How To Keep Food From Sticking To Copper Pans

How To Keep Food From Sticking To Copper Pans 2

More and more people now prefer copper pans instead of other non-stick pans. Copper pans are widely used for cooking because copper is an excellent conductor of heat. The food is heated evenly, and it perfect for cooking sensitive and browning food. Copper pans also look very stylish compared to the normal pans, and hence you can easily flaunt them in your kitchen.

A major problem with copper pans is the sticking of food while cooking. In this article, we will give you some simple tips to make sure you do not suffer from this problem in the future.

Here are four simple steps you can do at home to prevent food from sticking to your copper pans.

1. Wash your pan

When you begin, you should make sure that the pan is washed with warm water and soap. A soft sponge can be used to ensure proper cleaning of the surface. Never use a scrubber on your copper pan as it can result in abrasions.

2. Apply oil on the pan

How To Keep Food From Sticking To Copper Pans 3

Take around one tablespoon of any vegetable oil at your home. Put in on the pan and spread it evenly using a napkin or cloth. Apply oil on the bottom of the pan and also on the sides. Make sure the vegetable oil you are using does not heat fast because that will end up drying the pan.

3. Heat the pan

You can heat the pan on a stove or in an oven, depending on your comfort. If you are using a stove, you need to heat the pan on a medium flame. After some time, you will be able to see some smoke. When this happens, remove the pan from the stove.

If you want to use an oven, you need to pre-heat it at 300 Fahrenheits. After the pre-heating is over, heat the pan for 20 minutes in the oven.

4. Ready for use

The previous step will fill in any unevenness present of the surface of the pan with vegetable oil. The food mostly sticks onto these irregularities, which are hardly visible. Wait till the pan cools down and then wipe off any extra oil that might be sticking on to the pan. Your pan is now ready for use.

For proper maintenance of the copper pans, this process should be done at least twice a year. If you do this after every few months, your pan will remain in the best of its condition.

How To Keep Food From Sticking To Copper Pans 4Copper pans are a staple in every kitchen these days. Therefore, learn about some other preventive measuresto take proper care of these pans to ensure interrupted use.

You should wash your pan after every use and do not use scrub the surface of your pan while cooking. Do not keep the pans in moisture for a very long time. Dry them as soon as possible after washing them. Use wooden spatulas for stirring food items. Sharp forks and spoons made of metals can harm the coating of the pan.

There might be some mild abrasions on your pan already. In order to fix that, mix equal portions of lemon juice and baking soda. Spread this on the affected areas of the pan with a cloth. Let it rest and then wash it with warm water.

A Final Word

You no longer have to scrape off food from your copper pans. Cooking in these pans is much easier than what you experience. With these simple and inexpensive steps, your copper pans will remain smooth and functioning for a very long time.

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