How Much Electricity Does a Crock-Pot Use?


How Much Electricity Does a Crock-Pot Use? 2

Crock-pot or a slow cooker is a countertop electrical cooking utensil. Used to cook foods at lowers temperatures for long periods, a crock-pot enables unattended cooking for long hours.

Slow cookers have received very good reviews. Still, most people always have a question about how energy efficient they are. Since these cookers cook food at a very slow pace, you have to wonder whether a crock-pot uses too much power.

Crock-pots do have a reputation of being very economical and easy to use, along with it being very energy efficient. Several reasons will affect the competence of the crock-pot. In most cases, a crock-pot is a very energy-saving choice.

The energy that crock-pots used is measure in watts. Depending on the size and holding capacity of the crock-pot, their wattage use will vary. This means that the bigger the crock-pot, the larger the wattage usage. For comparison sake, a four-quart capacity crock-pot is usually rated for 190 watts. Compare that to a five-quart capacity crock-pot rated for 225 watts. A 6-quart capacity crock-pot is usually rated for 320 watts.

This means that depending on the size of the cooker, different amounts of energy will be used to get that efficiency.

How Much Electricity Does a Crock-Pot Use? 3Crock-pots usually have various settings to cook at, ranging from the high and low to medium. This means that you can cook your dish at various temperatures, depending on what you want to cook. Time also plays a factor in the amount of energy you will use to cook that particular dish.

There is a common misconception that the longer you cook, the more energy expelled. What generally happens is that if you want to cook for longer periods, you will cook at lower temperatures. Lower temperature results in lesser use of energy.

The crock-pots that you buy nowadays will only give you the greatest wattage in their specifications. To help track the amount of energy you use to cook in a crock-pot, you can use a wattage monitor. A wattage monitor will help you track the exact watt power you are using to cook a dish.

Most of the newer models of slow cookers you find nowadays are designed to be energy efficient. It guarantees you will use less energy to do the same amount of cooking. The best way to figure out if a crock-pot is energy efficient is to look for the energy star label. The label is generally stuck on the cooker.

Many slow cookers are supplied with built-in temperature sensors. These sensors activate when you cook meat. The cooker will switch to a warm mode once you meet the desired temperature. This will ensure the even cooking of the whole piece of meat throughout to enhance flavor. This saves not only energy but also your time. It will prevent you from constantly opening the slow cooker to manually check the temperature.

How Much Electricity Does a Crock-Pot Use? 4

People always have doubts when it comes to crock pots being more energy-efficient than ovens. On average crock-pots use 0.8-kilowatts per hour. For the same type of recipe or meat and the electric oven will use 3-kilo watts per hour on an average. This makes crock-pots a more energy-efficient alternative when cooking food.

Crock-pots are a very good investment in general and not because of their energy efficiency only. They are smaller than ovens so you will have more place in your kitchen to cook. Because of its slow cooking feature, you can time your meals in such a way that you will have freshly cooked meals at the time that you want!

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