How to Dispose of a Microwave

Microwaves have become one of the most common household electronic appliances. It goes without saying that they add a great deal of ease to our lives. Heating food has never been easier, so it is not surprising that 95% of the households own a Microwave. One of the best things about owning a Microwave is that they can last for years. In fact, the average life of a Microwave is up to 5 years, which is a lot considering how frequently it is used.

If you have a Microwave in your house that you have been using for a long time, and are wondering you can dispose of it, then you have come to the right place. Disposing of a Microwave is not as difficult as people think. However, downright going out and throwing it in the trash is not recommended. Apart from being bulky, Microwaves, when disposed out in the trash, can cause harm to the environment. So, we will see everything you need to know on how to dispose of a Microwave the right way.

How to Dispose of a Microwave 2Why do you need to dispose of your Old Microwave?

Microwaves can be found commonly in every other house. People tend to replace them every now and then. When you consider how fast technology is moving forward, it is not surprising that modern Microwaves come packed with features. So, if you are looking for an upgrade, then disposing of your old Microwave is essential.

Even if you do think that you could keep your old Microwave as a backup, it may not be a good idea. Over time, your Microwave may start showing problems and then become even more difficult to dispose of. Mostly, if you know what you are doing, you can make some extra cash by disposing of your Microwave as well.

Once you purchase a new Microwave, the old one would be nothing but a thorn in your eye. So, rather than letting it take up extra space in your house, you might as well dispose of it.

Recycle your Old Microwave

If you are looking for methods to part with your old Microwave, then recycling it would be the best decision. It should not be surprising that electronic appliances cause a great deal of harm to the environment. If you are planning to buy a new Microwave, first get in touch with a recycling team.

Someone who deals with the recycling of old electronic appliances would be more than happy to take your Microwave. Not only is it going to help you protect the environment, but also, it would benefit the shop. So, regardless of whichever option you go for, it is recommended that you first explore all the recycling options you have.

Donate your Microwave

If the reason you are trying to dispose of your Microwave is that you are buying a new one, then donating is a great idea. If your old Microwave can still do its job properly, then you will easily be able to find a new home for your Microwave. In fact, the Microwave is one of the most popular household appliances. You can find many people who would be more than willing to take your Microwave in.

Not only you would make someone’s day and help in fulfilling their basic needs, but also, do a good deed. Something that may not mean much to you, can make a major difference in another person’s life. This is why, if donating your Microwave is an option, then it is something worth considering.

Try Selling Online

There are many ways through which you could sale your Microwave, especially if it is in working condition. There are many websites such as eBay where you can sale used items online. Depending on where you live, the medium may be different. However, the chances are it would do the trick.

If you think who is going to buy your old Microwave, then it would surprise you how many offers you may get. Even if you search Microwave for sale on such websites, you would get countless results. So, this proves one thing – the demand for used items and especially a household appliance such as a Microwave is still a lot.

If e-commerce websites are not enough to do the trick, you can always post on social media platforms. There are many groups you can find to sale electronic appliances. So, as long as you post an ad online, there’s a great chance someone will get in touch.

How to Dispose of a Microwave 3Go to a Microwave Shop

If you are looking for quick money, then you can simply go to a Microwave shop. Although, the rates you would get at such shops would be the bare minimum, but it would get the job done. The chances are that even if you are Microwave is not in a working condition, you will get a bit of cash for it. Depending on the model of a Microwave, it can get you some good money. If it has modern features and parts, then a shop owner would be more than willing to buy it from you.

Most of the times what they would do with it is repair it and sale it ahead. This would help you get some extra money, help the shop owner make a profit as well. So, this sounds like a win-win situation for everyone.

If you do not know where to find a Microwave shop, you can always start searching online. Even if it is not a Microwave shop, in particular, look for someone who deals with electronic appliances. There’s a great chance that you will find nearby and you would be able to avoid all the hassle above.

Signs you need to dispose of your Microwave

1)     Weird Noises

If your Microwave has started to make weird noises, then this is a great sign you need to replace it. Most of the times, weird noises are due to a mechanical problem. Continued usage of such Microwaves can potentially be dangerous for its users.

2)     Electricity Consumption

Modern Microwaves are designed to be electricity efficient. If your electricity bills are too high, and you cannot seem to know why then the answer might by your old Microwave. Try replacing your Microwave and see if it makes a difference. The chances are that it would solve your problem.

3)     Burning Smell

It should not be surprising, but if your Microwave is emitting a bad burning smell – then dispose of it as soon as you can. Continued usage of such Microwaves can potentially lead to a fire.


We hope now you know how you can dispose of your old Microwave, along with some signs when to do it. As useful as Microwaves can be, they also have their life span. Just like any other electronic appliance, they cannot simply last forever. So, if you are looking for an upgrade, then dispose of your old Microwave first the right way.

With a number of options we discussed above, we now hope that you will find one that suits your preferences and be easily able to part ways with your Microwave.

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