How Long You Should Keep a Microwave

How Long You Should Keep a Microwave 2One cannot deny that Microwaves have added a great deal of convenience to our lives. In the past, heating food used to be a lot of hassle. However, that is not the case anymore. All you need to do is put your meal into the Microwave, set the timer and you are good to go.

As reliable and useful Microwaves can be, they are an electronic appliance after all. If you have a Microwave, it is certainly not going to last forever. This is why you need to know when you need to replace it.

Nowadays the majority of the households own a Microwave, but usually, deciding that when it is time to replace it can be difficult. This is why, if you are wondering whether it is time to say goodbye to your old Microwave, then here’s everything you need to know to make that decision.

How long do Microwaves Last?

If you are looking for a short answer, then a Microwave can last up to 6-7 years. However, this may not be true in every case. There are a number of other factors that could decrease or increase its life. The life of a Microwave has to do a lot with how well you keep it maintained and its overall usage. If your Microwave has not seen even the slightest of maintenance for years, then its life may lower down to 3-4 years.

Another major cause that may shorten the life of your Microwave is by putting in the wrong items. As convenient as Microwaves may be to use, if you are not careful with what you put inside them, they may cause a fire.

5 Signs your Microwave needs to be Replaced or Repaired

1)     Inconsistent Cooking Time

Trying to cook a meal but find that the cooking time is too inconsistent? This is a common sign that your Microwave requires repairs. It can be a nuisance when your Microwave cooks too slow or too fast, and it can ruin your recipe as well. This is why, if its cooking time is being inconsistent, then it might be time that you get it repaired or replaced.

2)     Compromised Door Seal

Have you ever wondered why a Microwave stops as soon as its door is opened? This is to protect us from the low levels of radiation. If the door seal of your Microwave has been compromised, then it is a good sign to replace the unit.

3)     Keypad Issues

The Microwave keypad plays a major role when you are cooking your meals. If you find that the keypad is not functioning properly then calling a Microwave repair service is recommended. Mostly, cleaning the Microwave up can often help you solve this problem.

4)     Old Age

If you have been using the same Microwave for years now, then it’s time to give it some rest. Most people use a Microwave for about 5 years before they replace it. It is highly likely that there are much better models in the market now anyway. So, replacing your old Microwave for a new one would be a step in the right direction. Moreover, it would provide you with some extra functionalities as well.

5)     Burning Smells

Find burning smells coming out of your Microwave? Well, this is not really a good sign. If such a thing does happen, then turn off your Microwave as soon as possible. This might be due to a mechanical problem inside and can even lead to a fire. Normally, when this happens, it is a major sign that you need to replace your Microwave now.

How Long You Should Keep a Microwave 3

How can you make your Microwave Last Longer?

  • Air Circulation: Make sure that your Microwave is not placed in a pack environment. Lack of adequate air circulation can also lead to some major problems in a Microwave.
  • Surge Protector: To protect the electrical components of a Microwave, the use of a surge protector is recommended.
  • Avoid Metal Objects: Metal objects should not come even anywhere near a Microwave. They can cause irreversible damage to your Microwave. Moreover, placing metal objects inside can cause a fire as well.
  • Frequent Cleaning: To make sure your Microwave performs its best, clean it frequently. You can use water and soap to clean. However, always make sure that before you turn your Microwave on again, it has properly dried up.
  • Avoid Unnecessary Usage: Do not unnecessarily run your Microwave. You need to especially avoid turning it on when it is empty.
  • Keep Children Away: This should not be surprising, but Microwaves can be dangerous. Make sure that if you have small children in your house, they are not able to reach the Microwave.

How you can Test your Microwave?

Testing a Microwave is easy if you have been noticing that it is not working properly. One of the most common ways to do so is by placing a glass of water in it. Once the glass of water is inside, turn the Microwave on and wait for 2 minutes. If the water inside the glass boils within those 2 minutes, then your Microwave is working fine. However, if the water’s temperature is still more or less the same, then it is time you replace it.

There are many other ways to test a Microwave as well. But, this test is by far the simplest and safest. You do not require any professional knowledge of electronic appliances for it.

Why you should buy a New Microwave?

  • Electricity Bills: Old Microwaves require a lot of electricity to operate. If your electricity bills have been going over the roof, then replacing your old Microwave needs to be considered.
  • Hassle-free Cooking: Inconsistent temperature can make it difficult for you to cook your regular meals. If you are facing a lot of hassle recently due to inconsistent temperature, then buying a new Microwave will make your life easier.
  • Modern Features: Depending on how old your Microwave is, it may be missing out on modern features. Buying a new Microwave will elevate your cooking experience by enabling you to access modern features.
  • Reliability: Following an online recipe? A new Microwave will make it much easier for you. It is going to function exactly the way it is meant to and provide you with your desired results.
  • Enhanced Safety: If your Microwave has been making weird noises, or discharging electricity then it’s time to replace it. New Microwaves are designed to be much safer for everyday use.


As useful as Microwaves can be, at the end of the day they are an electronic appliance. If you are not going to keep your Microwave well-maintained, then you would have to replace it much sooner. This is why, to extend the life of your Microwave, make sure that you follow the tips we have mentioned. If you felt sceptical to decide whether it is time to replace your Microwave or not, then we hope that too is clear now. Make the most out of your Microwave, and most importantly, make sure that you continue to use it safely.

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