How To Use Natural Release On The Instant Pot

How To Use Natural Release On The Instant Pot 2

To conserve your time and energy, the perfect addition to the modern kitchen is the instant pot. The instant pot is also a wonderful cookware for sautéing. This leads to a smooth preparation of the fancy meals that otherwise consume so much time.

However, the pot releases the pressure in two ways – Natural release and Quick release. Very often, users wonder what the process of using natural release is. Well, the reality is that it is not much you have to do.

The natural release is a simple method where the pot slowly releases the built-up pressure by itself. However, food can remain undercooked. For that, you have to make sure that the cooking cycle has been completed.

After the cooking cycle, the instant pot will go into the “Keep warm” mode. After you switch off the heat source, the temperature will decrease. As a result, the pressure will also decrease. Thus, the instant pot will eliminate all its pressure and can be safely opened.

Moreover, it is the best way to cook fuller food with high liquid volume. All that this method requires is patience and time. You do not have to intervene at any time in the process. When the natural release is adopted, cooking meat and certain vegetables like beans become easier.

With this method, you can expect a cleaner kitchen and more intact food. It drastically reduces the chances of your food splattering out. If you are cooking food with large volumes of liquid, it is the best. That is why soup and porridges are made very well by using the natural release method.

How To Use Natural Release On The Instant Pot 3

Check the pressure

The instant pot comes with a float valve. To check the pressure, you need to monitor the level of your lid. The instant pot will still be under pressure if the float valve is above the level of the lid. However, if the float valve has come down to the level of the lid, you are good to go. The pot has released the pressure.

The size of the pot

The instant pot comes in different sizes depending on the volume of the food to be cooked. Depending on the size, the time taken to cook the food will differ. The 8 quart instant pot is the largest size available.

You can cook your delicious chicken breasts, hamburger stroganoff, hard-boiled eggs, chicken wings, and mashed potatoes in this easy to use pot. Also, the time taken to do a natural release in this pot is about 10 minutes. The smaller size is a 6 quart instant pot. To do a natural release on this pot, expect it to take 5-10 minutes.

In case you need to stop cooking immediately, you cannot use the option of natural release. The quick-release takes place when the release valve is opened. Unlike the natural release process, the steam vents out of the pot quickly, and the process of cooking stops. The type of release depends on the food that is being prepared.

Leaving foods like delicate seafood, vegetables like broccoli in your instant pot for natural release would lead to overcooking. While a quick release would lead to their optimal cooking. A perfect example of the same would be tubers. Since these foods have high starch content, leaving them for natural release might lead to their caramelization. A quick-release in such cases will help you stop the process if you do not wish to do that.

A Final Word

Now that you know how to use the natural release function of an instant pot step into your kitchen to cook some delicious food. Using an instant pot can change your life when your food cooks, which the steam inside your pot becomes more aromatic and juicy. Try this method of cooking now and change the way your food tastes forever!

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