The Best Tiny Bathroom Ideas: Making The Most Of Limited Space

Do you want to maximize the illusion of space in a small bathroom?

If so, you’re in luck.

There are many quick, easy ways to organize your bathroom to get the very most out of limited space. From visual upgrades to functional ones, today we’ll look at enhancing your small bathroom without spending a fortune.

1) Buy White Appliances And Accessories

small bathroom decorating ideas

White is a color capable of opening up a space visually.

You don’t need to be limited to pure white if that doesn’t work for you. Cream or a muted and dirtier white also have the same effect. Any really pale color will do.

Obviously, many fixtures and fittings like faucets wouldn’t look right in white. That said, this amazing white cabinet coupled with a great white bathroom accessory set is a wonderful combination.

2) Make The Most Of Your Cabinet Doors

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As a space saver, the best floor cabinets help to keep things tidy. Removing clutter makes an area look bigger than it really is.

How about making your cabinet doors more valuable, though?

Extracting the most from all spaces is key if you have a small bathroom. Try investing in functional bathroom accessories like a hair dryer caddy that can help you stash more in less space.

With a small bathroom, you really need to get creative. Don’t be afraid to seek out solutions from leftfield.

3) Cornered Space-Saving Solutions

The Best Tiny Bathroom Ideas: Making The Most Of Limited Space 1

Corners can seem like a waste of precious real estate when it’s at a premium.

Try placing accessories where space permits.

A great approach for making most of all available wall space are accessories with suction cups. These are affordable, easy to install and require no drilling at all.

While you might not need to go these lengths with a larger room, with a small bathroom every little counts.

4) Swing Towel Holders

small bathroom ideas photo gallery

It’s all too easy to let towels to pile on top of each other.

Not only does this look unsightly and take up space, they take longer to dry into the bargain.

A practical way to fight back is by investing in a swing towel holder like this one. Keep all your towels separate, dry and always within easy reach. Most importantly, you’ll save valuable wall space too.

How about if this design doesn’t appeal?

Try a nicely designed towel holder bar like this one instead.

Be creative and don’t be afraid to try something different.

5) A Sink Cabinet For Organization

small bathroom decorating ideas

If you don’t have any kind of vanity or storage near your sink, toiletries tend to end up everywhere. This leads to a crowded look. Not only is it hard to stay organized, the mess makes a small room look even smaller.

Fortunately, there’s an easy answer…

Get yourself a narrow bathroom organizer that you can place under the sink. With just a few shelves or baskets, you can streamline your bathroom products while enhancing the space at the same time.

A Final Word

Probably the best part about all these ideas is the fact they are eminently affordable and super-simple to install.

Beyond that, they will all fulfill the goal of making your smaller bathroom seem just a bit bigger.

We hope these bathroom space hacks will help you reorganize and restructure your place so that you have a more comfortable, functional and user-friendly bathroom!

Come back soon for more quickfire household tips you can use to improve your home!

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