OMISHOME Full-Length Stand-Up Mirror Review

Not all mirrors are created equal and you need to think first and foremost about what you want from your mirror.

Are you looking for a full-length affair so you can check yourself out in the bedroom or bathroom before starting your hectic day?

OMISHOME Full-Length Stand-Up Mirror Review 2

If so, OMISHOME serves up a generously sized mirror standing 63 inches tall and spanning 20 inches across. This should give you a nice, sweeping view of yourself as you decide which outfit to wear.

User-friendly knobs on the side allow you to fine-tune the angle so you should see yourself full-length even if you’re taller or your mirror is in a smaller room.

If you need to shift this mirror around, the nifty casters make this a cinch.

When you’re hunting for a new mirror, design is normally uppermost in your priorities. With most more tech-laden products, function is always more important than form.

Let’s face it, though, all mirrors perform the same basic role of reflecting your image. You don’t get high-performance mirrors. Since they all acquit themselves well, how a mirror looks is likely to be what attracts you to invest in it. The sleek black metal finish and sweeping lines means you’ll have no complaints in terms of appearance.

OMISHOME Full-Length Stand-Up Mirror Review 3

Despite looking the part, the frame is durable, stable, and liable to give you years of faithful service. You won’t need to dig too deep for this mirror either. The frame is designed so that the weight of the mirror is evenly distributed.

At the bottom of the mirror you’ll get some slatted storage. Stash your shoes up off the floor and out of the way or pop a hairdryer or anything else you see fit in this storage area.

One of the typical stumbling blocks with many mirrors is the tasky set-up. You should be up and running in minutes flat with the OMISHOME. Tools and hardware for installation are provided. You really should encounter no problems whatsoever even if you’re not practically-inclined. What more could you want?

Well, the crowning glory is a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. If you’re not totally satisfied with this mirror, simply call in for a refund. You really can’t ask for much more than that and the manufacturer removes any reason not to give this mirror a shot.

OMISHOME Full-Length Stand-Up Mirror Review 4

If you’ve been hunting for a mirror that manages to combine elegance, durability and affordability, you can stop your search right now. Give the OMISHOME a try and if it doesn’t end up as a welcome addition to your home, you can get your money. Somehow we don’t think you’ll be calling in for a refund, though.

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