Best Sectional Sofa Reviews and Buying Guide

When you’re shopping for any kind of home furniture, it’s absolutely key not to rush in headlong.

Let’s face it, most furnishings come with quite a price tag so if you’re looking for something like a couch, you really need to take your time to get something you won’t tire of next year.

Many conventional couches take up way too much interior real estate so why not consider investing in a sectional sofa?

5 Best Sectional Sofa Reviews

We’ll launch straight in now with our sectional sofa reviews then we’ll double back and underscore exactly what you should be looking for if you want to upgrade your seating without overfilling the living room.

Best Sectional Sofa Reviews and Buying Guide 1

First in our sectional sofa reviews is the Rivet Revolve, an exercise in understated simplicity.

You won’t exactly be spoiled for choice on the color front. Both the blue denim and the pale gray are attractive but if you’re looking for brighter hues, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

If you’re happy with the muted palette, you’ll get a highly durable couch with pretty firm cushions that still feel plenty comfortable.

As well as the sectional, you can pick up a loveseat, sofa, chair, and even a sofa bed so you can customize things according to your needs and budget.

The frame and legs are reassuringly robust and the fabric is also built to stand up to some heavy punishment. You’ll get a sectional sofa that doesn’t stint on the comfort front without letting you down in terms of durability.

The sofa itself measures up at 34 x 80 x 35 inches which extends to 62 x 80 x 35 with the ottoman taken into account.

The only real downsides worth mentioning are the limited color options and the fact you won’t be able to buy replacement or spare cushions.

If you’re looking for a no-nonsense sectional sofa that doesn’t cost the earth but will still give you a few years of faithful service, the Rivet Revolve is hard to beat.



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Next up in our sectional sofa reviews we’ve got a fantastic model that is both stylish and comfortable.

The 100% cotton cushions mean you can kick back in comfort while also enjoying a very hardwearing fabric. You can remove the slip covers with ease and pop them in the machine so it takes all the hassle out of looking after your sofa.

You’ll have the couch assembled in minutes flat but the size and bulk means you might need to call in some outside assistance. Make certain you’re putting the sofa exactly where you want it since shifting this beast around is a back-breaker.

The trade-off of this size is a sofa roomy enough for even a large family so you can all cozy up together in front of a movie any time you like.

Hardwood and laminate frame and arms give you all the support you need.

For a subtle and long-lasting sectional sofa from a brand you can trust, this cotton number from Stone & Beam takes some beating.

Best Sectional Sofa Reviews and Buying Guide 3



Best Sectional Sofa Reviews and Buying Guide 4

If you’re happy with the darker brown or gray color schemes, this decadent sectional sofa from Case Andrea Milano remains a firm favorite with satisfied buyers the world over.

The design of this sofa somehow manages to make it suitable for either modern or more traditional homes. As with many sectional sofas, you’re restricted to just 2 color schemes but both look pretty striking.

The base of the sofa is faux-leather while the microfiber cushions are both comfortable and rugged.

The chaise is reversible giving a L/R layout.

Getting things set up isn’t laborious and you’ll get everything you need included in the package.

While this might not be the cheapest sectional sofa on the market, it’s certainly a great investment if you think about the amount of use you’ll get and the number of years you should keep on using it for. Sit down to road test this couch and you won’t want to get back up again!

Some disgruntled users complain this couch is not comfy enough for them but we’d have to take issue with that. Sure, you won’t sink back on this sofa like you would into soft nappa leather but then you won’t have the 4-figure price tag either.

Overall, this sectional sofa delivers fantastic value for money in a very attractive package.



Best Sectional Sofa Reviews and Buying Guide 5

As we near the end of our sectional sofa reviews, we’ve got a commanding 2-tone sectional from Divano Roma.

If you want a couch that looks the part as well as feeling great, the Divano Roma rocks.

A hardwood frames supports white bonded leather upholstery. Cushions are covered with a luxe linen so you’ll feel caressed as you fall back on the couch at the end of a hard day.

As is standard with sectional sofas, you won’t be drowning in options when it comes to color. You can choose to accent the white couch with either dark or light gray.

You can remove the chaise and place it at either end making this the perfect furniture if you have more fluid seating requirements prone to change.

As with all these sectional sofas, you will need to make sure you’ve got the time to assemble things. If you’re not practically-inclined, it might be worth asking for some help to avoid a headache.

For a modernist take on the sectional sofa that doesn’t stiff you on the comfort front, this reversible model from Divano Roma deserves a place on any shortlist of the best sectional sofas.

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Best Sectional Sofa Reviews and Buying Guide 7

Last up in our sectional sofa reviews is a superb blue fabric couch from Carolina with a nifty storage ottoman making it the perfect space-saving furniture for smaller homes.

If you’re looking for a splash of color, there are 4 colorways available giving you more choice than many brands offer. The sofa doesn’t just look great but it’s incredibly comfy as well considering the price tag. Comfort is to a large degree subjective and you need to be realistic but we feel this is more than supportive enough.

A great feature is the ability to use what would otherwise be wasted space inside the ottoman to store your newspapers, magazine and snacks. This is a nice touch that elevates this sofa from the competition. So often sofas have very little to distinguish themselves so it’s nice to see a little originality.

This sectional is substantial enough for all the family or multiple guests without anyone feeling cramped up.

If you’re looking for a functional and durable sectional that will seat a large group in comfort, the Carolina is well worth your further investigation.

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OK ...

With our reviews done and dusted, it’s time to walk you through how to get the best sectional sofa the easy way without spending a fortune.

What To Look For In The Best Sectional Sofa

Buying a sectional sofa is something you should relish rather than resent.

Start with some general research well ahead of time so you can start whittling down your options then it’s time to really get down to some serious planning.

Configuration of Living Space

Sectional sofas are an efficient way to get the very most out of limited space but they won’t work well in every room.

Think about the layout of your lounge and ask yourself if a sectional really makes sense.

Number of People You Want To Seat

Once you’ve determined a sectional would slot in well, take the time to think about how many people you’ll need to sit.

This will inform the design as some set-ups have corner seats only good for a single person.


Not all sectional sofas are created equal.

One of the key differences comes with the layout of the couch itself and these are the most popular variants:

  • Curved: Whether it’s a barely noticeable bend or a full 90-degree twist, curved sectional sofas. From rounded corners to completely curved couches, this design continues to sell out the world over
  • L-Shape: An L-shape sectional sofa comes into its own if you want your setting focused on a single point like a wall-hanging TV or a digital art display. These generally come in 3 to 5 pieces according to the model
  • U-Shape: While the way these U-shaped sectional sofas wrap around lends brilliantly to intimacy and conversation, you’ll need much more room to accommodate this design so think about that before rushing in and finding it’s too tight to fit


It goes unsaid that the fabric of your sectional sofa is of the utmost importance.

Only you know how much you need to prioritize durability and lifespan and how much emphasis you place on comfort. Everyone has differing needs when it comes to furniture so you need to double down and decide whether you want cotton or leather, faux leather or polyester or something completely different.

Imagination is your only limitation when it comes to the fabric of your sectional sofa.


Tied in with fabric is color.

There’s no need to compromise on color with such an enormous range of sectional sofas at your disposal. Different models come with a different choice of color schemes so simply shop around a bit until you laser in on the color of your dreams.

Stationary or Modular?

A stationary sectional sofa can only be set up in a single configuration so make sure you visualize the layout and that it will fit comfortably into your living space. Make sure you also factor in enough space for foot traffic.

Modular sectional sofas, on the other hand, allow you to mix up the layout to suit the occasion. Some modular sofas also come with separate components like armless chairs. If you’re hunting for flexible seating arrangements, a modular sectional sofa is the ideal solution.

Think About The Arms

You’ll commonly encounter a pair of acronyms when you’re on the sofa trail:

  • RAF: This means right arm facing. Imagine you’re standing and facing the section. This will be the arm on your right so don’t calculate it based on your sitting position
  • LAF: Left arm facing is the other type of component

These configurations become crucial when you’re joining sections together so make sure you get it right for the perfect fit.

A Final Word

We trust you’ve found these sectional sofa reviews useful and informative. We always try tog give you a minimum viable buying guide alongside our product suggestions. While nobody wants to read a 100-page lowdown, knowing what elements are important can shave precious hours off your research. During your search, you may also want to check top interior design blogs such as and

Please get in touch if there are any household products you’d like us to look into. We’re here to give you what you want so don’t hesitate to let us know.

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