5 Amazing Tricks For Hosting A Gathering Even In A Limited Space

If you’re nervous about hosting a dinner party, especially if you have limited space, it’s time to shelve those concerns.

There’s no need to stop inviting people over just because you live in a small apartment. People are not visiting to complain about a cramped living room. Put the focus on entertainment and food and few guests will be talking about how small your bathroom is.

When you’re planning a casual gathering in your living room, there are also a few tips you can use if you have a smaller area to work with.

Comfort all the way will help you have a relaxed and enjoyable evening.

First thing’s first, put the food uppermost…

1) Focus On Meal Making As A Priority

If you’re having any form of dinner party, it makes sense to focus fully on the food.

Whether your guests are family or friends, serving up a range of tasty treats will have them talking about more than your poky living room.

These days, even if you’re no Masterchef, there are so many recipes online you don’t even need to rush out and buy a cookbook.


All you need is a functional kitchen and a great dining table. And, of course, plenty of food!

There are also plenty of interesting food accessories and storage products at your disposal.

Think of cooking something within your skill set. Practice in advance if necessary. Then, when the party rolls around, let the food do the talking!

2) Extra Tables and Chairs

chairs and tables for home review

If you live in a smaller apartment, chances are furniture is relatively limited.

You don’t want guests forced to stand or to sit on the floor so make provision.

If you plan to host regular gatherings, it’s time to invest in some extra tables and accessories. A striking statement piece in white can increase the illusion of space, too.

If you have a separate kitchen, living room or dining area, establish different zones in each so guests can spread out an circulate.

3) Don’t Forget To Clean In Advance

home clean up supplies review

If you’ve got guests coming, you’ll want your place looking spotless.

Take the time to clean up well in advance so you’re not rushing around stressed on the evening of the party.

Clear plenty of room in your coat cupboard. Be prepared.

Polish your hallway, living room, dining room, and kitchen since these are the focal points in your apartment.

All it takes is a bit of vacuuming, plumping up the couch cushions and putting a small vase of flowers on your table and you’re good to go. Don’t overthink this and attempt to scour the entire house. Focus on what counts.

If you’re stuck for supplies, there are plenty of mop kits  and vacuum cleaners depending on the surface of your flooring.

4) Lay The Table In Advance

Making the effort to use cloth napkins, a tablecloth and accessories like candles can make a real difference.

If you’re hosting a bigger gathering, try setting up a buffet to keep things casual while making sure there’s more than enough food.

For a smaller group you invited over for drinks and snacks, try out some of the best dinnerware accessories to have them wondering how they can get some for their own home.

As with all elements of a dinner party, being prepared is key. Try making your table look like this…

5 Amazing Tricks For Hosting A Gathering Even In A Limited Space 1

5) Set The Mood With The Right Lighting

5 Amazing Tricks For Hosting A Gathering Even In A Limited Space 2

Lighting can make or break a party.

The best advice here is to avoid any harsh overhead lights in favor of candles. This works especially well for a date or a cozy dinner.

Alternatively, lamps placed strategically around the room give a much more relaxed and muted light than bright strip lights. Here are some great lamps you can try out depending on your decor and personal taste.

Make sure your guests feel relaxed and they won’t be chatting about how restrictive your small apartment is! The right lighting should not be overlooked.

If you have more of an upbeat gathering in mind, you could think about an LED disco ball to make a real statement.

A Final Word

In the end, just keep things casual and don’t stress yourself about what should be an enjoyable occasion.

Perhaps of the above tips might help you to make the most of your living room and have a great evening with friends rather than getting bogged down with unimportant details.

Let us know how the party goes and come back soon!

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