How to Use Bissell Steam Cleaner

Cleaning carpets can be a tricky job. Your carpet might seem clean but in reality, if you aren’t using the correct instruments to get rid of the dirt, it’s probably swarming with germs. If you intend to keep your carpets as fresh, then use the Bissell Steam Cleaner to attain a thorough cleanse.

We don’t just brush off our clothes rather we use soap and water to clean them to the max. In the same way, it is important to provide the same type of treatment for our carpets. While vacuuming does suck in the dirt to a certain extent, it does not do a very good job. For this reason, we suggest using the Bissell Steam Cleaner which not only uses water but also good quality cleaning liquid.

The Bissell Steam Cleaner is available in different models but they all follow a similar procedure. Fill the tanks of the machine with cleaning solution and water, set the dial to your desired option and clean the surface you desperately want to. This enables deeper and effective cleaning.

How to Use Bissell Steam Cleaner 2Steam Cleaning Advantages

Vacuum cleaners are widely used to clean carpets and upholstery. Although these machines are able to get rid of dust and lint, they don’t kill the majority of the germs which might be lurking on your floor. You might not be aware of this possibility, but if you’re dependent on a vacuum Cleaner then your couches and carpets are probably teeming with detrimental bacteria.

Usually, different liquid cleaners and disinfectants available in the market are utilized to deal with this issue. However, the drawback is that liquid cleaners are made up of many strong and harsh chemicals. So, these disinfectants might harm the delicate upholstery and on the carpeting area. Moreover, in some cases, the ingredients of the chemicals are more hazardous than the bacteria present on the surface of the carpet.

In such a situation, the Bissell Steam Cleaner is your best option available. It is the perfect alternative to all those dangerous products. The Steam emitted by the Bissell Steam Cleaner helps in killing 99 percent of the bacteria without utilizing any toxic chemicals. Also, since the only liquid used by this machine is water then no damage will be done.

How to use a Bissell Carpet Cleaner

It is very easy to operate a Bissell carpet Cleaner as they are extremely easy to follow. First and foremost, it is mandatory to prep the appliance. There are two tanks present in most Bissell Steam cleaners which can be extracted easily from the appliance. The tanks can easily be filled from your sink. The water tank must be removed from the upright Cleaner by lowering the handle of the machine until it is parallel to the ground. You can then easily lift the tank out by its handle. Fill that water tank with fresh and clean water taken from the sink. Then, put the tank back in its place.

Removal of Deep Stains

The formula tank is present on the backside of the Bissell machine. It can be filled with a variety of Bissell cleaning formulas based on your cleaning needs. It is not necessary to add any extra formula if you are simply giving flows a routine Steaming.

The size of the formula tank is smaller than the water tank. It can be removed by simply lifting the formula tank out of the appliance. You can fill it with the formula of your choice. A little amount ends up going a long way as the Bissell formulas are designed to be ultra-concentrated. Insert the formula tank back into the machine and then plug it into a 120V electric outlet.

Next, the dials present on the base of the Steam Cleaner must be checked. Turn the knob on to the desired setting whether that is heavy, normal, light clean or the one without any formula. Adjust the dial accordingly. Finally, you can start cleaning your floor like you normally would with a regular vacuum. Once you are done with your work, you can unplug your device and empty the formula tank with any of the leftover liquid. By now, your carpeting area must be squeaky clean!

In the case of removing tough stains, you can try out some of Bissell’s cleaning formulas designed to deep clean spots. Furthermore, you also have the option of consulting Bissell’s ProHeat pet manual for gaining guidance about the best option for removing stains caused by pets.

How to Use Bissell Steam Cleaner 3Appearance of the Bissell Steam Cleaner

The Bissell Steam Cleaner possesses the ability to clean dirt that is embedded in carpets with its six rows of brushes. The machine weighs a total of 12 pounds and it isn’t heavy. In fact, it’s quite lightweight. It also comes with a self-storing cord.

Taking Proper Care of the Bissell Steam Cleaner

It is necessary to discard the water present in the water tank when you’re done using your machine. But the Bissell Steam cleaner’s formula tank can be stored with the formula present in it. Just wipe the machine properly and wrap the cord around the storage cleats.

There is a lot of concern regarding the ingredients of the chemicals used in the cleaning liquids. In the manuals provided by Bissell, it has been mentioned that only the Bissell carpet cleaning liquids can be used along with the machine. With other products, there are risks involved as they may cause fire or electrical shock in the machine. Moreover, it might void the warranty.

How does it work

The fibres of your carpet are injected with Bissell’s advanced cleaning formula with the aid of the Steam cleaner. The dual rotating brushes are able to get into the nitty-gritty areas which normally a vacuum Cleaner would not be able to access. The deleterious dirt and ground-in grit become loose enabling the powerful machine to suck all of it in. When cleaning any area which is hard to reach, attach the tool at the end of the hose and turn on the dial. This way, the power of deep cleaning will be on your fingertips any time you need it.

It is necessary to empty the tank once the dirty water reaches the fill line. Simply remove the water tank from the base and empty its contents into the sink. You can refill the tank and repeat this process as many times as required.


In order to fulfil all your cleaning desires, the Bissell Steam Cleaner is definitely an effective tool. There is no need to use large amounts of pricey soap and water to get the job done. Also, you no longer have to get on your knees to clean the carpet. There is a wide range of different Bissell Steam cleaners being sold in the market at very economical prices. It is no secret that consumers appreciate the ease that comes with cleaning floors and they are able to do that with a Bissell Steam cleaner.

We how now you fully understand how the Bissell Steam Cleaner works and why it is considered to be such a valuable investment.

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