit, you will be free of concern for a long time.

The Sharp Drawer Microwave will not take up too much space in your kitchen cabinets, either. The total dimensions of this microwave are 26.2 x 23.9 x 15.4 inches. This makes it very compact compared to other drawer microwaves. You can fit this drawer microwave in cabinets of all sizes. No matter how big or small your kitchen is, the Sharp Drawer Microwave will have no trouble fitting in!

If you have a big family, you are probably concerned about its capacity. Well, with a whopping 1.2 cubic Ft. of space, you can cook large meals in this microwave in one go. You will not have to cook food in batches with this drawer microwave. Just pop your food right in, and you will be prepared for dinner!



Drawer Microwave Review 4This powerful drawer microwave runs at 1000 Watts. You can use it for cooking food, reheating items, and even defrosting meat. This microwave runs at a power which is higher than many countertop microwave ovens. This ensures thorough cooking of food and other such tasks in the kitchen.

The total voltage received by this drawer microwave is 120 volts. It does not require a very high voltage to run efficiently. Your dinner preparations will not be halted even if the voltage is running low from the power company.

The power consumption by this drawer microwave is very efficient. Your electricity bills will not face a hike after you install this microwave in your homes. However, it is always wise to estimate the power consumption before you choose to buy electrical appliances for your homes.

The outer surface of the microwave features a touchpad for controls. You can use this technologically advanced feature to control the temperature settings inside the drawer microwave. You can use the pre-set settings for cooking food, or you can customize the details to make your food.

The inner area of the drawer microwave features an oven light, which allows you to see your food while it cooks. It also has an LCD on the outer surface to manage controls. This microwave has an oven style door, which makes it even more stylish and easy to use in modern kitchens!

Sharp Drawer Microwave Final Verdict

This microwave is one of the best options for families and individuals who are looking for compact drawer microwaves. This size is perfect for any kitchen and allows users to run their imagination wild when it comes to cooking.

The drawer microwave comes with numerous features and amenities. Customers can cook, reheat, defrost, etc. using this microwave without facing any difficulties. The use of technology in this appliance makes it possible for clients to perform various tasks using a single device.

If you are looking for an affordable, stylish, and unique drawer microwave, this appliance could seal the deal for you. Hurry up and order yours today to take advantage of its many facilities.

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