Why Does My Ice Maker Make A Knocking Sound?

Why Does My Ice Maker Make A Knocking Sound? 2Undesirable random noises coming from kitchen appliances can make anyone wonder if there’s something wrong with it. When it comes to ice-makers, they are undoubtedly one of the noisiest equipment you will ever have.

There are some normal harmless noises that an ice-maker makes, which can confuse you with the faulty noises. Some of the normal sounds made by an ice maker include the fan speed, gurgling sound, a loud click, or continuous buzzing sounds, which are a part of the normal ice-making mechanism.

However, in case you are dealing with a knocking sound, then it could be a matter of concern. Some people feel that these noises are easy to detect and repair by themselves, but it is suggested to get professional help if it doesn’t stop. Such a knocking sound coming from an ice-maker should be well-attended for the following reasons.

Why Does My Ice Maker Make A Knocking Sound? 3Heating

Heating can be one of the reasons for the knocking sound experienced by you. An ice-maker uses heating to distribute the ice made by the freezing unit. It plays an important role in releasing the ice cubes from the finger prongs once they are set. This process can make knocking sound just like a compressor makes in the freezing process. However, if this noise gets prolonged for more than a minute, it could be a matter of concern.

Size of the cubes

Ice-makers come with an adjustable cube size facility giving you options to choose large, medium, or small cubes. In older systems, the design might not be able to make the cube as large as you want it to. This can lead to the ice-cubes getting stuck int the compartment instead of reaching the tray.

These stuck cubes can cause the knocking sound, which can be easily detected and fixed. By adjusting the size of the cube to a smaller one or by waiting until the ice melts, you can get rid of this issue.

Level of water

Maintain the water level in an ice-maker is necessary for the efficient working of the system. In portable ice-makers, it can get difficult to maintain the water level as there is no water line to ensure that.

One can easily forget the refilling of the machine, leaving it with a lesser amount of fuel to work with. Lower water levels due to this or due to the clogged pipe can cause the knocking sound as well.

Why Does My Ice Maker Make A Knocking Sound? 4Pump

A drain pump brings water from the source to the freezing unit for further processing. This pump is subject to the water and the impurities that might get carried along the pipe. These impurities like dust, hard water minerals, or debris, can get accumulated and hinder the path of water.

This can create a knocking sound, but it’s nothing to be worried about. The cleaning process is easy and mentioned in the user manual, which can help you restore the normal functioning of your ice-maker.

Compressor Operations

An ice-maker has compressors which are responsible for spreading the cold air throughout evenly. In portable ice-makers, these compressors are built-in, which can make a substantial amount of noise.

You might not experience this sound in commercial ice-makers because that might be located in a separate area. Every ice-maker is bound to make a knocking sound when the compressor starts or stops, which is pretty normal.


While installing the ice-maker, if it is not placed on a leveled and proper surface, it can make vibration noises. It is due to the lack of stability of the device, which might make a knocking sound.

It is easy to detect as the appliance can be appearing to shift on the surface or knock against the things on its side. However, if the vibrations continue after placing it properly, then it could be a matter of concern.

All the above-stated points could be the reason behind the knocking sound coming out of your ice-maker. While there are ways to fix these issues easily, but in case it does not stop, one should definitely get it inspected by a professional.

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