7 Incredible Tips To Make Your Small Living Room Look Larger

We’ve all been there – trying to find the best ways to fit everything in our living rooms so that they are both functional and beautiful. However, a lot of small living room ideas revolve around the trick of making the area appear more spacious than it is. With a strategy like this, you can transform any living room area that feels cramped or claustrophobic to one that is cozy, functional and aesthetically pleasing.

All you need is to decorate smart, try new things and make most of the best solutions for small living rooms. In order to help you, we are listing eight amazing tips that will make your living room bigger (and better).

1.Mirror,mirror, on the wall…

The first tip is to decorate your small living room with mirrors. A lot of designers do that strategically and that way, transform small places into larger ones. One of the common small living room ideas is a designer mirror that is large and placed in a central location.

The idea behind it is simple – adding a nice ambiance, reflecting the mirrors and opening up the living room. A mirror will also give the illusion of another window and make your small living room lighter.

Here is a list of great designer mirrors for tiny living rooms.

Drawing The Eye Upwards

Every room has a vertical dimension as well as a horizontal one. If your small living room has a high ceiling, you should make the most of the extra space and decorate it in a manner that draws your eye upward.

These floor-to-ceiling drapes are a great way to accomplish this goal.

Another great idea is to fill up the space with small to midsize artwork. This way, everything else will appear bigger and your room will feel a lot larger than it actually is, inviting the eye to roam through the artwork.

Using Neutral Colors In A Small Living Room

Another one in the list of tiny living room ideas for decoration is the use of neutral colors on every wall, ceiling and the furniture upholstery. Basically, a palette of neutral colors always expands the space and appears to push back the walls. The soft hues can also illuminate a room by the reflecting light.

So, your furniture should be with a lightweight appearance and visually light. The concept should refer to the perceived heaviness of an object based on its size, color and design. You can also purchase a glass table and additionally brighten up (and widen it) the space.

Divide The Space Visually

The best way to divide your living room visually is by adding ceiling beams, half walls as well as pillars. This will divide up a room in a lot of permanent ways and add flexibility. You can also use area rugs and curtains to lighten up your cozy space within the tiny living room.

Large lamps, curtains or plants can also help you divide the spaces and make your living room more functional.

Invest In Modern Gadgets

Modern gadgetry has its own way of directing the attention from a tiny living room to it. For example, a big flat screen TV like this one from Samsung is a piece of gadgetry everyone needs. Not only it will brighten up your room – it will also create better visual symmetry.

However, you shouldn’t overdo this too. Sometimes, tiny living means watching TV from a small distance so make sure you have the space for maximum comfort behind the TV screen.

Use Shelves To Open Up Space

Shelves will also add up to the entire process of decorating your living room. Plus, they are very functional and can store all your collectibles (books, framed photos, souvenirs etc.) and are very noticeable.

Most importantly, shelves are one of the best small living room ideas when creating a vertical pattern. This way, they will create the feeling of volume in the room.

Get Creative With Your Lighting

Last but not the least in this list of small living room ideas is lighting. Basically, lights can make or break the decor of a living room. For example, when directed towards the furniture, lights can make it even smaller.

However, when they are directed towards a wall or they are central, they can make the space look bigger.

A Final Word

We hope that these tiny living room ideas will help you open up your space and make your living room both functional and elegant. Good luck!

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