Best Dog and Cat Hair Clippers: Review and Buying Guide 2019

Best Dog and Cat Hair Clippers: Review and Buying Guide

While all pet lovers consider their animal as part of their family, cats and dogs don’t come without their drawbacks… Hair is the common gripe that has every pet owner grappling for the best solution. For the clean-up side, getting the best pet vacuum is essential. How about prevention, though? Well, with today’s dog and … Read more

Best Dog Training Collars: Reviews and Buying Guide for Dog Lovers

Best Dog Training Collar Reviews

Training your dog can be a long and rough road without the right equipment. A training collar, also known as a shock collar, is a fantastic method of control. Don’t panic, either… The level of shock delivered is actually little more than you’d feel from a static electricity shock so we’re not talking about any … Read more

Best Air Purifier Reviews: Keeping Your Air Clean

Best Air Purifier Reviews

While we’re still waiting for definitive medical evidence to back up some claims made by manufacturers, there’s little doubt a good air purifier can enhance the quality of the air you breathe. If you’re confused about the difference between an air purifier and a humidifier, we’ll briefly highlight what each home enhancement product does best. … Read more