How to Acid Wash a Pool

Summer and pools are synonymous with having some much-needed splash and regular pool care. As relief-furnishing as the pool water can be, it also encourages algal growth and specific stains on your pool surface.

The query ‘How to acid wash a pool’ stems from an essential pool care maintenance to get rid of underwater nuisances. While allowing the professionals to handle the task is an option, many pool owners prefer undertaking the activity themselves.

Here is all you need to bear in mind when cleaning your pool with an acid wash.

How to Acid Wash a Pool 2

What Does Acid Washing of a Pool Entail?

As the name suggests, acid washing a pool is a dangerous initiative that requires the utmost care and safety. Any homeowner can undertake the pool maintenance, albeit donning the safety gear and being comfortable when using the acid.

Acid washing requires the use of Muriatic acid, a highly abrasive mineral substance in its concentrated form. In contrast, you will also keep on hand Soda ash to counter the Muriatic acid’s acidity. Lastly, there is plenty of water and swift scrubbing to get the job done efficiently.

How Do You Acid Wash a Pool?

In theory, acid washing is a straightforward task. However, you need to exercise caution and bear personal safety in mind when carrying out the needy.

It would be better to keep ready the materials you would need to acid wash your pool. Here are the things to prepare.

  • For personal safety, gloves and boots, safe clothing, goggles, and mask
  • Garden hose to vacuum out the acid water
  • Bucket to make the acid wash mixture
  • A flowering can or similar to furnish controlled acid water release
  • Muriatic acid and water mixture
  • Soda ash
  • Pool brush for scrubbing
  • Another hose to keep washing off the scrubbed acid water
  • Extra pair of hands for assistance

Bear in mind to get a pool brush that suits your pool surface. Fiberglass pools require a soft-bristled pool brush, and plaster-pools need a hard-bristled one.

Making the Acid Wash Mixture

How to Acid Wash a Pool 3

Again, handle the acid with extreme caution. Muriatic acid is a commonly used acid wash for pools. However, there exist a few other acids compatible to make acid washing pools.

You will have to mix the acid and water in a 1:1 ratio. Start by filling up the bucket with 1-gallon of water and add to it 1-gallon of the acid. Never add the water to the acid since it will agitate the acid and spurt around.

Give the mixture a gentle mix and transfer it carefully into the watering can.

Getting Started

Step 1: Draining the pool

As the pool water starts draining, make sure you get any wayward debris or dust to flow away with the water. Better yet, start scrubbing down the walls to get as much algal growth out of the way as possible.

Step 2: Donning the safety gear

It is best to get into safe clothing after the initial scrub to ensure a quick scrub-down of the pool walls. The clothes and gloves may hinder rapid working.

Step 3: Mixing the acid

Follow the procedure given above to safely mix the acid with water and prepare the mixture in a watering can.

Step 4: Wetting the selected pool wall

Plan the way you will go about cleaning the pool walls and floor surface. You cannot soak the entire pool in the acid wash and then begin scrubbing.

The acid wash is corrosive, and 30 seconds are enough to start peeling off the plaster from your pool walls. The acid washing is to get done in segments, little by little.

Decide which pool wall you will be washing first and keep the water running as you wet its specific section.

How to Acid Wash a Pool 4Step 5: Applying the acid wash

Start pouring the acid wash on the chosen section of the wall, from top to bottom. Ideally, going about 10-foot per wash will give you room to quickly scrubbing and rinsing off the acid.

Step 6: Scrubbing and rinsing

Ensure to get scrubbing with the pool brush as soon as the acid wash gets applied on the pool wall. Do not rub wildly, spraying the acid mixture all around. Go about scrubbing with a firm hand targeting the algal areas or those with stains.

Step 7: Rinsing

Keep a maximum limit of 30 seconds for each 10-foot acid wash, and then start rinsing off the acid mixture. It is all right to let a little extra water run across the just-scrubbed surface. Merely ensure that all the acid gets washed off before continuing the process.

Repeat the same procedure of the 10-foot acid wash, scrub, and rinse, till you cover all the pool’s walls and floor.

Step 8: Neutralizing the acidic residue

Once all the walls and floor get scrubbed, the only residue is a bubbly or frothy mixture. For every 1-gallon of the acid wash used, sprinkle 2lb. of Soda ash on the frothing mix. Scrub it with the pool brush and dilute it with water.

Use a submersible pump or a waste garden hose to pump out the hazardous residue. Ensure to dispose of it responsibly without causing any harm to the environment or person.

Rinse out your pool with water and drain away the rest. Clean around the pool drain after all the cleaning and rinsing gets over.

Final Thoughts

The process of acid washing a pool is achievable with adequate caution and no prior experience. Merely follow the steps outlined above and enjoy the fruits of your pool maintenance labor.

As a word of caution, acid washing your pool is not a monthly or yearly exercise. The corrosive acid eats away at the upper layer of the pool plaster during the process. You should consult a professional before you starting with the DIY task of acid washing your pool.


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