Best Microwave Oven 2021: What Are The Top Microwaves On The Market?

We’ve all been there – using the microwave oven for anything and everything from popcorn to steamed water and obviously, warm meals. The truth is, microwave ovens are one of the most important home electronic devices that are loved by every food lover.

However, not every microwave oven in 2018 is one that is bought from your local electronics store and one with the same features. If you are planning to buy a microwave soon, you need to invest in a product that is tailored to your needs and one that can make your food warm in a matter of minutes.

“Isn’t that what all microwave ovens do?” – you are asking yourself.

The short answer is yes. However, the longer answer lets you see why there are different microwave models – and how our picks are close to the ‘best microwave oven 2018’ than any other.

Basically, our list of top microwave ovens in 2018 includes the following products:

Now, do you want to see the best microwave oven 2018 products in full review?

If yes, continue reading…

Best Microwave Oven 2021: What Are The Top Microwaves On The Market? 1

This Samsung microwave oven is a product everyone could wish for. It features a sleek and elegant design and protects itself against scratches that may occur from daily use. 

However, its main superpower is the ability to automatically adjust cooking time with the vapor-sensing technology for the best possible results.

The MS11K3000AS also features a sensor and a ceramic enamel interior – as well as a series of dial controls that are easy to use and allowing you to add or decrease time while cooking. That way, it gives you extra convenience and precision. The LED display enhances the clarity and style to your kitchen and makes it look modern yet functional.

Best Microwave Oven 2021: What Are The Top Microwaves On The Market? 2

Also known as the best countertop microwave oven by Sharp, the ZR651ZS is a product made of stainless steel and one that comes in three colors: silver, black and white.

What makes it stand out is its affordable price, as well as the instant start with a +30 seconds key that will save you loads of time for the regular (and most popular) day-to-day usage of the oven.

Sharp has perfected the technology in their microwave ovens and this product is a clear proof for that. The Precise Sensor Technology takes any guesswork out of your cooking. There is an Auto Defrost feature that allows quick and accurate thawing too – and a 16-inch Carousel turntable for even cooking.

Best Microwave Oven 2021: What Are The Top Microwaves On The Market? 3

Best Microwave Oven 2021: What Are The Top Microwaves On The Market? 4

If you are looking for an affordable microwave oven of 800 Watts, this is seriously a product to consider. Designed by GE, this stainless steel microwave oven is compact and functional. Most importantly, it has 10 power levels and a variety of sensor cooking controls.

The main benefit that you will see from this microwave oven (and a reason it is a candidate in the ‘best microwave oven 2018’ category) is actually the cooking times that it reduces. Quiet and made of top quality materials, it gives you the warm food or beverages anytime you need them.

Even though it is only 800 Watts which may drive some of you crazy, this GE microwave oven perfectly does its job for the regular everyday uses. The trim kit around it extends its beauty and gives it even more function. Also,there is an optional hanging kit if you consider that an option.

Best Microwave Oven 2021: What Are The Top Microwaves On The Market? 5

This is probably the most popular, and according to many, the best microwave oven designed by Panasonic. The Patented Inverter Technology makes it truly special – with the seamless stream of cooking power even at the lowest settings.

The power derives from the 1200-Watt motor with a 1.2 cubic foot capacity. A membrane keypad and menu with five different configurations and buttons allows for easy programming. On top of it all, this microwave oven gives you 10 power levels and 15 preset auto cook menu items that you can store.

Most importantly, this Panasonic microwave oven complies with the latest Energy Conservation Standards and will save you time and electricity while cooking your delicious food.

Best Microwave Oven 2021: What Are The Top Microwaves On The Market? 6

Toshiba is a popular manufacturer of home and kitchen consumer electronics, and one of the most popular products in their newest line is this microwave oven. With a digital display and a LED light, it is one of the sleekest microwave ovens in 2018.

Some of the main reasons for that are its size and style – both of which are features that can be handpicked by the consumer.  In other words, Toshiba allows you to choose your own size from a couple of options (0.9, 1.2, 1.5 and 1.5 cubic feet) as well as style (compact, standard, premium-convection or premium-invertech).

There are pre-programmed sensor options for optimum heating of your popular and favorite foods. For example, you can tap one button and get your standard option for pizza – or choose another and have your potatoes cooked in the way you want them.

A Final Word

In the end, microwave ovens are very common nowadays and a part of every household. Therefore, choosing the best out there is a decision that should tailor to your needs and exceed your expectations.

As you can see from the list above, choosing the best microwave oven in 2018 doesn’t have to be a daunting task – especially not when you have the right information and the best products listed in one place!

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