How Many Amps Does a Microwave Use

Without a doubt a Microwave is necessary in kitchens and households due to its features as well as its convenience. This is because one can turn cold foods into steaming hot and fully cooked meals. This process takes place within a span of a couple of minutes. In addition to this, one can make the most of the utilities this machine has to offer without the added stress of cleaning and clearing. Furthermore, Microwaves are extremely effective and to a certain extent are irreplaceable.

How Many Amps Does a Microwave Use 2

Radio waves

A Microwave oven cooks food in a very short span of time. This explains why majority of kitchens tend to carry one. It makes use of electromagnetic energy which processes and helps in preparing the food. Micro waves are utilized by these machines as they are small radio waves. In addition to this, these waves are not only used in Microwaves but also in satellites and radars. The radio frequency which is used by majority of micro ovens is 2,500 megahertz. In a small enclosed area, edible items and liquids can be heated effectively.

How does a Microwave operate

Microwaves are unique in the sense that they are able to cook food properly and quickly. That is not the case with traditional ovens. The reason for this is, fats and waters suck up the radio waves. Conduction is the process through which the edible items are warmed up. Majority of eatables are heated by these waves. However, water tends to absorb these peculiar waves. The food starts to cook from the heat produced by the molecules of water. This begins once the tiny water particles start moving swiftly.

There are a variety of circuits present in the Microwave. These include a combination of protection and shielded circuits. The electricity enters through these circuits and operates the oven. The route of the voltage elongates when once the timer on the oven is set. This occurs as the process of heating the edible item begins. During this, the path of the voltage is sent to the transformer once prompted by the control system.

How many amps does a Microwave Use

The usual voltage of the house is about 115 volts. The transformer (which is high voltage) tends to expand it up to 3000 volts. Waves of electromagnetic energy are required, which will cook the food. The magnetron tube transforms the 3000 volts into these important electromagnetic waves. The ampere limit of an electric current (in a Microwave, of course) varies from 5 to 20 amperes.

Determination of current

The current can be determined with the help of the following formula:

Here, R stands for resistance, P stands for power, V stands for volts and I stands for current



Amp Usage

A Microwave on average utilizes 5 amps of current for its usage. But, there are a variety of models present which use different amps. For instance, 15 amps are also used by some Microwaves. The electric current is passed by plugging this into its own circuit.

The frequency of radio waves used by most Microwave ovens is about 2,500 megahertz. Substances like sugars, water and fats are sucked up by the radio waves. This enables the food to be heated. However, it must be kept in mind that radio waves do not allow all substances to pass through it thoroughly. This is the reason why materials like ceramics, glass or plastics won’t give the same effect. Furthermore, due to the reflection of radio waves with metal, it is not compatible.

This is why the Microwave conductors are not placed as sparking may take place. Moreover, sparking is extremely dangerous as it can lead to food getting burnt. This is exactly why it is vital to understand that not everything can be popped into the Microwave oven.

How Many Amps Does a Microwave Use 3


The following factors determine what leads to the bill total which arrives at the end of each month:

1)     Wattage of the Microwave

This depends on the size of the Microwave. For small Microwaves, the wattage starts from 600. For medium sized Microwaves, the wattage ranges from about 800 to 1200 watts. Finally, for large sized Microwaves, the wattage is 1800 watts. In case you’re still not sure about the wattage your Microwave oven uses then check the manual or attached label of the machine.

2)     Microwave Usage

It is pretty obvious that the more you use your Microwave, the more will be the monthly bill. Usually, Microwaves spend a small amount of energy on standby. However, majority of the energy goes into heating edible items put into it.

3)     Type of Power Settings

The consumption of energy depends on the settings. A Microwave offers various settings. So, if you’re always using your Microwave at maximum power then it will use a lot of wattage. To be precise, it will use the wattage close to the listed number. A handy tip would be to explore the different options provided. This includes power settings like ‘melt’ and ‘defrost’. When compared to normal settings, these use less energy.

4)     Amount of Electricity used by Microwaves on Standby

A certain quantity of power is being utilized by the Microwave at all times. People who are familiar with knowledge related to energy are probably aware of this. Of course the digital clock (showcased by the Microwave) doesn’t power itself!

To accurately evaluate the amount of power being consumed by the Microwave, utilize an electricity monitor that can be inserted into the Microwave. Since loads of different models of Microwaves are available in the market so the standby power isn’t fixed. It is usually five watts. However, there might be a slight increase or decrease.

5)     How to use a Microwave Smartly

It must be noted that power is being utilized irrespective of the time (if the plug is inserted to the electrical outlet). So, if your Microwave is on for 24 hours a day and it uses 5 watts then you’ll have to pay around half a dollar a month. Multiply by 12 and on a yearly basis you’ll have to pay around 6 dollars.

In the long run, if this seems like a waste of hard earned money then you can turn off the switch. You won’t be wasting money this way. Also, you can save up a lot of money if all the appliances are connected to a power extension. Simply turn it off so that you aren’t wasting energy on appliances not in use. This includes the coffee maker, toaster, electric kettle etc.


Cooking food with the aid of a Microwave can be much easier. This advantage is applicable especially in hot sunny weather like summers. One of the best features about a Microwave is that it won’t emit heat in the environment of your home.  It is well known that air conditioners cause a huge spike in the monthly bills. If it’s hot inside due to cooking then that leads to an increase in the usage of ACs. With that being said, we hope now you can minimize the bill by knowing how many amps a Microwave uses.

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