How to Install a Garbage Disposable Unit for the First Time

How to Install a Garbage Disposable Unit for the First Time 1You may not realize this but having Garbage Disposal has a lot of benefits. It brings a load of convenience as well. Once you set a Garbage Disposal system and start utilizing it, you’ll wonder how and why you ever lived without one!

Materials you will require:

In order to install a Garbage Disposal for the first time, the following items will be needed. This includes pliers, a hammer of any size, many screwdrivers, one plugin cord, supplies for your safety like goggles, plumber’s putty, mounting ring and drain fitting (of the Unit) and a Garbage Disposal Unit (of course!).

Wire it

Majority of the Garbage Disposal Units already have the wires connected. However, that is not the case with all of the Garbage Disposals available in the market. If your Disposal doesn’t have wires attached, then the cover plates need to be removed.

This must be present underneath the Garbage Disposal system. Follow the instructions given in the manual to connect the wires properly. The black wires go in the black leads and the white wires go in the white leads. Once done, make sure that the cover plate has been screwed the correct way.

Install the Mounting Ring and Drain Flange

First, the plumbers putty needs to be prepared with the hands. Turn it into the shape of a snake with a thickness of about ½ inches. In length, it should be 10 inches. Then, apply it under the sink. Next, the flange is to be inserted in the drain hole. By pushing it down, it’ll get attached. Next, you should fit the backup ring, fibre gasket and the mounting ring in place.

The mounting ring needs to be tightly screwed against the sink, with the help of a screwdriver. This will be present underneath the sink, of course. To ensure that the mounting rings are tight from everywhere, screw in one screw and then move to the other by alternating sides. This will enable in making the process more efficient.

Make use of a knife to trim the plumber’s putty that may be jutting out from the flange. Make sure to do this once you’re done installing the mounting ring.

Mounting the Garbage Disposal Unit

The Garbage Disposal Unit is properly set up in this step. It is advised to be careful and to take extra precaution or else you injure yourself. The outlet must be facing the connection pipe. For this to happen, you should place the Garbage Disposal on the mounting ring. In order to ensure that the Garbage Disposal does not move, tightly close it.

Connection to the P- Trap

Cut the discharge pipe after measuring it with the help of a handy tool. Next, connect it to the outlet of the Garbage Disposal. Lastly, attach it to the dishwasher’s discharge tube.

How to Install a Garbage Disposable Unit for the First Time 2

Checking the Disposal

Once the installation is complete, it is time to inspect the Garbage Disposal Unit. To check whether it is operating correctly or not make sure to follow these steps. The power must be turned on and water must be present in the sink as well as Garbage Disposal. Have a lookout for any leaks by looking around the sink. Once you are sure that there are none, throw some trash through the Garbage Disposal in order to test if it’s working correctly.

Dishwasher Connection (Which is optional)

Normally Garbage Disposal Units can be attached to the dishwasher. The dirty liquid can be drained with the help of a Garbage Disposal Unit. The dishwasher can be installed with the Garbage Disposal Unit by following the steps below:

The first step is to find the inlet of the dishwater which will be present near the Disposal’s chamber top. The plug can be loosened with the help of a hammer and a screwdriver. Now, just take out the plug from the Disposal Unit.

Why YOU should install a Garbage Disposal Unit

Installing Garbage Disposal comes with a variety of benefits. For instance, when food scraps are processed correctly, they produce a good quality fertilizer. It is natural to the core and it enhances the quality of the soil. It can be used for multiple uses like to feed animals and to generate renewable energy.

Some Garbage Disposal systems carry innovative features. This includes an increase in the capacity of the grinder and quiet operation. Furthermore, it is fairly easy to install a Disposal Unit as mentioned in this article. Thus, you’re improving the appeal of your home as well as the quality of your life.

It must be kept in mind that although a regular Garbage disposable Unit lasts for about twelve years at least, it is a machine which will need replacement eventually.

Improves Sanitary Conditions

Once a Garbage Disposal Unit is set up, there will be scraps of food decaying in the trash bins. This helps in improving the odour in the house. Moreover, this will aid in decreasing the total amount of germs present. Not only this, but the Disposal Unit will also aid in improving the sanitary as well as the living conditions of the house.

Release of Toxic Pollutants

If not properly disposed of, food can lead to a number of harmful effects. It may end in landfills. As a result, carbon dioxide and methane will be produced. These gases generate an extremely pungent smell causing air pollution. Furthermore, when food ends in large amounts, it incinerates releasing toxic pollutants. This leads to the spread of cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.

Food waste is properly discarded when a disposable Garbage Unit is utilized. The traditional way of disposing of food waste causes issues if not performed correctly. It attracts all kinds of insects as well as animals. The presence of bagged Garbage leads to an unhygienic situation all over the house. However, the presence of a Garbage Disposal will help in avoiding all these kinds of troublesome problems.

How to Install a Garbage Disposable Unit for the First Time 3An Affordable and Economical option

Irrespective of the age of the home, the system of Garbage disposable Units has become very reasonable. Also, it is not hard to install. In comparison to their older counterparts, the models available today are more advanced, less noisy and they work much better. The disposable Garbage Unit offers a wide variety of horsepower ranging from one third to full horsepower. No professional help is needed to install a Unit as the process is very simple. This makes a Garbage Disposal Unit an easy to use a machine which is available at an economical rate.


It is recommended to start the installation process of the disposable Garbage Unit in the morning. In case there are issues, you can visit the store to purchase extra materials and tools that may be required. It’s always better to gather all the supplies needed before starting any installation process.

Another quick tip is to go over the instructions mentioned attentively. As the installation process may vary from model to model. So, if you’re following the steps mentioned (in this article) you will have your Garbage disposable Unit working correctly and effectively.

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