How to Tidy Your Home and Help the Environment

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Everyone likes to take pride in their home and ensure that it’s a clean, tidy and welcoming space to come home to or to welcome visitors and guests. However, as times change and generations pass, the old way of doing things can sometimes become dated. 

One major shift in recent times has been the consideration for the damage we do to our environment. Instead of buying cheap imported foods, there is now interest to grow your own food, support local and head to a local farmers market, rather than giant big chain supermarkets. Instead of buying cheap, flatpack furniture, there is a growing trend to purchase secondhand, well-made furniture and to upcycle what we already have to avoid adding to our heaving landfill and rubbish sites.

However, what can we do at home to keep your property Clean focus and tidy while helping the environment?

How to Tidy Your Home and Help the Environment

Keep the backyard clean and clear

Before you decide to call your local rubbish removals company or head to the local waste depot, consider the following points:-

  • Ensure that paints, thinners and other garden chemicals do not head to the rubbish tip, but instead, are disposed of safely
  • That, where possible, materials are reused and recycled
  • Computers, TV’s and other E-waste are disposed of through the correct channels

By keeping the yard clean and clear of materials and equipment, you are also protecting the environment by reducing the risk of fire, odour, and pests such as rats and termites.

Avoid disposable cleaning materials

Supermarket cleaning products are marketed with speed and convenience as a priority, but these products can be hugely damaging to the environment. Single-use wipes end up clogging our drains and pipes, causing significant environmental damage. Super strong chemicals which get the job done in half the time are flushed down our sinks and end up polluting waterways and damaging marine life. Take a look at the products you use and take some time to look at the labels. Look for phosphate-free or non-toxic and swap the single-use cleaning wipes for washable and reusable microfiber cloths.

Ditch the plastic

Swap the plastic in your home for natural products. Ditch the single-use water bottles in your refrigerator and swap to a water filter system or SodaStream instead. Make a pact to no longer buy cheap plastic toys for the kids which build up and clutter your home and instead invest in quality toys and games made sustainably. 

Clear the clutter

Can you no longer close your wardrobe door? Are clothes you haven’t worn for a year still languishing over your unused exercise bike? If this sounds familiar to you, it could be time to clear out all your clutter, hold a garage sale, or head to the charity shop. By clearing out unused items and junk from your home, you create a calming, mood-boosting environment for you and everyone else in the home. 

Get some indoor plants

Bring some of the outside in! Plants are great for the environment, not only do they improve feelings of wellbeing in the home, but they also absorb CO2 creating fresher air with fewer toxins to breathe in. Indoor house plants are also proven to boost productivity and focus, so you’ll perform your house tidying with renewed vigour!

There you have it, five easy changes to make to tidy your house and help the environment at the same time.

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