The 10 Best Vacuum Cleaners In 2021: Sharp, Compact And Quiet

Let’s face it – vacuum cleaners have been completely redesigned over the past decade. The bulky and noisy vacuum cleaner is nowadays more sophisticated, lifted up and made for your best convenience.

Buying a vacuum cleaner in 2018 definitely seems like a matter of scrolling around and seeing the best products out there. The truth is, there are so many great vacuum cleaners that make this decision tough – but at the same time – fun.

Just like that, the Internet jargon for ‘sucking up dust’ has gotten much more complicated so prepare to be amazed by some of the newest technologies in vacuum cleaning. Below is everything you need to know when shopping for a new vacuum cleaner.

We are listing the top ten vacuum cleaners in 2018 judging by customer’s reviews, features, comfort and convenience. So, let’s begin.

Top 10 Best Rated Vacuum Cleaners in 2018

Ready for the details?

So are we! The following are the best rated vacuum cleaners that vary in types and features such as bagless, lightweight, corded, stick, upright etc… Read on.

The 10 Best Vacuum Cleaners In 2021: Sharp, Compact And Quiet 1

First on our list is a product from Bissell. This vacuum cleaner gives you fast and easy cleaning in a lightweight vacuum that offers powerful suction and a new brush design that cleans more with every pass.

What’s great about this product is the fact that you can choose a combination of products that are aligned with the vacuum cleaner. For example, you can buy the vacuum alone – or top up with the Carpet Deodorizer Bundle, the Odor Eliminator Filter Bundle, the Vacuum and Hand Vac bundle and other available combinations.

The best way to describe this vacuum cleaner is as one that uses a Cyclonic technology that gives you long-lasting and powerful suction. The Bissell vacuum cleaner will suck everything and even has a TurboBrush tool for stairs, furniture, upholstery and more. Speaking of add-ons, there is also an extension wand, a dusting brush and a crevice tool all designed to perfectly fit the vacuum cleaner.

The tank is very easy to empty and has multi-level filtration as well as a washable foam tank filter. Color-wise, you can get the Bissell vacuum cleaner in Purple, Black, Green and Teal.

The 10 Best Vacuum Cleaners In 2021: Sharp, Compact And Quiet 2

The 10 Best Vacuum Cleaners In 2021: Sharp, Compact And Quiet 3

The Dirt Devil Simpli-Stik bagless stick vacuum adopts an innovative technology which includes an easy-off detachable hand vacuum.

One of the key benefits of this product is its weight which is less than 4 pounds. The lightweight construction makes carrying this vacuum cleaner a breeze (something we didn’t have so far) and even easier to store.

The smooth-rolling wheels and convenient cord wrap for the 16-foot cord are also great and the 1.25 Amp motor can cut through messes with one pass. The constant suction power is 120V and there is an onboard crevice tool for hand vacuum to easily get into the tiniest of spaces. The fact that it easily converts to a hand vacuum cleaner makes it practical and versatile.

According to the manufacturer, the innovative stick vac is perfect for rugs and hard floors. There is even an easy lift option that saves you time and gives you the best of features. You can use the crevice to suck dust, dirt and crumbs from furniture, counters, shelves, upholstery and drapes.

The 10 Best Vacuum Cleaners In 2021: Sharp, Compact And Quiet 4

Want to have a vacuum cleaner that works at the press of a button – both for cleaning and lifting the canister away and easily cleaning all the hard to reach areas?

If yes is your answer, that kind of a vacuum cleaner is finally here. The Shark Rotator Lift-Away upright vacuum picks up the pet hair, debris and dust all while deep cleaning your floors and carpets from all surfaces. Plus, there is a five year warranty from the manufacturer.

What’s great about this product is that there is an anti-allergen complete seal technology along with a HEPA filter that will trap 99.9% of the dust and allergens inside the vacuum cleaner.

From the innovative features, we can also mention the LED headlights and the advanced swivel steering that make this product hi-tech and give you amazing control and maneuverability around the furniture and floors.

The 10 Best Vacuum Cleaners In 2021: Sharp, Compact And Quiet 5

Powerful and lightweight, the Shark Navigator is a vacuum cleaner that weighs only 15 pounds. However, that doesn’t compromise any of the action that is packed inside it.

Basically, this is one of those vacuum cleaners that never lose suction and offer powerful cleaning from start to finish.

The vacuum cleaner also has a large capacity and an dust cup that is easy to empty. This gives you extended cleaning without any interruption. From the extras, there is an upholstery tool, a dusting brush and a crevice tool included which all add up to the process of versatile cleaning.

What’s also interesting for many is the BrushRoll shutoff for deep carpet and gengle bare floor cleaning. With three filters packed inside, the Shark

Navigator gives you a premium vacuum cleaning experience which can be applied on all kinds of floors, carpets, furniture and even drapes.

The 10 Best Vacuum Cleaners In 2021: Sharp, Compact And Quiet 6

The three-in-one design of the Eureka swivel lightweight vacuum cleaner is one of the best things for homeowners nowadays.

Basically, this product is not on the more expensive side on vacuum cleaners – but this doesn’t actually matter because it does the job of vacuum cleaning perfectly fine.

There is even an onboard crevice tool that allows you to customize your vacuum for your needs. Weighing only 4 pounds, you can take it wherever you like and make most of the signature swivel steering for the best maneuverability and cleaning efficiency. When compared to standard stick vacuums, this is the feature that sets Eureka apart and what puts it among the favorites for a lot of homeowners.

There is an 18-inch power cord and an XL dust cup that ensure you always get the job done faster without having to empty it all the time. With this product, there will be no more trips to the outlet store or the trash can for emptying. When it comes to safety, it is also safer than more and even passed the frustration-free packaging (FFP) certification.

The 10 Best Vacuum Cleaners In 2021: Sharp, Compact And Quiet 7

The 10 Best Vacuum Cleaners In 2021: Sharp, Compact And Quiet 8

The One Pass technology by Bissell is one of the reasons we are listing another vacuum cleaner from the brand. The 1831 Cleanview model also boasts with powerful suction and has an innovative brush design that cleans from the initial pass.

According to visual tests, this model is one of the winners when it comes to removing most of the surface debris. Powerful and multi-cyclonic, the technology ensures proper capture and keeps your dirt in the bin – where it belongs.

When it comes to filters, this model uses a multi-level filtration with a washable filter and therefore reduces any household dust and allergens. You can use it to clean without sacrificing any power and move it gently while it captures every single piece of dust, dirt and grime.

The automatic cord rewind gives extra points, not to mention the 25-power cord (one of the largest) and the 6-foot hose which are all part of this product.

The 10 Best Vacuum Cleaners In 2021: Sharp, Compact And Quiet 9

The 10 Best Vacuum Cleaners In 2021: Sharp, Compact And Quiet 10

You have probably heard of Black & Decker, the brand that is one of the best when it comes to home tools and gadgets.

When it comes to vacuum cleaning, this brand has a lot to show – and the Airswivel vacuum cleaner is a proof for that.

You can choose from the Lite, Pet and Versatile options and get a vacuum cleaner that weighs only 8.8 lbs for easy handling, carrying and storage. There is also the feature known as swivel steering that gives you expert maneuverability as well as a dust cup that can collect up to 2 liters of dust, dirt or debris.

The ergonomic handle is one of the things customers appreciate the most when it comes to this product.

However, the Swivel Steering and Power Brush are the main technologies that make this Black & Decker vacuum cleaner among the best in the class. Unlike many traditional vacuum cleaners, it only needs one motor which gives you effortless cleaning without odd noises.

The 10 Best Vacuum Cleaners In 2021: Sharp, Compact And Quiet 11

For many, this vacuum cleaner is the ‘Ferrari’ of vacuum cleaners just because it blends some of the best features together – design, functionality and new innovative technologies.

For this, the Eureka is one of the leading brands in vacuum cleaning with products that never fail to inspire us.

What sets the FloorRover apart from the other vacuum cleaners is the swivel steering technology, coupled by the Big Wheel technology that glides over all floor surfaces with ease. There is also a multi-stage cycle system that never loses suction and a dust cup with a HEPA filter that captures every single particle down to 0.3 microns.

The on-board accessories, on the other hand, include the 2-in-1 upholstery tool, the pet turbo brush and the 16-inch crevice tool. With over 100 years of cleaning expertise, Eureka is certainly a brand you should consider if you are looking for a reliable cleaning product.

The FloorRover, on the other hand, is amazingly designed and for many, is the most beautiful vacuum cleaner available on the market.

The 10 Best Vacuum Cleaners In 2021: Sharp, Compact And Quiet 12

Hoover is another reliable brand when it comes to vacuum cleaners.

With its WindTunnel 3 technology, this vacuum cleaner creates three channels of suction to lift and remove all the surface debris and embedded dirt from your floors and carpets.

The dual-cyclonic action uses air that passes through not one – but two amazing cyclonic stages – filtering dirt and debris in the best way possible. There is no loss of suction throughout the process and you can move from carpet to hardwood with a press of a pedal. These are some of the main features that make this one of the best vacuum cleaners in 2018.

The accessories include a telescoping extension want for 12 feet of above the floor cleaning, a Crevice tool for cleaning crevices with precision, a Pet Turbo tool to clean furniture from pet hair and stains and a Pet Upholstery tool to clean pet hair, furniture surfaces and other decor.

The 10 Best Vacuum Cleaners In 2021: Sharp, Compact And Quiet 13

If you are looking for a vacuum cleaning set rather than just one vacuum cleaner, this is a product that you must consider.

Designed by Deik, this highly maneuverable stick vacuum cleaner is ideal for any light-duty clean ups around the home but also great for serious cleaning. 

There is an easy-off detachable handheld and tackle trodden-in dirt, dust and debris on furniture, stairs and car interiors. You can use the variety of nozzles (Normal/Brush/Crevice) to get the job done anywhere.

Weighing only 2.32 kilograms and using only 7Kpa of power, this vacuum cleaner also packs some great LED indicator headlights and a 2-speed control technology that is powered by a Lithium-ion battery – giving you up to 30 minutes of fade-free suction.

The package includes a vacuum cleaner, a HomeVac Duo, a charging base, AC power adapter, crevice nozzle, dusting brush and a worry-free 1 year warranty. What more could you ask for, right?

The 10 Best Vacuum Cleaners In 2021: Sharp, Compact And Quiet 14

A Final Word

While most people want a basic vacuum cleaner, you now know what are the main differences between choosing a ‘standard’ product and opting for the best vacuum cleaners on the market. According to many, vacuum cleaning is one of the most important aspects of cleaning which deserves proper attention.

We hope that this guide helped you find the best vacuum cleaner for your home!

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