What is a Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal

The Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal is very famous and can be found in the majority of the houses. While the unit is running you can keep adding more food waste. The Continuous Feed Disposal operates with the help of a switch. Once the switch starts working the electric circuit will be completed. When the Garbage Disposal unit is in power, always remember to turn on the water.

The food waste will be crushed into small pieces and then it’ll be taken to the septic system. This entire process will take place while the Garbage Disposal unit is working. This machine carries out the function of cutting down food into smaller bits while it’s operating. But, this comes with a drawback. The Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal requires large amounts of electricity. A handy tip would be to place all the food Garbage in one go instead of in turns.

Advantages of Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal

Operation is Continuous

While the unit is operating you can keep on adding more food scraps and waste. It will not cause any problems in the long or short term. The Garbage Disposal unit does not need a long time to be cleaned.

Maintaining the Machine does not require Extreme Efforts

To ensure that the machine works comfortably and effectively it is necessary to clean it. The procedure of cleansing the Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal is not complicated at all. You do not need to make too many efforts. It is advised to turn the water on when the unit is working.

What is a Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal 2


Carries an Economical Price Tag

To control the number of times clogging takes place there are many chambers for grinding in a Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal. It is available at very reasonable and affordable prices. Each house needs a different power for grinding. There are a variety of motors with varying horsepower to facilitate that quantity.

Cheaper in comparison

The Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal is cheaper when compared to other types of Garbage Disposal units. For instance, the models of the batch Feed Garbage Disposal are much more expensive than the models of the Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal. This is due to the fact that they are easy to use and are extremely popular.

Spotless and Sparkling Kitchen Counter

With the help of a Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal, you can throw in scraps of junk as you prepare a decadent dish. This aids in keeping the kitchen clean as you work. Usually, after strenuously cooking meals there is a load of mess to clean up. But with the Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal, you can keep getting rid of the junk so that you do not have to deal with a huge clutter later.

Saves time and allows Multi-Tasking

One can carry out the chores of daily life without fretting about the Garbage unit. The Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal enables a person to perform multiple tasks while it takes care of the food waste and scraps. In addition to this, valuable time can be utilized on urgent work instead of this.

Safety Precaution

The absence of a cover on the Garbage Disposal unit poses a threat. They possess an open filler neck. This is because the food waste must be dropped by hand. If there is no cover then the possibility of injuring the fingers or even hand still exists. Therefore, it is advised to NEVER touch the Disposal or its mouth when it is powered on.

Nevertheless, some manufactures do add a splash guard to the Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal unit. This aids in solving this problem. But it must be kept in mind that this is not always the case. Hence, if you have minors at home it is recommended to be cautious at all times. They must be kept away from the unit’s opening to protect their delicate hands.

If the need to take out something from the Disposal arises then always turn it off and then work with it. Likewise, the same rule must be applied for when food needs to be moved around. In addition to this, make use of the water faucet to push the food scraps forward. Always keep in mind to avoid using your hands with this machine.

What is a Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal 3

Power Cord

It may seem as if the Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal has nothing to offer but advantages. However, like every other product, even this kind of unit has its disadvantages. (Apart from the necessary safety precautions which must be followed as mentioned above in this article).

Not every Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal comes with a power cord. The model of the unit determines whether or not a power cord will be given. Thus, it is mandatory to buy a power cord and to install it yourself or to call professional help to get the job done accurately.


Of course, the durability of a Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal depends on its model. But generally, the majority of these units are known to be very durable. They have a compact body. Weight wise they are not at all heavy rather they are light.

When Jamming takes place

There is a risk of the grinding blades jamming when a large quantity of food is present in the Garbage Disposal unit. To fix this error, the switch must be turned off and the food scraps must be taken out by hand. This entire procedure should be carried out very carefully. Once the desired amount of food waste is removed, press the button to reset. This button will be situated beneath the sink area of the Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal unit.

With the onset of newer and better models, a new fantastic feature has been introduced. Now, there is an anti-jamming option present. This feature helps provide convenience to the user. The recently introduced models of Continuous Feed Garbage Disposals can automatically detect the jam and fix it. The sharp blades are reversed which helps in correcting the jam.

Water and Electricity Efficiency

The Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal unit requires more water to operate successfully. This may lead to a spike in the bills at the end of the month. In addition to this, large amounts of electricity are needed for this Garbage Disposal unit to operate smoothly. However, modern versions of the Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal have seen quite some improvement. Apart from requiring lesser water, it has become more energy efficient as well.


All in All, the Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal is a marvelous machine. It is special as one can keep adding more and more scraps of food, while it is running. This permits the user to clean up the mess quickly instead of doing all of it post cooking. Furthermore, this specific Garbage Disposal unit does not require tons of maintenance. It can be cleaned quite easily without much hassle which makes it a favourable option.

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