12 Mil vs 16 Mil Pool Cover: the Best One to Choose

Shotcrete vs Gunite: which Is Better? 2

Maintaining pools has never been an easy task. You always need different ways to keep it sanitized, away from germs and dirt. As prevention is better than cure, covering up your pool and choosing between a 12 mil vs. 16 mil pool cover is a good option. One of the most popular ways to cover … Read more

Best Heat Pumps

Shotcrete vs Gunite: which Is Better? 9

If you are planning to build a new pool or already have and are planning to fix things up, then a pool heat pump should be on your list. A pool heater is different from a pump. It is essential for you to understand this as, without this knowledge, it would be hard.  There are … Read more

Best Chlorine for Pool: Buying Guide and Product Reviews

Shotcrete vs Gunite: which Is Better? 16

If you are a newbie in maintaining pools and need assistance, you have turned to the right door. Sanitizing your pool by taking all the necessary measures is important. A clean pool ensures no chemical reactions or skin allergies to the people. Although there are many ways to sanitize a pool, using chlorine is the … Read more