How to Organize and Make The Most Of Your Closet Space

Storage space is crucial in any home.

Unfortunately, with many houses there’s simply not adequate provision made for this. The more things you have to stash away, the more you need to cram it in.

On the plus side, there are plenty of small tweaks for maximizing available closet space. Today, we’ll be examining how you can find the best way to organize your clothing closet.

If your closets are bursting at the seams, read on for some tips and tricks to get your belongings organized the easy way…

Clothing Closets

The most common storage area where you’re likely to be lacking space is your clothes closet.

This one can be rough…

Who doesn’t love having a wide variety of clothes and shoes to choose from?

Also, if you live somewhere with distinctly seasonal weather, you really need a wide spread of clothing.

What can you do about it, though? You’ve got 2 main approaches here:

  • Purge
  • Organize


Be realistic if space is limited and accept there’s no room for all that you’d like in your closet.

Start by going through your clothing and paring it down.

Determine which clothes you wear the most often. These are obviously your favorites and need a home in your newly organized space.

Next, think about what articles of clothing are pure necessities. Even if they aren’t your favorite, your work outfits need to stay put.

Separate any clothes that are too big or too small. There’s no place for ill-fitting garments in a capsule wardrobe.

Remove all clothes with holes or stains.

We’re not saying you have to get rid of your junior high basketball jersey or the bridesmaid’s dress from your best friend’s wedding, but if they are taking up valuable space in your closet, you need to find a different spot to store them.

You can donate anything that you can find a suitable home for and bin the remainder.

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With a lot of dead wood removed, it’s time to plan better organizing the clothes that survived the cull.

  • What can be folded and put away into your dresser?
  • What needs to stay hanging in the closet?
  • What about seasonal clothes? Can you find a temporary home for your sweaters over summer?

Once you’ve pondered these questions, it’s time to take action.

If you have unused space, install more hanging rods for more clothes.

For everything that needs to stay hanging up, find the best method to achieve this efficiently. Consider purchasing just one kind of hanger that can multitask for different types of clothing. In this way, your storage space will not only be more organized but will look the part as well.

For hats, scarves and belts, think about using an over-the-door hook system. You can even hang hooks on empty wall space within the closet. These hooks are a smart place to store anything within your wardrobe that won’t neatly sit on hangers.

With your shoes, either organize them neatly on the floor of your closet or consider purchasing shelving to organize them. You can find cube-shaped shelves at almost any big box retailer or online. These shelves generally have little bins and boxes that fit into them to give you some added room.

Make full use of the shelving and any space above the door other items like luggage that doesn’t easily fit elsewhere.

As an aside, if you have too much make-up that spills over everywhere dominating your bedroom, think about investing in an organizer.

Separating winter and summer clothes is a wise move. This simple step alone can halve what’s in the closet at any one time without forcing you to part with too much clothing. Keep the other garments in storage bins under the bed or up in the attic, whatever works best for you.

Coat Closets

If you have a coat closet, be sure to make the most of this area as well.

Remove any coats that don’t get worn and donate them to someone who would appreciate them. Use sturdy hangers so coats don’t slip off into the floor creating more mess.

For scarves, gloves, mittens and hats, make sure you have baskets or bins to properly organize them. If you have the space, use one for each member of the family prevent things getting mixed up and chaotic.

How to Organize and Make The Most Of Your Closet Space 2

Linen Closets

Linens are a necessity in any household…

Towels, sheets and blankets can easily overrun the storage space if not properly organized, though.

Again, the first step to make the most of this space is to purge what you have. Remove torn, stained or grimy towels and linens. These towels can be re-purposed as cleaning rags so don’t throw them out!

Find a way to fold the remaining towels and linens so they best fit on the shelves you have at your disposal. You might have to roll them or find some other unconventional way of storing them to extract the most mileage from your space.

Fold your sheets into neat little packets. Keeping them together will make middle-of-the- night bed changes much easier as you won’t be digging through the closet to find matching sheets.

Use baskets that hang under the shelves for any smaller items like washcloths and pillowcases.

These hacks can help you get far more stuff into even limited spaces without any extra expense.

How to Organize and Make The Most Of Your Closet Space 3

Cleaning Closet

Cleaning supplies can quickly overrun your storage areas as well.

Instead of using different cleaners for every area, think about a good multipurpose cleaner instead. If you prefer using different cleaners, organize them as neatly as possible.

Keep all bathroom supplies together separate from the kitchen gear. This way you can just grab what you need and get to work rather than rummaging through the closet and making an even bigger mess.

Instead of popping them on the floor, use the door to hang your brooms, mops and dusters well out of the way.

Store your toilet tissue and other sundries in stacks or inside baskets.

A Final Word

Maximizing storage space is a fine balance between keeping what you need but not letting any of the space go to waste…

You don’t want to cram things in until it’s overflowing and unfit for purpose but you equally don’t want expanses of empty areas if space is at a premium.

Come back soon for more handy hints on all elements of your home and garden.

Drop us a line with any queries and we’ll get back to you promptly.

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