Why Does My Ice Maker Make a Knocking Sound

Why Does My Ice Maker Make a Knocking Sound 2The recent development in technology has made our lives much easier. There are numerous electrical appliances that we use in our daily lives, but none is even close to being as useful as an Ice Maker. Nowadays, you will find an Ice Maker in almost every other household. This is even truer if you live in a region where summers can be crazy. In the past, before Ice Makers and Refrigerators became common, believe it or not, getting your hands on Ice was difficult.

Ice used to be imported from colder regions, but fortunately, that is not the case anymore. With that being said, if you own an Ice Maker and find that it is making knocking sound then do not worry. Numerous small parts go into the making of an Ice Maker. It is only natural that when one of those parts gets out of place, it would make different sounds.

Ice Makers are already infamous for being noisy. So if they start making a knocking noise on top of that then it becomes downright unbearable. If you are curious to know why your Ice Maker is making a knocking sound, then let’s see how you can troubleshoot it to find the reason.

Normal Sounds of an Ice Maker

To distinguish whether it is a regular sound or something out of the ordinary, knowing the difference is important. A number of different parts go into the making of an Ice Maker, and each of them may come with a unique sound. This is why let’s look at some of its most common parts.

1)     The Fan

The fan is one of the most important parts of an Ice Maker. Apart from helping with air circulation, it plays a vital role in helping the Ice Maker do its job faster by freezing the ice. Distinguishing the fan noise is pretty straightforward. It sounds like a normal fan that you may have in your home.

Although some people get confused when the fan sound changes a bit. The reason behind that is its speed. Depending on the Ice Makers’ temperature, the speed of the fan changes accordingly. So, this in result, also affects its sound. You will hear a different sound when the Ice Maker is fast, and vice versa.

2)     Gurgling

If you hear a gurgling sound from your Ice Maker, there is nothing to worry about. Even if it may seem like there is something broken inside the machine, rest assured that is not the case. Gurgling sound normally occurs when the water is moving.

In fact, a gurgling sound is an indication that your Ice Maker is working just fine.

3)     Temperature Control

What most people do not know is that some Ice Makers have temperature control that can trigger a loud clicking sound. If you hear a clicking sound every now and then from your Ice Maker, it is not anything to worry about. The clicking sound means that the Ice in your Ice Maker has reached the set temperature. After that, your Ice Maker automatically shuts down.

The temperature control feature of an Ice Maker can actually be pretty useful. Not only can it help you save power, but at the same time help you regulate the temperature.

4)     Sizzling and Buzzing

If you have purchased a modern Ice Maker, then the chances are it would have the self-defrost feature. Do not be alarmed if your Ice Maker makes a sizzling or buzzing sound. Normally, when the Ice Maker turns it defrost mode on, that is when it makes such a sound.

On a side note, the defrost feature can actually be pretty useful. It can help you avoid a world of problems down the lane. So, it is best to invest in an Ice Maker that has a defrost mode.

Why Does My Ice Maker Make a Knocking Sound 3

Knocking Sound from Ice Maker

Before we talk about the real reason for a knocking sound, it does not always have to be something horrible. Often, the knocking sound is not something that would affect the performance of the Ice Maker. The chances are that you might be able to fix it without any help as well. As generic as it may sound, try turning your Ice Maker off and on to see if that works. If it doesn’t then let’s move on to troubleshooting the real reason behind it.

1)     Placement and Vibration

The placement of your Ice Maker can be a contributing factor to its knocking noise. There is a reason that the instruction manual says to place it on an even surface. While working, the Ice Maker vibrates and if it is not stable, then that can lead a knocking sound.

If this is the case, then you can consider it the best-case scenario. All you need to do is readjust the placement of your Ice Maker, and that should get the job done.

2)     Compressor Operations

If your Ice Maker has a compressor, then that may be the leading cause for the knocking sound. Normally, when a compressor starts or even stops, it makes a knocking sound. So in some cases, it is nothing to be worried about.

As long as the knocking sound is not persistent, you do not have to concern yourself with it. If you hear the sound more frequently, or even non-stop then it might be due to a problem in the compressor. If it happens, then consider calling a professional technician to further troubleshoot the problem.

3)     Heating

As cool as your Ice Maker may be, it tends to heat up as well. Heating may be contributed due to a number of reasons, and finding the exact reason for it can be a bit tricky. However, at times, turning the Ice Maker off for a while and giving it rest can resolve the problem.

If your Ice Maker continues to make the knocking sound, and you find that its temperature is also rising, then do not use it further until a professional troubleshoot it. Even if the problem is not that big, continued usage can potentially damage it even more.

4)     Water Levels

If your Ice Maker runs out of the fluid to make Ice, then it will make a knocking sound. This is something that homeowners often seem to forget. However, do not worry because refilling the water levels is going to do the trick and enable you to get rid of the knocking sound.

To make sure that your Ice Maker is able to optimally produce Ice, you frequently check the water levels.

5)     Water Pump Blockage

Blockage in the water pump is also a major reason to create a knocking sound. The water pump is an important component to make the ice cubes. If the pump has any blockage, then it can potentially lead to a knocking sound.

You can check the instruction manual of your Ice Maker to locate the water pump. Remove its wires and see if there is debris or water inside that may be clogging it up.

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