How to Clean a Rug without Using a Steam Cleaner

Owning a Steam Cleaner is not mandatory to achieve a spotless carpet. You can get the same results by making a carpet or Rug Cleaner at home. By having full knowledge of the ingredients you are utilizing, you will have full control over which ingredients to use and the quantities too. This will create a healthy and safe environment for your loved ones and dear pets. Moreover, it will prevent pesky bugs and insects from ruining your favourite Rug or carpet.

By creating these cleaning concoctions at home, there will be no need to hire professional Cleaners. Also, renting pricey cleaning machines will become a thing of the past. With determination, hard work, natural products and a simple vacuum Cleaner, you can get a super clean Rug.

How to Clean a Rug without Using a Steam Cleaner 2

Removal of Debris

It is necessary to remove anything that is present on the surface of the Rug. The carpet must be vacuumed if there are small bits of dirt lying on it. In the presence of a large mess, it must be scraped away. If this isn’t done then you’ll only be grinding the grime deeper in the Rug.

Quick vacuuming is recommended even if there isn’t any obvious mess present on the Rug. This will aid in eliminating any debris that may be lurking under the surface. The cleaning solution of the vacuum penetrates into the fibres of the carpet. Without the interference of dirt smudging, it is able to work on the desired area.

A powerful vacuum will be able preferred as it’ll be able to do a great job. When cleaning the carpet or Rug, the vacuum utilizes its suction power to pull up dirt that may be embedded in the fibres.

Picking the correct Cleaner: Vinegar

There are quite a few Cleaners one can use to clean the Rug. They might already be present in your pantry. One such example is vinegar, it is a natural Cleaner. When it comes to carpet cleaning, vinegar comes right at the top. However, it is recommended to dilute the vinegar with water by adding water to help cut down the acidity.

For dried messes, distilled vinegar is a popular choice of the majority. Spray a generous amount onto the area. The water present in the mixture will be able to rehydrate the dried stain. Meanwhile, the vinegar will help in breaking down the dirt.

The crust stains will be rehydrated when the diluted mixture comes in contact with it. Moreover, this will help enable a transitional element for pieces that are stuck on the dirt. They can then, be lifted off the Rug or carpet easily.

Essential Oils

In case the smell of vinegar is bothersome, use a few drops of essential oils. The oils will help to tone down the pungent odour of the vinegar. Usually, citrus oils (like orange or lemon oil) and lavender oil are used for this purpose. Using essential oils have a bonus benefit. Not only do they give off a nice scent but they also keep pets from using the Rug as their restroom. Also, these oils are not at all harmful for your pets.

Dish Soap

Mixing vinegar with dish soap will be excellent for removing stains. You could even add a small amount of dish soap to warm water. Only a few drops of water are what you really need!

The suds present in the dish soap mixture will penetrate the Rug when activated. They will do a terrific job at breaking down dirt or stains. Furthermore, the dirt will stick to the suds creating a vessel instead of sticking to the fibres of the carpet. This way, the stains can be lifted without any hassle. The suds work to liberate and trap the left behind a residue in the carpet or Rug.

How to Clean a Rug without Using a Steam Cleaner 3No need to scrub

Using a brush or cloth to scrub the surface of the Rug is extremely detrimental. It does more damage than good. It may seem like this method is working especially since the stain starts to disappear. However, when it dries that area of carpet will look frizzy and dull.

It is no secret that scrubbing agitates the carpet fibres. You will be able to tell when the fibres of the carpet become frayed or separate. An alternative method which will yield much better results is blotting.

Blotting has been proven to lift stains, even though it may seem anticlimactic. All that is required is a good Cleaner and patience. A good example of an effective Cleaner would be dish detergent. Simply add it with vinegar and water. This will help in obtaining an extra oomph factor to your carpet or Rug cleaning.

Make sure to use gloves, when you feel the need to massage the mixture into the fibres of the carpet. The suds present in the mixture will be able to penetrate deeper doing a much better job at cleaning dirt. This will yield a fresh and happy Rug without potentially damaging the carpet fibres. While scrubbing destroys your carpet to a certain extent, this will certainly not. So take no stress and keep massaging the mixture.

Make sure to always dry!

Make sure to never skip this step even though it may sound pretty low maintenance. To finish your cleaning treatments, there are quite a variety of drying techniques that can be put to use. For instance, never underestimate how powerful a good blot is. When the carpet or Rug possesses way too much moisture, it is vital to lift it off. This will help in drying it faster. Simply press into the carpet with a piece of paper cloth or cloth towel (whichever of the two is conveniently available at home will work).

Another great method is by using baking soda. Just sprinkle it on to the desired area and let it sit for a couple of minutes. During this time, the baking soda will soak the moisture. Once this process has occurred, vacuum that area to remove any traces of the powder. Repeat this process a bunch of times to ensure that no baking soda has been left behind.


This article proves that owning a Steam Cleaner is not necessary to have a clean Rug or carpet. In fact, there are many natural methods which will give you the same desired results. Moreover, these great options are not only budget friendly but they help in keeping your home clean and green.

While a chemical Cleaner will yield quick results, with natural Cleaners you will know be using products easily available at home. Moreover, you will know exactly what is going into the fibres of your special Rug or carpet.

Now, when you have to clean your Rug, you can just walk over to the pantry. There is absolutely no need to hire a professional Cleaner who will charge loads of money. You can do the same job by utilizing ingredients easily available at home.

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