How to Clean Floor Tile Grout with Steam

For cleaning grout, Steam cleaners are the ultimate power tools. There is no need for tediously working and performing an arm-killing job when you can use a Steam cleaner.  The water is heated to a temperature of more than 200 degrees Fahrenheit. With the help of nozzles, the Steam is directly blasted on to the grout. These nozzles possess high quality nylon and brass brushes which are specifically made for cleaning grout.

So Steaming and scrubbing occur simultaneously. This leads to the formation of dirty grime which has a slurry texture. It can be rinsed or mopped away quite easily.

How to Clean Floor Tile Grout with Steam 1Steam Cleaner and Grout

The most convenient and effective way to clean grout lines is with the help of a Steam cleaner. They are the perfect option to cleanse porous as well as smooth tiles. Due to the presence of crevices and pores, these surfaces are usually very difficult to clean.

The hot Steam emitted by the machine enables even the most rigid dirt to loosen and come off. Not only dirt, but even grime and grease also are not spared and are made to disappear with the aid of this special machine. Moreover, the Steam cleaner’s specialized floor tool will ensure that your floor ends up looking shinier than ever.

How a Steam Cleaner can be used to clean grout

You can begin streaming straight on the grout by attaching a small brush to the Steam lance. Lightly scrub with the help of a brush. The dirt will automatically be removed from the grout. Next, attach the microfiber cloth to the rectangular tool and wipe it all over the surface. This way you’ll be able to get rid of the excess grime.

Cleaning hard surfaces is not a problem for Steam cleaners. In fact, Steam cleaners do an exemplary job cleaning majority of hard surfaces. Furthermore, a useful tip would be to choose the correct nylon brush for the desired area. For delicate grout, make use of a nylon brush and for resistant grout, use a brass brush.

How does Grout get so dirty?

When tiles are installed, the grout automatically fills the gaps and aids in stabilizing the tile. Cleaning tiles is relatively easy as they possess a smooth surface. In contrast, the tile grout is slightly lower than the tile and it attracts all kinds of debris. In some cases, there is not just dirt present but even the build-up residue of detergents.

Over time, the gunk becomes progressively more difficult to remove with the usual methods of cleaning. You may be using expensive and good quality products but the result will still be unsatisfactory. This is why Steam cleaning is an effective method of cleaning. It uses only Steam and simultaneous scrubbing. There is no need to use harsh detergents and cleaning agents.

Steam clean porous tiles the ‘right’ way:

In the case of pesky dirt, that just won’t go even with aggressive scrubbing make use of nylon bristles. It is the ideal option for tiles of any type whether that be porous or non-slip tiles. By design, the Steam cleaner deep cleans any surface it comes in contact with. Also, a good trick would be to attach a microfiber cloth to the two clips present at the back.

This will allow Steam to flow deeply into the pores and enable the bristles to scrub the floor. As you move around with the machine, it’ll pick up dirt effortlessly.

There is absolutely no reason to fret if your Floor Tiles are exceptionally dirty. Just remember to not make a second pass with the attached microfiber cloth. Instead, just pass your floor tool directly over the surface. This will wipe away all kinds of dirt.

Why the Steam Cleaner does a much better job than the mop

The most essential accessory for tile Steam cleaning is the rectangular tool. It comes with durable attachment clips and bristles which perform a heavy duty job. Attach a microfiber cloth to all four corners of the tool and start insulating Steam. Make sure the Steam gets as hot as possible. Gently pass it over the entire floor to mop away grease and grime. All of the gunk will stick to the cloth.

How to Clean Floor Tile Grout with Steam 2

A non-toxic way to clean your floor

Cleaning your floor shouldn’t involve using any toxic ingredients or liquids which may risk the health of your loved ones. The method of Steam cleaning does not require using any harsh chemicals which may include ammonia or bleach. In fact, Steam cleaning kills around 99.99% of bacteria. It utilizes water and heat to ensure that your house does not gather pollution or harmful residue left behind by chemicals.

Safe for pets and children

It is extremely crucial to use products that are non-toxic in nature. This precaution is essential to create not only a health friendly environment for yourself, but also for your pets and children. Cleaning agents made up of sodium hypochlorite and other harmful substances must be avoided at all costs.

Under these criteria, the Steam Cleaner is your best option as it is free from all kinds of harmful chemicals. However, it must be noted that the usage of these cleaning products may lead to burning eyes, an irritated skin, and in some cases even serious damage to the lungs.


The Steam Cleaner is beneficial for people suffering from asthma and other allergies. This machine only makes use of heat and water to eliminate grease and grime from surfaces present in your home or office. In this way, you can keep yourself safe from aggravating your allergy symptoms and stay healthy.

Economical Option:

You can save a lot of money using Steam, especially in the long run. When you are cleaning using Steam, the only cost you need to worry about is of water and electricity. No additional costs needed for purchasing cleaners, detergents and other products. Moreover, due to non-toxic products being utilized there will be no added costs of visiting the doctor.

How to Clean Floor Tile Grout with Steam 3

Removal of Moulds

The growth of moulds can lead to the production of deadly toxins which cause serious health issues. There is a misconception that bleach destroys incorrect mould. It simply turns it white. The Steam Cleaner actually kills the mould due to the hot Steam. Furthermore, the high temperature along with the attached bristles help in the removal of mould stuck in areas that are difficult to reach.


If you’ve been spending a lot of time scrubbing your floor with the help of a wipe or toothbrush then a Steam Cleaner is just what you need. It is an easy, time- efficient method of getting your tiles cleaned. A Steam Cleaner provides the solution for all of your cleaning issues.

There is no need for vigorous brush scrubbing if you aim to achieve a thorough and sanitized floor. Moreover, the majority of Steam Cleaners are available with suitable attachments which efficiently get rid of grease and grime out of the grout between tiles.

The process comprises of two parts. Use a Steam Cleaner to cleanse the grout and then wipe it all away with a mop to get rid of the moisture and dirt. The process is simple and the results are excellent.

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